Visualization Imagineers!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Visualization Imagineers!

In one sense, we are all born as Master Visualization Imagineers as part of Life’s Original Blessing to us.  It’s up to us to take advantage of our feeling, thinking being process & advantageously use it.

Often we use visualization unconsciously in negative ways with out knowing it.  This is cultural conditioning in which visualization is much more at work & play negatively with unintended consequences.

Our practice is to be more mindful when our thoughts drift negatively out of habit & not allow them to go underground into the unconscious.

We don’t have to worry about catching every single negative thought.  We don’t have to be so rigid & militant and guard our every thought.

Instead, we simply become more mindful of how we are thinking & especially, especially how we are feeling!

We mindfully practice being more aware of how we are feeling & what our dominant feelings are telling us & move them into the most favorable direction we can.  Thus we move closer to being conscious Visualization Imagineers.

Consider adopting & adding this royal title, as part of your own ever expanding joy & overflowing abundance. Especially emotional, psychological, spiritual,– but also physical & financial affluence as a natural byproduct.  Compliments of the Universe.

Like our constant inner dialog or self talk that we can cultivate, practice, initialize the most productive positive optimistic self dialogs we can. Thus, we can begin to more purposely & consciously visualize our dreams & desires.  First, in thought & good feelings.  Which then can ignite eventual inspired actions.

Let this be the life time, where we dedicate our Highest Intelligence, our Highest Emotional, Imaginative, Creative Loving energies to feeling & Visualizing the best possible outcomes we most desire, without being rigidly attached to those desired outcomes.

The key word here is “feeling”. Feeling is the focal ingredient behind all manifestation whether conscious or unconscious.

Feeling  our good feelings deeply & wonderfully along with visualization are a powerful powerful combination.

Included and combined with Gratitude & Appreciation we have a superior effective manifesting cocktail at our disposal.

Of course we are consistently firm, yet open to changes & tweaks with new incoming information & inspirations to enhance our deep feeling visualizations.

We remain consistently fluid, relaxed in our visions, creations, of our intentional outcomes we are consciously choosing to bring forth & call into our experiences. Be they for us, others etc.

If we must be attached, let us be attached to the practice of being Visualization Imagineers!

We do this for ourselves, everyone, and the world!

We let our Highest Good  Feeling Imaginations, Creativity, Love be the dominant influencing forces behind our intentions & everything else in our life.

We do so on purpose, consciously, deliberately.  For a specific purpose & specific outcome.  The best we can feel, Imagine, Visualize. This is what also creates “inspired action!.”

After all we are practicing being Visualization Imagineers!

Make your visualizations come to life! Image credit from

Now if you’re a person whose Visual Imagination, is say, less acute, & more gray & fuzzy, you may not be as much of a visual thinker as others. “No worries mate!” You use your rich memory & good energy feelings as the high octane fuel and energy to do the same
thing. :)

We accept love & have compassion with what shows up.  Whether welcomed or not.  What else can we do?  Yet we can tweak what shows up by continuously pouring and waterfalling our Highest most loving creative feeling thoughts & desires for the best possible outcome.

All change even very unwanted change leads to our eventual benefit.  It requires the delightful decision & choice to see it all as beneficial, even if not currently apparent.  Seeing unwanted change & experiences as beneficial brings that more into our experience. We have to be open to the wonder, awe, anticipation to allow it to unfold that way.  That means giving up rigid negative resistance to the unseen good awaiting us.

Image credit rain drops on mirror

We also allow and include something beyond our human reasoning, (as wonderful as it is), to be influenced by something more, something higher within & beyond us, like Life in the LARGER spherical spiraling technicolour holographic high definition picture screen of the Universe.

That which goes beyond the human limitations into the endless resources and possibilities that the Universe, Life, God has in store for us, that we may at the moment, be unaware of, but can allow in by our open minded, open heartedness, which create receptivity vortex’s for us.  :-) Taping into The Spirit, the Soul, the Cosmic Mind etc.

This allows a GREATER possibility to be present & influence us along with our best human reasoning & inspirations.

Blending the best of our human responses and capabilities along with the Divine.  Thus we are maximizing our potential of wonderful possibilities & outcomes.

We make this a delightful welcome practice!

As a by product we do something radical & wonderfully outrageous.  We don’t unconsciously react, we consciously respond.  We entertain & allow the idea that we are (or certainly can be) beyond the petty childhood bickering & name calling we see so much,  be it politics, family issues, &  general rigid opinionated-ness.

We instead, Visualize & Pray for the best outcome for all!

That’s adults practicing beneficial play!

Have fun being Visualization Imagineers!  Teach it to your kids!

I came up with the Visualization Imagineers from Disney’s play on engineers to Imagineers. So, have fun, be Imaginative , creative, generous, fun loving, & visualize your dreams into reality one thought, emotion & inspired action at a time. Using your joyous loving creative enthusiastic energy as inspirational high octane fuel.

You now become a Visualization Master or Visualization Imagineer!

That is our new motto. :Bravo,clapping

Was this article helpful? Do you like the concept of becoming a Visualization Master or Visualization Imagineer? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks!

Bonus quote:
When you visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency, your thoughts are more pure and, therefore, more powerful.
When you visualize to overcome something that is wrong, your thoughts are diluted with the “lackful” side of the equation. In time, your physical condition will acquiesce to your dominant thoughts.  -Abraham

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Become a Visualization Master. Image credit: Painting by Leonardo Neirman.


Have playful fun Visualizing your dreams into reality. — photo credit





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