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Those who don’t believe in possible solutions to the impossible, are atheists of the Imagination.  Allow for solutions not yet seen to flow, unfold, bloom & flower forth.

Know solutions not yet seen await & exist beyond our present awareness within our open minded loving hearts.

The Soulution solution change.

Solutions or Soulutions as I sometimes fondly like to refer to them, is another important missing link in the healing of ourselves, others and the whole world.

Let us move from a problem centered mentality society & world to a solution oriented mentality society & world.

Our more dramatic & over reactive rigid dogmatic thinking can block & clog the flow of great ideas simply, because of the intolerance of rigidity that are the myopic blinders that prevent the fluid flowing river of openness.

Relaxed openness and flexibility allow for something very wonderful, powerful, practical, beautiful, fun to happen & manifest.

It allows for solutions not yet seen or thought about at this moment but are percolating at a much deeper level within us waiting to be revealed & surface from the more intuitive submersible submarinic wisdom of inspiration, influenced by Life, God, the Angels, the Universe, even Uncle Jake, take your pick.

I use Uncle Jake as an example that divinity works & plays through all of us in magical wonderful ways, especially, if we allow it to with out so much rigid attachment & judgment placed on it.

That is usually & often the key missing links in our too often small minded limited rigid judgmental thinking attitudes and platitudes. That’s what creates blind spots.

Seems simple enough right? It is, or can be, if we allow it to be.  Problem is, we too often at this point in time react to those old thought patterns more often than we’d like. Let’s stop that! Instead, let us consciously, mindfully, creatively & lovingly respond to them.

Abundant soul-utions wait below the surface of our potential

We also have the ability to tap into the Infinite reserves of the Universe, God, Soul, or what ever you like to call it. This is the cooperation, collaboration & team effort of the divine & human working & playing together in perfect synchronistic harmony. Playing together in the cosmic playground called Life.

The answer is simply to practice this more relaxed open minded open hearted line of thinking & feeling.  Life is our practice of being who we are & decide & choose to be. There are soul-utions not yet seen waiting to open & flow to our receptiveness.

Oh and it feels so wonderful to relax with the creative childlike wonder anticipation of what exciting, delightful ideas will come bubbling forth from the love stream of life.

Creativity, Imagination are one of God’s, Life’s, the Universes greatest gifts to us.  Use them gratuitously, generously.

This practiced openness to solutions-soul-utions yet unseen is one of the major 21st century tools we will be using to solve the most complex & currently  seeming impossible problems.

Be it around World Peace or sustainable global energy, clean environment, World hunger etc. Even curtailing or perhaps even neutralizing nuclear toxic waste or some substitute, or who knows what at this point? Sound impossible?  Only to the rigid dogmatic judgmental limited cynical skeptical non creative atheistic Imagination.

Yet with God, the Universe, the receptive heart & Imagination, all things are possible. 

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Ideas & soul-utions don’t always arrive at the destination we think or in the time zone we prefer.   We do our best in opening, relaxing ourselves uP to these divine inspirations & let Life, the Universe reveal them in the synchronicity that life plays and delights us with.

That way we become receptive to seeing soul-utions where others may have only blind spots.  We thus see soul-utions in unusual places, packages, or maybe, right in front of us.

The trees & the forest become one.

When the solutions we are looking for don’t occur right away or have an immediate resolution, this is always life’s invitation for us to move closer to being at peace, even, when resolution does not occur in the manner or time we prefer.

Such inner peacefulness of attitudinal movement moves us closer to our souloution & resolution energy by our staying in our peace regardless of what shows up.  Allow gratitude. appreciation, grace & turn uP the praise as your high octane peace fuel.

Soul-utions are the result of the Love streams of our natural & higher Imaginations. Pouring & waterfalling the light & love feelings as a dominant influence & inspiration starter to the solutions we seek.

These soul-utions  can come simply, because we are open to divinities vast timeless cosmic resources & blessings, awaiting our receptive open heart & mind.

That is the synchronicity of the Universes time zone.

Finally as my tagline quote “We can change the world through hard work magically disguised as fun.” says,– also consider another alternative non linear way of solving problems by using fun & the creative arts, writing, dancing, drumming, singing making art, etc. and allow the fun of life’s creative energy to open up the soul-ution solutions possibilities!

Another technique to try in finding solutions is to not think about it.  Meditate or become quiet & just blank your mind from thinking for awhile. Sometimes in the space of no thinking & quiet temporary nothingness, the solution has a chance to bubble up the stream in a way the overly concerned rational & emotional mind won’t let it. See also my fun movie meditation practice as well. -M

Was “Soul-utions” helpful to you? did you like it? Let us know & comment below.


Another magical possibility step: Check out the website

where there is a global conversation going on to help find & implement solutions to our world that is very exciting in which you & I can discuss, contribute & be a part to the world soulutions & help redirect rewrite, reshape our world cultural story! That, is being part of the soulution change & it can be fun too!

Also keep coming back here, visiting & clicking back to explore & be inspired.

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  1. Melanie DiLella says:

    Marko ~ I love the photos you have captured and shared here …just absolutely love them! Your gentle reminders are refreshing and inspiring! Thanks for all that
    you are in the world! :Group hug :You rock :Respect :Compassion & Love

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