The End of Negativity

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The End of Negativity. Thinking outside the triangle.  Making the unthinkable thinkable.

In Conversations with God – Book III, Neale Donald Walsch introduced the concept of highly evolved beings (called HEB’s), that exist on other planets and societies — beings that have transcended the negativity we experience on earth.

In a HEB society, negative thinking and experiencing is eliminated, or no longer needed or necessary.

We still very obviously struggle with this challenge.  So much so, that most can’t even conceive of a world without negativity. It’s darn near impossible simply because we are so primitive in our thinking culture that it doesn’t even register on our radar to live with very little negativity.  Forget all negativity, we can barely conceive that!

We can conceive of much less negativity — Starting first in our own lives, exampling this to others, reaching small groups, and then larger groups, until it dominoes to the global collective.

In order to move closer to those Highly Evolved Beings, we can learn to practice “Never thinking a negative thought again.”

Now, while that may seem and feel unrealistic, far fetched and impractical, well, I would not disagree.

However, I would not let that stop me from practicing and moving into this experience.

I would use it as a guide, goal and inspiration from which to move into this space as a practice.  I would modify that a bit to this practice guideline quote:

“Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

Put that on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator!  It matters not that we do this imperfectly, we will, but simply we decide to practice it as a matter of using the Law of Attraction in our favor, rather than defaulting into unconscious negative habits that seem to be the background software running much of the show more than we realize.

In a highly advanced society, the collective consciousness would have so much peace & serenity that the challenge to think more positively would be very natural & easy because the collective is not struggling to get to that place, it’s already there, and thus, the wind of advanced thinking & being carries us without effort.

We are not there yet & need reminders to move toward that space & place.  That’s what I think this site, this blog is gently reminding us to do & be aware of.

If we don’t even have the reminders, we just automatically go back to the default state of more negative thinking.  Thus, this article pulls you back and says “Hey wait, do you really want those kind of thinking patterns to be your default setting?”  The answer is of course no, but the practice of remembering is the key.

I would not haggle much, argue the merits of how and when, or the impracticality of it.  I’d simply choose to move into this practice, knowing that I’m the main creator of my own individual internal experiences as well as being part of the collective co-creating experience.

I think that we will eventually get to a point where we will be awake enough to realize we can enjoy more positive living as our majority without so many negative consequences.
I’m getting there more often than not.  It’s a practice, & a passion, to live often in that more desired space.

The negative contrasts, that we can use to bring us closer to what we desire, will eventually no longer be necessary, as we awaken and grow out of them.  That is, as we awaken out of the belief of the necessity of negatives in life.  Negative experiences will be a reference only in our memory & history books, but no longer needed in our experience.

This means we won’t need the negatives anymore;  instead, we will have varying contrasts of good, better, great, fantastic, ecstatic, etc.  Our comparative contextual field now becomes varying degrees of good as our new contrasts.

That may seem a long way off, but it isn’t, and won’t be, if we start and practice moving into that experience of more variations of goodness, delight, joy, fun.  It’s a wonderful challenge!

This is thinking outside the conventional box, or thinking outside the triangle, as I like to say.

I’m guessing most people reading this now who would agree with this as a good idea, will after reading this go right back to the old more negative thinking patterns & habits than would like to be admitted or perhaps even be aware of.

That’s simply habit.  Not just individual habits we’ve ingrained in ourselves with, our daily moment to moment Self Talk , but all of society & the collective world at large.   That’s a tremendous magnetic pull that sucks us back into negativity with out our realizing it.  It seems so normal.

We have to practice “Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  Even if imperfectly, or haphazardly, moving ourselves more & more in this direction can & will benefit ourselves tremendously!

That’s the secret to moving out of it!  Realizing how much of it is in the Self Talk loops that go on daily, moment to moment & the days, months, years, decades that go on & we think it’s normal when it’s simply, a bad habit.

But remember, be warned!  As you leave this page, the habit of daily unchallenged thinking patterns will come back, it’s a habit & that’s what we are doing here is breaking the habits.

So as you leave here, a way to take the spirit & practice of this idea with you & not forget, is simply to put this quote on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, purse, wallet and anywhere else this simple reminder.

It doesn’t have to be done perfectly, rigidly or militantly but as an enjoyable preferred way to start living & thinking the life you desire.  This may or may not automatically create your perfect life, but it moves you much closer to it, draws that like energy to you more. There is no instant guarantee but the probability, the certainty, goes way uP & that’s a great way to start living. That’s using the Law of Attraction in action, for your benefit & the world entire.

“Think only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

What do you think?  Add your comments below.

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5 Responses to The End of Negativity

  1. Bruce says:

    You rock

  2. Lisa McCormack says:

    Every time you present the idea of a world with no negative thinking, my “negative thinking” puffs up its chest and says, well, that would just simply not be possible. But, wow, what a vision it creates to envision life only seeing the perfect infrastructure which supports it all, knowing that we truly can create desired outcomes with the energy of positive thinking. And even having experienced this personally, I still on occasion, sometimes more often than I’d prefer, find myself sitting in a puddle of negative thoughts. Oddly, sometimes I find myself almost wanting to sit there and stay there. It doesn’t feel good to be there, but for some reason I still choose that option.

    You, Marko, are a gift, a reminder, to spreading positivity and gratitude in the world. And I thank you for being that and for giving us all something meaningful to think about.


  3. Marko says:

    Thank you Lisa, I think we simply don’t realize how much of a habit we’ve made of negative thinking, living, being & daily self talk.

    We don’t even need to get rid of all the negativity like the HEB’s do. We would, I’m sure, be happy just to have much less of it in our personal lives & in the world.

    That’s why I like to steer people to moving to living, working & playing to be in the possibility of living & experiencing life as positive as a majority experience. That shift in itself could really change things.

    How much easier, fun & satisfying to live & move into that possibility even as we work our way though our daily challenges.

    Thanks for your thoughts always.

    Magical love filled blessings,

  4. Jeano says:

    How do you define negativity? Who is your “God?”
    On what do you base your moral code?

    When I was in labor, I desired to have no pain, I thought that I did not want to desire or experience pain, it didn’t work.

    I work in healthcare, I see people die, suffer and I witness a great deal of cultural negativity. I encourage you to volunteer in a Milwaukee emergency room and start your work to end negativity there.

  5. Marko says:

    Thank you Jeano,

    I volunteer at the site helping people go through very difficult changes. I sing in a gospel choir that goes to nursing homes, retirement centers, peoples homes etc., anywhere to help bring a joyful uplift. I have this website & Facebook as places to help people consider moving from problems to solutions, from struggle to original blessings.

    Check out “Conversations with God book one” by Neale Donald Walsch” to get an idea of my view of God or simply look over this site as well.

    Thanks for the work you do.

    Magical blessings,

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