All thought is prayer

Our Life Experiences is Answered Prayer

By Neale Donald Walsch (Used with permission)

Everything you think, say and do is a prayer.

Praying is not something we do at certain times, like when we are on our knees in church, or holding hands at the dinner table.

It is something we are doing always. Let me repeat that.

We are always praying.

Everything we think is a prayer. Everything we say is a prayer.

Everything we do is a prayer. The problem is, we just don’t know it.

We think we are praying only when we are actually, consciously engaging in the activity we call “prayer.” But here is a great secret.

God calls everything prayer.

How can this be so? Why is it the way it is?

The conversations with God book series says that we are all creative beings, made in the image and likeness of God. Since God is the creator, so, too, are we.

God has given us tools of creation, and they are three: thought, word and deed.What you think, you create. What you say, you produce. What you do, you call forth more of. This is perhaps the most important single remembrance in the Conversations with God series.

We’ve all heard this before, so it is certainly nothing new. But the way it is explained in the Conversations with God books or CwG brings it home with new emphasis.

What the dialogue is telling us is that there is no time when the creation machine is “off” The process of creation goes on forever, and ther is not time when it is not engaged.

Think of God as a great big Xerox machine. Whatever you put in is duplicated. And you are never NOT putting something in.

That’s the key. That’s the real revelation. There is no time when you are not creating. There is not time when your are not praying.

If “prayer” is the message you are sending to God, you are are praying every minute of the day, for your message to God is your life, lived.

And that message, that prayer, will be sent back you you, just as you send it out. God doesn’t make any changes. God sends back to you, enlarged and multiplied, what you send God. Isn’t that incredible?  Well, it is if you’re sending “good stuff,” and it’s not if you’re sending “bad stuff.” So stop sending bad stuff!, and it’s not if you’re sending “bad stuff.” So stop sending bad stuff!

Rid yourself of your negative thoughts, speak not again a single negative word, and don’t do, ever, that which you do not wish done you you. For what you do unto others will be done unto you–you can count on it.

So from now on, don’t imagine that you are limiting your praying to those few moments during the day or week when your actually intend to talk to God.

Notice that your whole life is a conversation with God.

If that doesn’t change the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain, the words you allow to escape from your lips, and the things you allow yourself to do, nothing will.

Yet if you do change these things, you will find that your entire life will have changed, for the very prayers you have sent out will have produced the answers for which you have waited. -NDW


Here’s what you could call part 2 of “All thought is prayer” Again posted by permission. 3.25.2015

I wrote about this in my book, GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  What came through me when I was preparing that manuscript turned out to be the best explanation of prayer and how it works that I’ve ever come across. Can I share it with you here?
It is God’s power, not God’s disposition that produces the manifestation of a human being’s desires.  

What this means is that it is not whether we are in God’s favor, or whether or not God thinks that granting a particular request would be “good” for us, that determines the outcome of our prayer. It is not God’s mood, it is God’s love which produces the astonishing circumstance of all of our prayers being granted all of the time.

The problem is not that God sometimes says yes and sometimes says no to our prayers, the problem is that we don’t know what “prayer” is.

If someone had told us when we were little children what prayer is, we would find that all of our prayers are answered all the time.

Prayer is an application, not a supplication . . . and most of us think it is the other way around.

Prayer is nothing more than God’s energy, focused. Of course, if you don’t believe in God, it could be psychologically more difficult to focus God’s energy. That is why it was said earlier that you may want to make God more a part of your life—even as you make prayer, in the old style of supplication, less.

God’s energy is not made available to us only under certain conditions (as when God agrees with our prayer, or when we are in God’s “good graces”). God’s energy lives in us, as us, and manifests through us every hour of every day, whether we know it or not—and whether we want it to or not.

We don’t have any choice about this, because God’s energy—which is the power behind creation—is not turn-on-able and turn-off-able. It is always on, every single moment. It is, in fact, Who We Are.

We are, each of us, a manifestation of God’s energy, and how we use the energy that we are determines how we experience the life that we live.

All of this will begin to come together if we continue to revisit this statement: Life itself is nothing more than energy, vibrating at particular and various frequencies. Energy vibrating at certain frequencies produces physical manifestations in the form of objects, situations, circumstances, and events. This occurs because energy attracts energy. Energy impacts upon energy. Two energies produce a third energy. And so it goes, throughout all of life.

Remember always . . . We are a manifestation of God’s energy, and how we use the energy that we are determines how we experience the life that we live.

Let me offer here what I explained in a passage from the book Happier Than God. The attracting aspect of energy responds not only to what we desire, but also to what we fear. Not only to what we wish to draw to us, but also to what we wish to push away. Not only to what we consciously choose, but also to what we unconsciously select.

“Selecting” from what my friend Deepak Chopra calls “the Field of Infinite Possibilities” is a delicate procedure. It is a matter of what we focus on, whether we want to or not, whether we do it consciously or not.

For instance, if your mind is focused on doubling your income within the next year, but if you have a later thought, the next hour or the next day, that it will be almost impossible for you to do this—if you say to yourself, “Oh, come on, be practical! Pick a goal that you can at least reach”—then you have selected the latest idea, whether you originally wanted to or not, because the switch on your power is always ON; personal creation is always working.

It not only works with your most recent thought or idea, but also with the one to which you give the most frequency and focus and emotional energy.

This explains why some people who seek to use the so-called Law of Attraction or traditional forms of prayer to get something they desperately want often meet up with what they call failure. Then they say, “See? This stuff doesn’t work!”

Actually, the process is working perfectly. If you experience yourself wanting something desperately, and if you keep saying to yourself I want that!, you are announcing to the universe that you do not now have it.

(Unless you are simply using the word “want” as a figure of speech. Most people are not. When most people say that they “want” something, they are very clear that it is because they experience that they do not now have it.)

As long as you hold such a thought, you cannot have it, because you cannot experience on the one hand what you are confirming on the other that you do not.

To use one example, the statement, “I want more money” may not draw money to you, but may actually push it away. This is because the universe has only one response in its vocabulary: “Yes.”

It responds to your energy. It listens most of all to what you are feeling.

If you constantly say, “I want more money!”, God will say, “Yes, you do!” If you think, “I want more love in my life!”, God will say “Yes, you do!”

The universe “feels your energy” around the question of money or love, or anything else for that matter, and if it is a feeling of lack, this is what the universe will respond to. And it will produce more of that. The universe is a big copying machine. It duplicates what’s put into it.

We are talking about power here. We are talking about the power of prayer. But prayer is more than simply what we ask for. Prayer is our every thought, word, and deed. In fact, asking for something is actually the weakest path toward getting it, because asking for something is an affirmation that you do not now have it. 

Putting all this another way, your energy has the power of a magnet. Remember that even feeling (actually, especially feeling) is energy, and in the matter of energy, Like Attracts Like.

The idea is to step into the application of the power of God, not a supplication to God that the power be used. God’s invitation is to utilize the confirmative power of prayer. How? How is this done? Well, here’s an example: “Thank you God for sending me my perfect mate.” Here’s another example: “All the money I need is coming to me now.” And here’s my favorite prayer: “Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.” 

This shift from Supplication to Application can be miraculous. These are not affirmations. These are confirmations. There is a huge difference. An affirmation seeks to produce an outcome or an experience. A confirmation announces that the outcome has already been produced.  -Neale Donald Walsch


3 Responses to All thought is prayer

  1. Jill Coley says:

    Thanks for the share!! :) :You rock

  2. baba says:

    Well first I saw the post All Thought is Prayer.
    Then the post Lucid Living.
    Here are my first thoughts on the subjects as they come together in my mind.

    Some dreams are remembered. Most dreams just come and go with out attention, and no participation. Some people remember their dreams. Lucid dreaming is participating in the dream. Prophecy comes from very clear lucid dreaming.

    I feel the same way about thought. Most thought is habit.
    Just like in dreaming. Some thoughts are just white noise, some thoughts are conscious. I work with peoples thoughts all the time, if their thoughts were prayers they would be stumbling blind fools, but grace seems to visit the perplexed often, coming from a mysterious source of wonder beyond habitual mind.
    For me prayer is lucid thinking. Powerful prayer has more choice than just the gerbil wheel of the mind.
    Some dreams and thoughts are like indigestion. A healthy burp will just clear the discomfort. They can be brushed away like crumbs on a table cloth. But when thoughts become a fine meal, when they have been carefully blended and crafted, what nourishment!!!

    So those are the thoughts.

  3. Marko says:

    Very good Baba! & thank you Jill for posting as well. 8)

    Good point on thoughts as habits! I’m really playing to break past thinking habits & patterns.

    I also think there is a web of complexity as well as simplicity at work & play here.

    Thoughts do come & go in the thousands & millions, attaching with them meaning & feeling in varying degrees. There are many levels of power attached to these thoughts.

    Dominant thoughts & feelings dominate our experience. Some thoughts are harmless even when thought a lot, others can do more damage, especially over time.

    I practice expressing and feeling the best, peaceful creative, love filled thoughts I can & have loving compassion on myself when I don’t. I’m not militant, just lovingly directing & guiding my thoughts & feelings in a more conscious way. Yes I’m trying, to be more lucid in this lucid dream game of physicality we are in. Thanks for touching us with your energy.

    Related: My daily life practice & Love virus

    Magical blessings,

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