Peace Clock

I invite you to spend Only One minute a day for World Peace at 12:00 pm in your time zone.

That’s it!

That’s right make this a daily practice for only 1 minute a day.
For more info click here:

That’s it!

Only one minute daily!

More elaboration on this:

Some more info on my approach to the Peace Clock

I simply have my cell phone timer clock go off at 11:59
every day to remind me.  This gives me one minute to
get in a place or space to do this.

What I love about this is that it’s so doable!  It’s a very easy
commitment. You like easy?  I love easy!

So I’ve been doing this since around 08 or early 09 I guess.
I’m very consistent and committed to this.  Still,  I’m not so
rigid that I interrupt someone, or if I’m in the middle of something
that requires more urgency to it, I don’t beat myself for missing it,
or doing it later.

You Do This Everyday?

For the most part I do it every day and if it goes off during a
dinner conversation I usually don’t say “I’m doing the Peace Clock
excuse me for a minute of quite prayer-meditation-visualization.”
Though I might say something,  Depends on my mood and the
energy of the moment.  I often just quietly move into the space.

Yes, I will do it even as I may be doing another activity at times. I can
do both. Though being quiet for the minute is always preferred and
optimal.  Again I’m consistent, firm but not rigid about my process.
There is a very important distinction and nuance for me.

Be consistent, not rigid

Firm and consistent still have flexibility and creativity involved.
Rigidity as I understand it does not.

The reed that does not bend in the wind will break as the
old sage saying goes.  So too in most things in life.

Exceptions are emergencies and urgent life threatening possibilities.
Okay anyway..:-)

Again, most of the time, I like to be quite for the minute.  It’s amazing
to me how powerful & wonderful it can be to take this time consistently
for something other than myself. (Though of course it boomerangs back
to me) but I mean it’s for the world. Connecting, more to it, being more
at one with everyone, nature, animals too!

Obviously you can spend more time as you wish & yes it can lead to
more Peace for y/ourself.

Sometimes if I’m impatient as it seems to be at an inconvenient time when
I’m flowing or deeply focused writing,  working on a piano idea that I just
have to get down, write or record, I do my best to finish the activity while
moving into the Peace Clock process and maybe even staying there a
little longer.

Think about it, if y/our lives are so busy, we don’t or can’t have time to
do this, what does that say about our life, our priorities, how we desire
to be and move about in this world?

The question I would raise for myself & others around this is, what happens
most of the time when the timer goes off?  If you are on work or lunch break
it may be very consistent during those times.  If you have a work/flex
schedule you may be in varying activities or lunch if you are into eating at that time.
By the way lunch time is a great time to do it.  I see this as a mindful

Of course if 12:00 pm is not a good time for you, do it when it’s a better time.
The advantage of 12:00 noon is simply the multiple impact and connectedness with others at that same time.

Hang in there, 1 minute for World Peace

My Personal Peace Clock Practice Process

Now, what is it that I be & do & feel,  think about during the minute of contemplating
praying, meditating, visualizing World Peace?

While it varies. Often I like to Imagine how great it is to have President Obama
and other world leaders announcing to the media the idea of creating world peace.
or publicly supporting the Peace Clock idea is something that comes to me as
I write this.

The world leaders acknowledge that engaging in this idea and the Peace Clock,
that this does not mean we will have World Peace right away. Just that it’s just time to
start using the power of individual & collective intent to move this type of energy
forward.  And who knows what may happen when that concept takes off? :-)

I’m hoping and looking forward to our President or other world leaders to take on
this task.  Perhaps at some point I would write some letters emails to seed the idea more.
For now, I’m just using that as a main visualization.

Sometimes I just Imagine the world with big loving arms hugging it in Peace & Compassion,
pouring Light & Love on it.

As in any practice things may fall into a pattern or ritual and this creates focus power and
consistency.  Creativity and openness allow for new ideas to emerge and inspire and take
the meditation to another level.

It’s a beautiful idea & concept.  Now, are you ready to indulge in this luxurious process toward more Inner and World Peace?

Sometimes I’m simply just being quiet, being Peace.

Want even more?
Another Peace Clock site but not the one minute one can be explored
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One Response to Peace Clock

  1. nana&Joe says:

    We LOVE the Peace Clock! – Like Marko, we set our cell for 11:59. It plays whacky music that we dance to ridiculously for a minute, to get us ‘out of our Minds’. Then we visualize people all over the world in peace, with bright eyes, and huge beaming smiles. Feels GREAT!

    And because people from all over the world are doing exactly the same thing at their 12 o’clock (minus the dancing, perhaps..), the time differences mean that we set in motion a Mexican-wave of Love and Good-Feeling that beams around the planet and never stops!

    Why not give it a whirl?!..

    : )

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