Love & Bless Every Moment

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won't regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won’t regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love and Bless every moment.

That’s a delicious challenge of enlightening proportions & promise.

Loving & blessing what is, as our main spiritual practice.

Even as we do so imperfectly, as we will, we don’t let that stop us from a practice of incredible, monumental, life-affirming transformation enhancement.

What if our spiritual practice was to love & bless every moment no matter what?

What if we practiced loving & blessing all the things, all the moments, especially, all the ones that are un-welcomed, or cause us frustration, displeasure, pain, etc?

What if we decide to love every moment, whatever way it shows uP?

That does not mean that we just blindly accept things we don’t like, approve of or prefer, it simply means we love them anyway, even as we may choose to change those things.

“Everything is perfect about the universe, including y/our desire to change it.”

By loving every moment, by blessing and loving all that shows uP, we are in fact influencing and pouring forth that loving energy on that which we may not like and judge.  Thus, we are allowing it to be influenced, re-shaped and transformed by our energy.

We trust that this process of loving every moment is filled with opportUnities, blessings and gifts.  All are, of course, secondary by-products of our practice.

Primary is the practice of loving what shows up.  Even if after doing so, we don’t see immediate or any change, we trust that our practice and process will lead, guide & direct us eventually to the very essence of the loving energy vibration we put out.

We trust that as we are being & doing our part, the Universe will fill in the time, details, and manner in which our loving, waterfalling energy shows up.

Loving what is, is our part.  How and When is the Universe’s part.

We of course may slip, fall back and not love every moment.  Inevitably, life has many many challenges before us, for this not to happen, from time to time.  Still, loving every moment is a practice.  Like all things, it will improve with practice.  We love, honor and forgive ourselves when we don’t meet our high ideals, or even our lesser ideals.

We pick ourselves uP, dust ourselves off, and start, once again, practicing loving & blessing what is.  As we do so, in the days, weeks, months & years to follow, what do you think will happen to y/our experience and the experience of those around us?

Two simple & profound examples.  Instead of the often heard, angry or frustrated proverb, “God damn it,” etc., we practice “God bless it!” as my grandmother did, or as another friend says “Lord have mercy!” or some close alternative.

I will tell you, in a state of unbridled, cosmic, serious light-heartedness & fun, that the High Council of the Angels has met regarding this practice; they have seen our future and are already celebrating, as you read this.

The Angels also whispered to me that:
“This practice has within it an unrelenting beauty, that pours forth from its simplicity.”

So start practicing Loving and Blessing every moment as best you can, and let that energy be the stronger determinant and influencer of your life.

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Turbo-charged, high-definition “loving what is” blessings to all. -M

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6 Responses to Love & Bless Every Moment

  1. Sophie Lise says:

    What a wonderful article Marko!
    I will practive Loving & Blessing every moment and watch my life change for the best.

    Thanks for being such a fun and insightful Messenger of Light!!!


  2. Lisa McCormack says:

    Blessing every moment…something that I work on every day. I am learning to even bless the moments where I can’t seem to bless the moment! :-)

    It seems as though we have developed a society where instantaneous gratification is expected. And because that kind of demand is nearly impossible to meet, we find ourselves sitting in the fallout of unmet expectations over and over and over again. Until, as you so wisely point out, one day we just decide to be okay with whatever happens to show up on the doorstep of our life. It takes some soul-centered discipline, I think, to know that all the crummy, icky, uncomfortable, awkward experiences are all playing together in some perfectly designed way which may not be realized (or remembered) even in this lifetime. Or maybe it will.

    I love this, Marko: “This practice has within it an unrelenting beauty, that pours forth from its simplicity.”

    Ah, the simplicity of life that lies beneath the complicated and tattered surfaces of what we think it’s all about. Yes, that is where I desire to dwell. And some days, I actually do. :-)

    Thank you for another inspirational soul-lifting smile-producing article!!


  3. Marko says:

    Thank you Lisa. You said
    “I am learning to even bless the moments where I can’t seem to bless the
    moment! :-)” That is an excellent practice example!

    One of the things I do when momentarily frustrated & angry & a few choice words come out of my mouth, my mind quickly is saying and correcting my near instantaneous unconscious reaction. Which is to “Bless it” or “God bless it.”

    Thus, I’m transitioning closer & more quickly closing the gap of the unconscious past data that comes so quickly & moving uP to the next stage of what I truly desire to experience. As you say it does take some “soul centered-discipline” or rather than use the word discipline, we are actually engaging in more “self love.”

    Thank you Lisa for your thoughtful intelligent comments!

    Magically yours,

  4. Bruce says:

    What a wonderfully light hearted commentary Marko…you certainly have a vision of what love can produce…now if I can just learn to really mean “God Bless it” when I use it as a sentiment in place of GDI $^%*&#…

    The thoughts behind our words are truly at the root of our foibles…the thoughts we nurture are at cause in the matter of our results. :Group hug

    • Marko says:

      Thanks Bruce,

      You know, even when the “GDI $^%*&#…” comes out of my mouth, “my mind” is saying, “bless it, it’s okay, don’t take this so seriously.” The anger is short lived, that’s my current transition. And sometimes it does not bother me at all & I stay in my peace.

      The feelings behind our words & the length of their stay make a real difference too. :Cheers

      Magical blessings,

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