My new book The Tao of Coloring!

Updated Friday June 3rd, 2016.

You can check out the entire book by clicking the PDF file below!

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My new book the “Tao of Coloring” is finally out!  The project started last summer and was recently printed and is up on amazon books & is getting rave reviews!

It boasts one of the most eye catching front covers (& back covers) ever seen on a coloring book as you can see with the PDF link above.

One-of-a-kind in the adult coloring book world, there is no other out there like it.  It’s coffee-table size allows for highly detailed coloring.  Also, it includes my own positively uplifting, cosmic, spiritual, metaphysical & humorous quotes.  Such as:

“Visualize & feel what you want to see, and it will be, eventually.”

“Be a kindaholic & gratitude junkie.”

“How big of a barcode do you think you need, to scan the Milky Way?”

The book includes 50 drawings & quotes plus a bonus drawing of a dragon fly.

Below is the back cover.

Back cover


Here’s a recent unsolicited review:

Verified Purchase

I just received this Tao of Coloring Book and absolutely love it! It is more beautiful than I thought it would be and it looks beautiful online. The overall quality of how it is made is wonderful. I like that the book is oversized allowing for plenty of room to play with coloring the incredible designs. What sets this book apart from others is opposite the design page there are insightful quotes to get help you into the flow of intention while coloring. My friend was here when it arrived and we could not stop looking at it. I cannot wait to get started getting into the Tao and am glad I choose this book.


You can buy the book on amazon:

You can buy it direct in Milwaukee WI @ Sharehouse Goods 

See us on Facebook too.

Let me know what you think.

Magical blessings,


P.S. From the amazon description:

“THE TAO OF COLORING” is a meditative adult coloring book like no other. The sheer size of the book, with its unique and psychedelic art work, allows everyone countless hours of of relaxation, entertainment and colorful fun. Extremely detailed, THE TAO OF COLORING offers coloring book enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the final frontier of adult coloring. This book stands alone, as there is not a single book out on the market to compare it to. Plus, it’s filled with humorous, cosmic and spiritually uplifting quotes by the author. So suit up, tune in, turn on, and get lost in the enchantment of THE TAO OF COLORING. “

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Happy (Re) New Year!

Thought for the day & new year:

“Joy, invite it in, allow it, give it permission to come, affirm & confirm you are deserving of it.”


Life Celebrates YOU.  YOU Celebrate Life! Win - Win  :-)

Life Celebrates YOU. YOU Celebrate Life! Win – Win :-)

Happy Re-New Year

Happy Re-New Year



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When life gets tough, love more not less.

My share for today. -Marko

by Julie Dittmar

Love & Light poured on those that hurt, heals their hurt & changes your experience for the better.

Love & Light poured on those that hurt, heals their hurt & changes your experience for the better.

When you feel like a jumbled mess, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

When life feels like a full court press, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

When you want to relax, but just feel stress, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

When life seems like an unfair game of chess, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

As your healing and unfolding continues to evolve, we don’t want to suppress, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

When your heart expands, but then something tends to compress, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

Just here to be as you are, not caring to impress, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

When it somehow feels like you are failing, remember, each breath is a success, and it’s time for “more love, not less.”

Whether peaceful and blissed or in distress, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

Living as the light of love, just here to express, it’s time for “more love, not less.”

As we look around life and find everything to bless, it’s ALWAYS time for “more love, not less!!”

More love,
Julie heart emoticon

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Editor: Marko says :Part of my tagline reads “live in the solution not the problem” So it’s with this in mine that I repost this article by Rob Myers.  What do you think?

By Rob Myers

There’s a Way to Stop Mass Shootings, and You Won’t Like It.


That’s right. You’re not going to like it because it’s going to require you to do something personally, as opposed to shouting for the government, or anyone to “do something!”

You ready? Here it is:

“Notice those around you who seem isolated, and engage them.”

If every one of us did this we’d have a culture that was deeply committed to ensuring no one was left lonely. And make no mistake, as I’ve written before loneliness is what causes these shooters to lash out. People with solid connections to other people don’t indiscriminately fire guns at strangers.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s never going to work because no one is going to make the effort to connect with the strange kid sitting by himself at lunch each day. No one is going to reach out to the gawky, awkward guy at work and ask him about his weekend.

You’re probably right and that’s an absolute shame.

Because I can tell you the things that aren’t going to work in this country when it comes to stopping these heinous acts. But they seem to be all anyone says, when inevitably, another person comes forward to inflict their tortured pain on innocent people.View Post

  1. Ban All Guns! – Due to the reading of the 2nd amendment and the precedents established by recent Supreme Court cases, this isn’t going anywhere. You’d need an amendment to the Constitution and there will NEVER be 30+ states willing to overturn it. Never mind the multitude of good reasons for its existence, no amount of outrage will overturn it so let’s just stop.
  2. Ban All Guns! (pt. 2) – Assuming you actually could overturn the 2nd and outlaw every firearm in the country, then you’d have to go out and get them. Famously, there are more guns than people in the U.S. You couldn’t come close to collecting them all. Further, if Prohibition and the War on Drugs have taught us anything it’s that those intent on breaking the law are going to do just that. Laws be damned.
  3. Ban Scary Guns Like the AR-15! – Fully auto weapons are already banned*. Most of these shootings occur with a handgun, plain and simple, and these aren’t going anywhere. Murder is illegal, and that doesn’t seem to stop these individuals from performing these atrocious acts. Do you think if there was a ban on shotguns that would stop them?
  4. Keep Them Out of the Hands of Bad People! – Felons are prohibited from owing a firearm already. But let’s not forget, the overwhelming majority of these mass shootings aren’t done by criminals and their guns were obtained legally. How can you know who is going to do something like this? You can’t.
  5. Do Something About Mental Health! – Cool. Yeah. So, like, free psychologists visits for everyone? Even if you could, the people that have done this haven’t been mentally ill, by and large. And, let’s not forget that medical records are private. Would you endorse mandatory psych screening for everyone and those records being sent to the government? Maybe just those who wish to own a gun? Remember, not every person who has engaged in a mass shooting has owned the gun they performed the act with. This is a complete non-starter of an issue with an insane price tag that does nothing to actually keep a person committed to violence from putting their hands on a gun.
  6. Do… SOMETHING! – Gotcha. What do you want to do? “SOMETHING!” Ok, what do you have in mind? “I DON’T KNOW! BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!” Sure. Agreed. But what? Even Obama has had to say in his latest speech how routine it’s become.

If you can’t tell by this point in the list, there is NOTHING the government or any other organization can do to prevent these events.

You can’t effectively keep drugs out of the hands of those intent on doing drugs. You can’t keep beer out of the hands of high schoolers intent on getting beer. You have a HUGE supply of weapons everywhere and concrete federal law protecting those weapons. You’d have as much luck passing regulation against tornadoes. It would be equally as effective.

So there it is. The god’s honest truth. No entity can do anything meaningful (more than is presently being done) to thwart a disaffected person hell-bent on committing such an act.

But you can.

You can talk to your co-worker for a few minutes. You can talk to the kid in your Physics class that appears to be all alone. You can teach your children to do the same, to make sure no one is left to feel totally isolated. Because that’s the breeding ground. That’s where the seeds are planted.


Community is easy to take for granted. Most of us have strong family connections and healthy friendships. Most feel as though they’re part of a group, be it community, religious, or work related. But it’s increasingly easy for people on the edges to withdraw and it’s easy for us to forget them.

No, it’s comfortable to forget them. It’s preferred to forget them. It’s highly desired to forget them. And we have to change that.

Holding a sign isn’t going to do anything. And writing your congressman will do even less. But you can do something today, this week, this month. The people you engage may not become life-long friends, and they don’t need to be, but it could be enough to keep someone away from the darkness and isolation needed to eventually think lashing out is an effective strategy for dealing with their pain.

If you’re conflicted at all about the subject, I can’t encourage you enough to read this post by Sam Harris on the subject immediately following Newtown, CT, that I’ve written about before.

* Edit: Fully auto weapons are legal, but only under the strictest of conditions and at a price that makes them nigh affordable for the vast majority. For all intents and purposes, let’s just call them banned. The AR-15 is not a fully auto weapon, but is confused for one based on appearance.

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The CORE of life

The Secret CORE of life revealed

The CORE of life beneath the surface of all our thoughts/feelings/energies

The CORE of life beneath the surface, is the larger aspect within all our thoughts/feelings/energies

(Read time about 4 minutes)

In 2007 I came up with the idea of CORE in a newsletter I put out at that time.

CORE stands for:
Creating Our Reality Experience.

This is, in fact, the very CORE of life as we live & experience it in the physical.
Also popularly known as the LOA or Law of Attraction.  It’s a simple profound life revealing acronym.

We create our personal individual interior reality & the events & outside external world is the co-collective creation of the world entire.

We do not create alone— or in a vacuum.

We co-create together with the collective world: of all thoughts/emotions/energies of the planet.  By the way, all thought/feelings are prayers sending signals out to the world & reflecting back to us.

We are not say, responsible for the cause for grandmas fall, or uncle Jakes headaches. Unless we actively purposely participate to cause that.  Yet, 99% of people don’t even conceive of such notions.  We have free individual moral agency & responsibility for creating the interior reality we personally experience.  That’s empowerment!

Much of our negative  creation woes are simply done unconsciously, unwittingly, by not paying attention to life’s CORE message.  That is, we have the power to control as best we can our own internal experience.  We do this by beneficially becoming more conscious & positive in our thinking/feeling/acting.

Some say we are solely responsible for our own personal interior reality we create.   I don’t necessarily disagree with this statement, as long as it has this important qualitative caveat.  That we can’t help but be at least somewhat influenced by the current environment we are in.  The people that surround us.  So hang out & live with positive people.

How much of an influence that is, is of course, circumstantially felt in whatever degrees it is.

How profound & simple & sublime this is. C.O.R.E.

Creating Our Reality Experience.  Individually & collectively as co-creators.

Imagine.— the CORE of life has everything to do with the way we think/feel and go about our daily life.  We often know this, but more often act as if we don’t.  This blog & website exist here to get us to activate CORE in a positive way more often.

If your life seems to be an ongoing stream of pain, frustration set backs, you may choose to consider this C.O.R.E. concept to move into your joy in life.   Spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch says:

“When people are encountering particularly difficult times, and are doing so on a continuing, ongoing, seemingly never-ending basis, I always invite them to look closely at what they are saying about Life, and how they are thinking about it.”

So, today, at the moment of reading this, you too, may desire to reconsider how you think about life, your life, and how it can be created to become more positive, peaceful joyful on a more regular consistent sustained basis.

How we think a majority of the time, how we perceive the world does monumentally  influence our daily life experience.  Lets use this to our advantage!

Because C.O.R.E. is not a daily 24/7 media news reminder, we have to seek this information else where.  This site is such a place as well as many other resources of books, workshops, conferences, DVD’s, discussion groups, spiritual blogs etc.

I find it utterly amazing, (but not surprising), how often we can stray from considering the power and influence of our own dominant thoughts & feelings that we have about life. So, it’s nice to have a reminder as we do here.  To pay more positive attention to our thinking & feelings.

We will do this imperfectly of course, but that is okay, it’s part & parcel to any practice, be it the piano, basket weaving, learning any new skill or habit.   Yet with practice we get better & so does the peace & joy in our life.

Start the practice, the experience eventually will follow.

We practice paying more attention to our thinking & feelings as we experience our lives.
Not in a strict harsh militant way, but gently guiding our thoughts to better feeling places.

We do this out of love for ourselves & becoming as much of a positive influence as we can to others.  Even if imperfectly, especially if imperfect, as others can relate to our honest humanness.

I personally think this is one of the most important aspects to consider.   We now see the CORE of life is how we think/feel/ & move about in our life.   That is important, empowering. The LOA, the Law of Attraction.

We have love and compassion on our failings & missteps & those of others.  In doing so, we make a larger space for others to feel more peace & love in a world that has so much unnecessary condemnation & negative judgment.

We owe it to ourselves to love ourselves enough to see that the CORE of life is truly on our side if we but pay more mindful attention to it.

As Neale Donald Walsch says “Embrace the present moment with gratefulness and wonder, and you will turn it into whatever you have been waiting for. ”

I add, “Live in a whirlpool of optimism & positivity, without air brushing over problems we encounter, but instead, embracing them,– for their message, healing & transformation.

Visualize what you want see & it will be, eventually. -M


Allow the CORE beauty of life to abide in you more & more each moment.

Allow the CORE beauty of life to abide in you more & more each moment.


P.S. See how you can use negative thoughts in your favor! The secret divine purpose behind apparent negative thoughts.   Click here: Negative thoughts

Lastly, if this blog or other articles on this site reach or touch you in a special way, let me know by commenting below or email me by clicking contact at the far right at the top of the home page, and thank u4 doing so in advance.

Bonus quote:


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Remote controlling your negative thoughts.


In 2012, I discovered that I was now thinking positively a majority of the time. I realized that I feel & experience life positively, most of the time.

It was a startling & wonderfully remarkable realization.  That for which I had longed, for so many years, came to pass.

I’ve trained myself, through gentle repetitive practice, to think positively a majority of the time, and even catch negative thoughts before they bury themselves in the underground caverns of the unconscious for later surfacing.  Often I catch them right away, other times later on.  It’s like I have a personal inner remote control to catch negative thinking patterns & increasing positive ones.  An example:

This past weekend, I watched my wife pull our car in the driveway.  As I watched this, the thought came to me of guys coming at the car & harming her, and, even further, that I had to come out with a baseball bat to protect her.

It was not until about 20 to 45 minutes later, driving to an event, that this thought resurfaced, which like many just go by unnoticed.  I remembered it, and decided that it’s not something I choose to think or experience.  I didn’t analyze this, just noticed it & dismissed it consciously. This stray, dark thought was quick & uneventful, along with thousands of daily waterfalling thoughts that come & go, often randomly.

Because I’m able to catch many negative or less than desirable thoughts, I get to re-examine them, and revise, transform, let go or dismiss them.  Often, I simply say “Not on my watch” as a counteracting agent.  It’s like these negative thoughts are time released, and I catch them later on, as a result of my practice & training.  Often, I catch them on the spot!

This is all the result of a desire to let go of the dark side of life, and a choice to move more into chronic well-beingness and terminal joy & peace.

It’s not like every negative thought will emerge into your experience.  It’s more a matter of catching & noticing your overall dominant thoughts & feelings. Pay attention to
thoughts/feelings you give the most frequency,  focus & emotional energy toward.

don’t do this in a tiresome, required, rigid, dogmatic or militant way to control all my thoughts.  I simply notice & am more aware of what I don’t like in my thinking & simply move it to a better feeling thought.  That’s LOA in action or the Law of Attraction

Usually, one doesn’t immediately attain this kind of awareness, yet even a mild practice to consider how you’d prefer to think is highly beneficial.  I’m here simply to say it’s possible to do so more,– & eventually most of the time.

When in a frustrated or angry place, I also often, remember and realize how temporary this state is & it will pass. It’s also an opportunity of my soul asking me who do I desire to be in relationship to these thoughts & experiences I’m currently having?  Remembering this,– is wonderful. Forgetting it, is past programming that has not reformed itself yet.

The trick now, is to maintain, sustain & expand this line of positive life energy & eventually move further into the beauty and glory that awaits the mind & heart ready to accept it.  If this practice & mindset interest you, please continue to explore this site for more inspiration & examples. -M

Extra bonus idea:


Soundproofing negativity through Visualization:

When you visualize what you desire, it may or may not happen exactly as you wish or hope … heck, it may even turn out better! … though perhaps at a later time, or in a different unanticipated surprising fun form.

Here’s the deal:
While nothing is totally guaranteed, it’s much more likely to happen & the possibility probability also goes way uP, … so, it’s in y/our best interest & favor to visualize.  Thus, you are encouraging & guiding this good energy to shape your current & future belief patterns, and thus, your experience.

Practice & have fun & play with visualization everyday. (Especially use good “feelings”) with it. That’s a powerful cocktail mix.  Pay attention to
thoughts/feelings you give the most frequency, focus & emotional energy to.

Your inner child & inner adult will be delighted you did. Don’t you think?

Magical blessings,

P.S. See how you can use negative thoughts in your favor! The secret divine purpose behind apparent negative thoughts.   Click here: Negative thoughts


Lastly, if this blog or other articles on this site reach or touch you in a special way, let me know by commenting below or email me by clicking contact at the far right at the top of the home page, and thank u4 doing so in advance.



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Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

…Wow, is that a concept to think about, or what!?

What if we could actually live in a state of chronic health, wealth,  well-beingness & terminal joy?

My guess, is that it’s not even remotely on the radar of possibility for most people.  It’s such a foreign concept to us, it’s not even thought about.

It’s time to think about it.

For a good many, it may even seem inconceivable. It’s easy to understand why.

Look at the world around us and our own personal experiences!

Words like chronic & terminal are most associated with illness, dysfunction, and all things negative, which are very long term.

Chronic means continuing, or occurring again and again, for a long time.

Terminal means causing eventual death.

It’s time to re-language such terms.

Now, I don’t think the collective society, or world at large, is ready to embrace this concept fully yet, but I do believe there are many individuals who’d love to, if they thought it possible.

Guess what? It is!

Now don’t get me wrong, most of us don’t just wake up to chronic well-beingness & terminal joy.  If you did, you wouldn’t complain! :-)

Yet, if the majority collective of people on this planet actually had inner peace & joy, this would be much easier to accomplish, since so many would already be in that space.

Since this is not true at this time, and for many, it seems light years away, perhaps even ludicrous, I understand completely your skepticism.

Yet, let me seduce you into into a new possibility!

While there is no guarantee that we can have or live in chronic, health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy all the time, there is a way to increase it, & eventually, even experience it as a majority of our day-to-day lives.  How, you ask?

First, just considering the idea, and contemplating it’s possibility can be mind-altering.

I mean, we don’t even talk about it, let alone consider it.  Who even thinks or talks this way?  … Have you ever read anyone talking about such a concept?

Probably not; if you have, well, Hallelujah & Amen!

Simply liking, enjoying & loving this idea can start to draw it toward you – maybe not fully, but even a little would be wonderful.

The thing is, this is such a lovely concept to consider!  I mean, how wonderful to live this way, even if not all the time:  more of the time, and perhaps at some point, most of the time!

I’m not being unrealistic here; I know it’s a big leap to consider, but if we can at least consider it, it can become an eventual possibility.

If you like or love this idea, then love it!

That loving & enjoying of the possibility, even if not currently true in your current experience, is a blessed thing to indulge in.

Fantasy, you say?  Well yes, it used to be fantasy for man to consider it possible to fly, and then when the possibility was considered, it eventually happened.

Here’s how I work & play with this idea right now:

When I’m in the shower,  I affirm & love the idea that I can live the rest of my life in chronic health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy.

This is part of my shower practice routine. Now I can also do it when I’m resting, meditating, walking, driving the car, or whatever.  It’s not a chore, but a joy to think & feel.  I’m reminding myself where I desire to be.

There is no guarantee it will happen, but the probability goes way uP, just by my indulging, inviting, affirming & drawing it toward me.

The good feelings I get from doing this help build the Law of Attraction energy to enlarge this.

From this growing & expanding state of being, I will also draw inspiration & additional insights on what best will help me move into this even more.  This may be from books, personal insights, programs, articles, songs, art, etc., which will help me get there.

Even if I’m not feeling as good, or am ill, I know it’s temporary & that I’ve simply bought into the collective world myth, that this is not possible.

Yet, I believe it is possible,and hope to lead the way as best I can to live it, even if imperfectly.

Especially imperfectly:  As I have patience & compassion on myself, and realize I’m going into uncharted possibility territory, I’ll give myself slack, even as I joyfully persevere.

Like many things in life, this is an art that takes practice. The Law Of Attraction is both an art & a practice.  Practice makes better, & eventually in time, makes perfect.

What do you think?


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Greet all hurt with Love & Compassion

Everyday, we vote with our inner awareness of life, our continuous self-talk & our overall dominant attitude.  I vote daily for higher consciousness, and I greet all hurt with Love & Compassion.

Painting by Leonardo Nierman

Painting by Leonardo Nierman

It’s simple:  we can practice and train our mind, attitude & inner dialog to look at all life through the lens of Love & Compassion.  We don’t have to do this perfectly, and we won’t.  Yet, that doesn’t have to stop us.

We can, in fact, have Love & Compassion on ourselves, in spite of our seeming imperfections, and that helps us to maintain that Love & Compassion a little longer than before.  This is a practice that can grow & bloom, from winter to spring, in our inner and outer lives.  This, in turn, influences the energy out-put we give to ourselves, others & the world.  How Beautifully Grand!

When we hurt, we can have Love & Compassion on ourselves.  When others cause hurt or harm, we can have Love & Compassion on them, knowing they themselves are also hurt, or they would not do the things they do.  Love & Compassion are ways to begin to bring about the healing, to sustain the healing, and inspire more ideas from that beautiful energy.

We move, as best we can, into this state of beingness, because it feels good, creates good, and influences good.  It’s a practice we can do, because we are learning & remembering to Love ourselves, and to Love Life.

We can do this, in spite of imperfections, flaws, problems & hurts.  Thus the flaws, problems & hurts can be soothed, softened, healed & transformed.  Sometimes instantly, sometimes later.

It’s not always easy, yet it’s necessary, if we desire to see, feel and experience more Love & Compassion for ourselves & our world.  Aren’t we all worth it?  Our course we are, and we & our world deserve nothing less.

Start now, because you know you Love life, and, in turn, it smiles back & Loves you.  Life reflects our individual & collective energies.  When we smile, Life, the Giant mirror, smiles & reflects this back to us.  What do you think?

NEW FEATURE!  free spiritual workshop notes:
Skywriting Across The Universe
uPdated weekly!

Markoworld Playshop notes


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The End of Negativity

sunset meditationjpg

The End of Negativity. Thinking outside the triangle.  Making the unthinkable thinkable.

In Conversations with God – Book III, Neale Donald Walsch introduced the concept of highly evolved beings (called HEB’s), that exist on other planets and societies — beings that have transcended the negativity we experience on earth.

In a HEB society, negative thinking and experiencing is eliminated, or no longer needed or necessary.

We still very obviously struggle with this challenge.  So much so, that most can’t even conceive of a world without negativity. It’s darn near impossible simply because we are so primitive in our thinking culture that it doesn’t even register on our radar to live with very little negativity.  Forget all negativity, we can barely conceive that!

We can conceive of much less negativity — Starting first in our own lives, exampling this to others, reaching small groups, and then larger groups, until it dominoes to the global collective.

In order to move closer to those Highly Evolved Beings, we can learn to practice “Never thinking a negative thought again.”

Now, while that may seem and feel unrealistic, far fetched and impractical, well, I would not disagree.

However, I would not let that stop me from practicing and moving into this experience.

I would use it as a guide, goal and inspiration from which to move into this space as a practice.  I would modify that a bit to this practice guideline quote:

“Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

Put that on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator!  It matters not that we do this imperfectly, we will, but simply we decide to practice it as a matter of using the Law of Attraction in our favor, rather than defaulting into unconscious negative habits that seem to be the background software running much of the show more than we realize.

In a highly advanced society, the collective consciousness would have so much peace & serenity that the challenge to think more positively would be very natural & easy because the collective is not struggling to get to that place, it’s already there, and thus, the wind of advanced thinking & being carries us without effort.

We are not there yet & need reminders to move toward that space & place.  That’s what I think this site, this blog is gently reminding us to do & be aware of.

If we don’t even have the reminders, we just automatically go back to the default state of more negative thinking.  Thus, this article pulls you back and says “Hey wait, do you really want those kind of thinking patterns to be your default setting?”  The answer is of course no, but the practice of remembering is the key.

I would not haggle much, argue the merits of how and when, or the impracticality of it.  I’d simply choose to move into this practice, knowing that I’m the main creator of my own individual internal experiences as well as being part of the collective co-creating experience.

I think that we will eventually get to a point where we will be awake enough to realize we can enjoy more positive living as our majority without so many negative consequences.
I’m getting there more often than not.  It’s a practice, & a passion, to live often in that more desired space.

The negative contrasts, that we can use to bring us closer to what we desire, will eventually no longer be necessary, as we awaken and grow out of them.  That is, as we awaken out of the belief of the necessity of negatives in life.  Negative experiences will be a reference only in our memory & history books, but no longer needed in our experience.

This means we won’t need the negatives anymore;  instead, we will have varying contrasts of good, better, great, fantastic, ecstatic, etc.  Our comparative contextual field now becomes varying degrees of good as our new contrasts.

That may seem a long way off, but it isn’t, and won’t be, if we start and practice moving into that experience of more variations of goodness, delight, joy, fun.  It’s a wonderful challenge!

This is thinking outside the conventional box, or thinking outside the triangle, as I like to say.

I’m guessing most people reading this now who would agree with this as a good idea, will after reading this go right back to the old more negative thinking patterns & habits than would like to be admitted or perhaps even be aware of.

That’s simply habit.  Not just individual habits we’ve ingrained in ourselves with, our daily moment to moment Self Talk , but all of society & the collective world at large.   That’s a tremendous magnetic pull that sucks us back into negativity with out our realizing it.  It seems so normal.

We have to practice “Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  Even if imperfectly, or haphazardly, moving ourselves more & more in this direction can & will benefit ourselves tremendously!

That’s the secret to moving out of it!  Realizing how much of it is in the Self Talk loops that go on daily, moment to moment & the days, months, years, decades that go on & we think it’s normal when it’s simply, a bad habit.

But remember, be warned!  As you leave this page, the habit of daily unchallenged thinking patterns will come back, it’s a habit & that’s what we are doing here is breaking the habits.

So as you leave here, a way to take the spirit & practice of this idea with you & not forget, is simply to put this quote on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, purse, wallet and anywhere else this simple reminder.

It doesn’t have to be done perfectly, rigidly or militantly but as an enjoyable preferred way to start living & thinking the life you desire.  This may or may not automatically create your perfect life, but it moves you much closer to it, draws that like energy to you more. There is no instant guarantee but the probability, the certainty, goes way uP & that’s a great way to start living. That’s using the Law of Attraction in action, for your benefit & the world entire.

“Think only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

What do you think?  Add your comments below.

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Whether you walk the path of Buddha, Jesus, or study the Way of the Buffalo, or seek the wisdom of the Gray Turtle, The Flying Nun, Minister of mischief, or the Oracle of the Blueberry Muffin…..

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Sound unfortunately familiar?
“He’s a Minister of Defensiveness. His hobbies include losing his temper, bashing gays & blacks & being a professional victim.”  Have compassion on such individuals & mentalities.  That’s where the healing begins & continues, thanks to you & me!

Hatred, cruelty, ignorance.
We do our part by imagining & visualizing that this is no longer a part of our world. It won’t stop it immediately of course, but it will move the energy of this faster & attach itself to more like energy.  Be a part of that very attractive energy! Want to see  more? Check out our new Skywriting Feature below:

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Love & Bless Every Moment

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won't regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won’t regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love and Bless every moment.

That’s a delicious challenge of enlightening proportions & promise.

Loving & blessing what is, as our main spiritual practice.

Even as we do so imperfectly, as we will, we don’t let that stop us from a practice of incredible, monumental, life-affirming transformation enhancement.

What if our spiritual practice was to love & bless every moment no matter what?

What if we practiced loving & blessing all the things, all the moments, especially, all the ones that are un-welcomed, or cause us frustration, displeasure, pain, etc?

What if we decide to love every moment, whatever way it shows uP?

That does not mean that we just blindly accept things we don’t like, approve of or prefer, it simply means we love them anyway, even as we may choose to change those things.

“Everything is perfect about the universe, including y/our desire to change it.”

By loving every moment, by blessing and loving all that shows uP, we are in fact influencing and pouring forth that loving energy on that which we may not like and judge.  Thus, we are allowing it to be influenced, re-shaped and transformed by our energy.

We trust that this process of loving every moment is filled with opportUnities, blessings and gifts.  All are, of course, secondary by-products of our practice.

Primary is the practice of loving what shows up.  Even if after doing so, we don’t see immediate or any change, we trust that our practice and process will lead, guide & direct us eventually to the very essence of the loving energy vibration we put out.

We trust that as we are being & doing our part, the Universe will fill in the time, details, and manner in which our loving, waterfalling energy shows up.

Loving what is, is our part.  How and When is the Universe’s part.

We of course may slip, fall back and not love every moment.  Inevitably, life has many many challenges before us, for this not to happen, from time to time.  Still, loving every moment is a practice.  Like all things, it will improve with practice.  We love, honor and forgive ourselves when we don’t meet our high ideals, or even our lesser ideals.

We pick ourselves uP, dust ourselves off, and start, once again, practicing loving & blessing what is.  As we do so, in the days, weeks, months & years to follow, what do you think will happen to y/our experience and the experience of those around us?

Two simple & profound examples.  Instead of the often heard, angry or frustrated proverb, “God damn it,” etc., we practice “God bless it!” as my grandmother did, or as another friend says “Lord have mercy!” or some close alternative.

I will tell you, in a state of unbridled, cosmic, serious light-heartedness & fun, that the High Council of the Angels has met regarding this practice; they have seen our future and are already celebrating, as you read this.

The Angels also whispered to me that:
“This practice has within it an unrelenting beauty, that pours forth from its simplicity.”

So start practicing Loving and Blessing every moment as best you can, and let that energy be the stronger determinant and influencer of your life.

Was this article helpful? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Turbo-charged, high-definition “loving what is” blessings to all. -M

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Whether you walk the path of Buddha, Jesus, or study the Way of the Buffalo, or seek the wisdom of the Gray Turtle, The Flying Nun, or the Oracle of the Blueberry Muffin, or search for the holy grail, or go the path of looking for the uneaten bag of grammy’s chocolate chip cookies,

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