Mother Earth

“Earth is a floating pebble on the cosmic beach of the Universe, a molecule inside the body of God.”  Markoisms

Mother Earth Cathedral

Precious Mother earth..

The One Church Cathedral no one can escape from

My favorite Church-Domed Cathedral is the LARGEST in the World! No one can escape it.

Because it is the World.

When I look uP at the blue sky with it’s beautiful sculptural, willowy marshmellowy clouds, I notice that our Earth is an architecturally-domed sphere, cocooned in an atmosphere in which we can (or should by design) safely live.

It’s a Church Cathedral that has no rival! Taint she beautiful? (smile)

Here, Mother Nature and Father Sky exist for the benefit of all its adherents — to take care and steward it in healthy & magnificent ways, if that’s what they choose.

The gentle summer winds and rustling trees are the hymns we hear.

Everything we have in this physical life comes from Mother Earth.

Everything — the computer you read this on, y/our food, clothing, cars,  smart phones, furniture, books, homes, airplanes, space shuttles, music, the pen and paper we share and on which we script our poetry, screenplays & post it notes.

So, remember to reinforce within ourselves and others, the importance of treating Mother Earth like a mint-cherry Porsche, that runs optimally & most efficiently when we: maintain, cherish, respect, and lovingly & enjoyingly take care of her.

Not like a rubbish heap of pollution, littered with indifference by its adherents and parishioners.


after all, we’re on sacred ground here, we’re in Church, under the beautiful atmospheric architectural wonder Cathedral dome home, called Earth.

We walk on sacred ground — treat it, us, and all of it, with the respect we/it deserves.

And some day — when we leave her (by man and or alien transport), may we leave her better off than before we put our human carbon print on her.

Remember this fondly, lovingly & appreciatively as you walk outside and look uP today, in the Astounding Cathedral World you/we live in. -M

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sublime beauty of Mother Earth. Image credit

Please see also: Peace Clock about how you can create World Peace for 1 minute a day and the Global Prayer Project where you join others globally & collectively putting y/our prayers & visualizations into conscious deliberate action.  Thereby, helping in the creating of World Peace, sustainable environment etc.– helping in other world problems, conflicts. This is being part of the solution or soul-ution! :ecstatic :Compassion & Love


“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuild, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned, or removed from production.”
-Pete Seeger

4 Responses to Mother Earth

  1. Therese says:

    I like this very much, and will share with a special friend. Thank you, Marko.

  2. robin De L'eau says:

    Love your mother.
    we are watching “Cosmos”again with Carl Sagan
    I am paying much more attention this time around.
    our grand cathedral indeed!

  3. Colm J Devitt says:

    During a healing meditation I do called magnified healing where we visualise healing a spinning Earth between our hands. I have never felt it as Mother Earth ~ just simply Earth. Many refer to God as being Him or Her also.

    Perhaps we might be more blessed by not expressing any preference and simply say Earth and God as we do when saying Life


  4. Kathleen Williams says:

    All so true and Mother Earth is so beautiful too bad mankind wants to kill her off .

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