Emotional Millionaires

The best currency is good feelings.  When our life is full of the currency of good feelings, the wonderful irony is, that money offen comes as a by-product; & with less effort or with  easy joyful effort.

Emotional Millionaires, the place where emotional affluence, the affluence of Appreciation & Blessings exists inside the hearts & minds of men & women all over the world & Universe.  Where we live in Original Blessing.

What’s worth more than millions and billions of dollars? Millions & billions of good feelings, feeling good about you and what you are being and doing in the world.

So, don’t be surprised that by moving into these feelings, financial or other things come into your life in a manner quite suited for you.

Ah, yes, Emotional Millionaires.  That sounds so sweet, doesn’t it?  Most people desire to be financial millionaires, and more so now that we’ve entered the world where we have billionaires!

I truly believe we can become Emotional Millionaires, and in doing so we will have achieved, emotionally, what we thought we could only get by having millions of dollars.  That’s the secret!

In doing so we may achieve, as a by-product, a level of financial wealth that’s is very, very satisfyingly in tune with our spirit. Especially as it coincides with & when we have a real great sense of self.  Self worth & self confidence.

“Emotional millionaires” comes from the philosophy of Jesus, whom I consider an emotional million or billionaire.  He said:

“Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?”

“(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.”

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Emotional millionaires know that all the things we desire, lust & fantasize over are secondary to seeking the feelings we think we will get by having such things come into our experience.

We seek things because we feel we will be happy when we get them.

Yet, we have to realize that our fantasies about money or anything else, stem from the idea that they will bring us what we want & desire.

If we look deeper, we all desire certain feelings from having that sort of perceived income.  I get that, too, & like most people, prefer & wouldn’t mind having millions, or at least a million, or even few hundred thousand dollars for that matter!  WoW!

Yet, here is a secret.  We can get that feeling we think we can only can get from having a million, or multiple millions of dollars, by first moving into the feelings we think it will give us.  We do so regardless of income, status etc.

Emotional millionaires celebrate, appreciate first, money comes as by product. The secret life of flowers communicate to us by saying to us “Celebrate with us!” Flowers are God, Life’s, Natures way of talking us into celebration & appreciation. Photo seaflowerpictures.com

We are looking for a feeling of well being, joy, happiness, love, peace, freedom, fun security, etc.  All of which does not have to cost a lot of money, or any, for that matter. So, we seek and move into these feelings first, which we think we can only get by having lot’s of money.

So, move into being happy, being joyous, being peaceful, being successful.  In doing so, in creating yourself as an Emotional Millionaire, you will have achieved what so many desire & want but don’t realize is very much within y/our grasp.

Remember, too, plenty of people of wealth are still not happy. Money does not give them happiness, some security perhaps, but not always happiness.  That includes billionaires.

We desire to be emotional millionaires first, & if you become financial millionaires as a result (or more), how happy, healthy & more creative you will be as a spiritually integrated person. You’ll be one in a million or millions!

People prefer & gravitate to people of solid self worth, radiant joy and confidence who are living their joy regardless of what others are doing.  In fact, that’s part of the secret.  They are Being first and Doing is a by-product of their joy, and that is what creates financial joy as well from the authentic place of our spirits calling.

While there are many ways to move into this, remember, too, that God, Life, the Universe has Infinite resources, blessings, inspirations, etc., with which to bless us with.

We see with blinders on.  The Universe has no blinders.  So, while we fret & fuss over so many things in life, realize that there are solutions, or rather soul-utions, to problems not yet seen or yet realized.

Prayer, meditation, visualization are wonderful delightful key ingredients to pulling in these yet unseen soul-utions.  God, Life, the Universe or however you decide to look at it, is wayyyyyyyyy BIGGER than your problems or the limitations you or I so often place on ourselves.! The solutions don’t always come in the package, time and manner we think they should.

This is because of our blinders, blind spots, negative beliefs, etc.  Now we move into the desired feelings and, in doing so, we become more attuned to our spirit & our spirits’ calling,  aligned with the flow of life.  That is worth millions, even billions!  Of course it’s really priceless.  Yet, being in-tune with our spirit allows the Universe to waterfall its blessings more easily without our resistance and stubbornness.

Other ways to start moving into the Emotional Millionaire feelings are to practice daily self talk, become a Master Appreciator and Visualization Imaginneer.

Don’t get me wrong, we all feel better when we have ample money coming in & don’t have to go from paycheck to paycheck, day after day, as many have & do experience.

I understand too, that many spiritually oriented people still find finances very challenging.  From personal experience I can say that even when frustration & impatience comes in, that the more we practice being, visualizing, loving our visions of emotional prosperity, finances will eventually come as a by product in often very unexpected ways.

Often (and this is very common & overlooked) not feeling deserving or worthy of money is a huge, even unconscious component. What to do in such cases?

Give your self permission to be emotionally & financially abundant. Counting your blessings, gratitude & appreciation go along way as part of your practice of emotional & financial prosperity.

I’m simply saying our thoughts & feelings are tremendous creation tools in breaking the spell of limited income.  We use our thoughts & feelings of appreciation, love, gratitude & guide our daily self talk to work & play in our favor. This is part of lucid living. Using our thoughts, feelings and actions to create emotional millionaires first, not after we have the money, but before. See the Jesus quote above as a reminder that emotional well beingness can create financial wealth suitable to our needs and beyond!

In moving into and practicing these ideas, life will help you even more in finding the people, places, circumstances, life pace & life style that’s best suited for your spirit, and thus you can be one of the few who have what many don’t, including some who are actually millionaires & billionaires.  That is, feeling like a million dollars on a regular basis & thus, feeling that way, life has no choice but to conform & conspire to your feelings by bringing you the essence of those feelings into your life.

Emotional millionaires practice trick.  Make a box and put in sheets of paper like receipts for things you love, appreciate & are grateful for.  Give it a dollar amount.  Someone smiles & makes your day $100.00 or $1000.00; you choose, it’s your personal experience & expression.  Purring cat, wagging tail of your dog $500.00.  A great belly laugh, $10,000 etc.  A nice meal, $300.oo of emotional satisfaction.

This practice gives you the ability to put a high value on things that, while some could be considered priceless, yet engages you to value what you do have & can open you to more great outstanding emotional gifts to come, & as a secondary by product, money may show up as well.

The great thing is, you determine the equivalent monetary values.  No one else.  It’s a very personal experience.

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6 Responses to Emotional Millionaires

  1. Anita says:

    :You rock I love it Marko! great website you’ve created, thanks for sharing :Group hug – really wonderful!


  2. Tanja says:

    Wow :ecstatic , I have been reading books about becoming what you wanting, but with your way of describing it :Respect , finaly got me understand. Big huh :Group hug , Tanja

  3. Hope says:

    Can I like this on facebook or share it? :I rock

  4. Haya says:

    Marko! I love the Idea, it has inspired me, :Big Smile :Big Smile and reminded me of a box that I once had, called “letters to God”. This is another wonderful concept that I will be utilizing. Much appreciated, much love, and Blessings to you. :You rock

    Haya :)

  5. Marko says:

    Thank you Haya, I appreciate your note. I too love this idea and work & play to be an EM. Please check back on new blogs & take a larger tour of the site as well.

    Magical blessings,
    -Marko :Feeling good!

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