Why the bad?

There is a purpose, challenge & opportUNITY to the bad

Why the bad? It’s one of, if not the BIGGEST existential questions humans face. Is there even an acceptable answer to why the bad?


It shows us through stark contrast what we don’t like in the world & from this,  gives us a choice to get more clear on what we do like.

The bad is the contrasting holding ground for more clarity for us to decide how much good we choose to experience & how to express the most creative solutions to healing it, if, that’s our choice.  I think it is.

The bad, the terrible etc. does not have to be an inevitable permanent part of the human condition.  Certainly not in the extremes we witness now.  Sure it may be here for awhile yet. Still, how we deal with it can greatly reduce it’s negative effects depending on how much energy we decide to put in transforming it from bad to more potential good.  As we evolve, we decide more as a world to put more energy into such endeavors.

Answering the seeming un answerable question about the bad really terrible stuff.

Mass shooters, serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, animal abusers. terrorists, con artists etc…, show us through their behaviors who we are, in face of their terrible actions.

If we are so disturbed by what we see, we would put a lot more energy in finding solutions that really work, like,  loving them back to wholeness, allowing our divine creativity to think outside the triangle for solutions or soul-outions.  That’s societies sacred community or come-unity task.

What are we waiting for? For someone else to do it? We are the someone else!

Know that wonderful solutions or Soul-utions exist, but not yet seen, await our open-minded receptive loving hearts.

Perhaps in healing their terrible pain, we heal ours as well.  That’s the unseen gift disguised inside the pain that cries for help, healing, redemption, transformation.

They ask us through their unhealed pain & actions.  “Do you want this in your society?”  We say “No!”, but really we say” Just punish, kill, put them away.” They really are saying, “Heal us, & when you do, the peace we all desire in the world will happen that much sooner.”

We have the wisdom to self correct what we don’t prefer in our lives & the world.  The divine tools are the four seasons, the four directions of Love, Wisdom, Creativity & Imagination.

We can even do this in simple ways by practicing changing how we respond to negative news when ever we hear it.

If I happen to come across a news story or news program on the subject of terrorists, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, animal abusers etc.  I seek to see if the story includes reporting a solution which is beneficial or simply focusing on the problem, not as beneficial. Except perhaps as caution & warnings of impending danger.

Focusing on problems with out solutions is not advantageous and the reason I don’t follow the news like I use to.  Too problem centered, instead of being solution oriented.

News by the way, is that which deviates from the norm. So no, you are not going to hear about millions of kids who get on the bus to school & later go back home with little to no incident.  It’s not news!  It’s normal.  So when we hear bad news, it’s because it’s that which deviates from the norm.

While we all cannot necessarily devote our entire lives to solving all the individual world problems,– how we respond when confronted with this information and how we send & express our energy as we receive it is an oppotUnity to raise and add loving influence to move toward solutions in the moments we are confronted with such news.

This opportunity is often missed and just unconsciously passes through us or maybe we momentarily groan about more bad stuff going on.  I propose we can do something extremely helpful even if only briefly as we move on with our lives regarding negative news info we confront.

Here’s how I often respond to bad news stories.  I’m very grateful to see any mention of solutions or what people are already doing to help the situation.  Further if it’s just more bad news without any solution focus I think, feel, Imagine, visualize for a moment or moments, “I know solutions exists for this, we are intelligent, wise creative people. ”

I Love seeing solutions to our problems & seeing them expressed in the media.”  “The situation may look momentarily grim, but all things are possible, things can change.”

As an example, the very dramatic BP oil spill in 2010 in a Times Magazine article said “Yet nearly a year after the spill began, it seems clear that the worst-case scenario never came true. It’s not that the oil spill had no lasting effects — far from it — but the ecological doomsday many predicted clearly hasn’t taken place. There is recovery where once there was only fear.” see TIME Magazine

I don’t want to deny that this is the whole conclusive ending story to the BP spill and that there are not dire consequences, pending & remaining,–just that it was not the ultra disaster many thought it would be.  It was still a disaster & an unfortunate one. Yet good can come from it.

My point?  That we don’t always know the full picture or how events will eventually unfold.  Yet our wonderful positive creative energies can help influence and move the energy into a beneficial direction by simply taking moments of hearing bad news & at least offering up some deliberate conscious possibilities, solutions.

This brief positive alternative in the streaming process of 1000′s of thoughts that come & go, we are contributing in a great way, a new way to see & respond to these events & give them our wonderful powerful influence to move the energy current & future to manifesting solutions/soul-utions.

Who knows what possible good & fathomable positive influences your redirected thoughts & feelings can have added to the collective matrix grid of swirling world energies?

Your momentary more uPlifting positive feeling thought may be just the ripple effect that goes out and influences someone to make a life altering decision to go to school, start a organization write a book that helps solve the problem you encountered, but instead of just letting the news frustrate you, after the initial frustration, you decide to put a positive possibility feeling spin on it & you now made a powerful, powerful energy influence without knowing it.

Now you have a new way to respond when you encounter
bad news! :Cheers

Use y/our Divine God given Creative, Imaginations as inspirational fuses to light & ignite our re-direction of bad news & events, including: terrorists rapists, pedophiles, murderers, animal abusers. etc. and Loving it all back to wholeness in whatever way that works & plays for you. :Feeling good!

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