Life is a waterfall of love & creativity waiting to express itself through you

Life is a waterfall of love & creativity waiting to express itself through you.

Markoisms: Cool, cascading, profound, funny,- like cosmic fortune cookies!

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For starters: turn in your membership card to the “I’m a victim of life” club & take responsibility for your life…

..oh–in being & doing so, life, people, events, experiences, outcomes, etc. will conspire in your favor & call you into your new membership into Original Blessing.

“We can change the world through hard work, disguised as fun.”

Every morning when you wake uP, the Angels hit the applause button!

Some people are very “pro-suffering” I’m not one of them.

Don’t be a chronic complainer, be a chronic Appreciator!

We are all molecules in the bloodstream of God.

Help!!!…..I’m a victim of terminal happiness!

“How big of a barcode do you think you need to scan the Milky way?

Life is a waterfall of Love & Creativity waiting to express itself through you.

Synchronicity is the time I like to set my watch to!

Compassion and Appreciation are just dripping & oozing with absolutely super brilliant ultra exponential potential for individual and planetary transformation. Exploit them in glorious abundant gratuitous advantageous celebration!

Those who don’t believe in possible solutions to impossible problems are atheists of the Imagination.

Hey you! quit trying to pickpocket my Imagination!

How about this for a future headline:Poverty around the world now at an all time low.

Now just because a solution isn’t readily seen, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Solutions or soul-utions often come surprisingly & unexpectedly, especially, to the open minded loving receptive heart.

Of course Jesus Saves! But his disciples, well,– they just spend, spend, spend!
-Mary Magdalene

I want to start collecting galaxies and selling them on eBay.  How much can I get for the Milky way?

Isn’t it cool that musicians are always “playing” music, as opposed to working music!

When a musician is soloing shouldn’t we really call it souling?

Life is a journey we are on. Notice, journey has “joy” in it and “our” in it. So it’s “Our joy ney”

Live the lyrics of your favorite song. Be the song you love to sing.

The Milky Way really exist for the sole purpose of God & company to dip their enormous cosmic size chocolate chip cookies in it.

Hey Dude, Super-size my reality!

I like collecting stars, planets & solar systems.  My collection is seen through out the Galaxy & Universe, God’s cosmic art gallery.

Earth is a floating pebble on the cosmic beach of the Universe, a molecule inside the body of God.

How long will it take to fill in all those interstellar black (pot) holes?

Desirable Problems to have now & in the near future  “I have too much wonderfulness in my life–it’s hard to keep uP with it all!!!”

The mind is the TV test pattern of the Universe.

Let money serve us, not enslave us.

The Collective Consciousness is the BIGGEST most powerful influential advertising agency in the World.  Be careful & mindful of what it’s trying to sell you.

HELP!–I’m a victim of Inspiration and Good Taste!  Quick, who can I blame?

The Universe is the Imaginarium Aquarium inside the living room of God’s art gallery.

Would you like a slice of reality or more delusions?

Music IS, the soundtrack to Life.

Big DEAL! You own a couple of planets—whoop-tee-doo! My cousin owns a few galaxies, and my uncle is putting in a bid on the entire Universe!

I forget, is a marshmallow a fruit or vegetable?

How long until your unhappiness feels complete?

Yes, Jesus $aves, but he still buys really cool designer sandals!

Yikes! My inner child ran away & is now living in a posh ocean side resort in the Bahamas.

What’s the SKU for the Universe?”  ***

What happen to all the old hippies?
They’re at the beach searching for Jesus using metal detectors.  Good luck guys! You’ll really need it!

The planets, stars & solar systems are nothing more than the wind chime trinkets & paraphernalia for God’s dangling, but magnificent earrings.  (After all, even God wants to look fashionable!)

If you see this planet & life on earth as one of pain and suffering, I can understand how you can come to that conclusion.  I don’t think it’s a healthy or beneficial conclusion, you just are listening and being influenced by sources rooted more in old school original sin theology and life philosophy rather than “Original Blessing”.

What’s the “payoff” for staying in your condition or situation? If there was not a payoff, you’d change it.  Find out the payoff & create a new & better payoff & start living & enjoying.

You will find the Secret of the Masters is that it’s eventually easier to move into positive life energy than negative, and more fun too.

Well, I have to get back to a meeting at the “Quantum Mechanics Demanding Maintenance Fees for Keeping Reality Working Society.”

Magnify your blessings not your problems.

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We also allow and include something beyond our human reasoning, (as wonderful as it is) to be influenced by something more, something higher within & beyond us, like Life in the LARGER spherical spiraling holographic high definition picture screen of the Universe.  That which goes beyond the human limitations into the endless resources and possibilities that the Universe, Life, God has in store for us, that we may at the moment, be unaware of.

It’s about free falling in love with life as the reason you’re here.

You’re UN-invited to the chronic victims, complainers, awfulizers, & miserableizers party.  Aren’t you absolutely delighted!?

How much awfulizing, catastrophizing, miserablizing, bitching do you need to do, to make your complaining complete?  I don’t know about you, mines pretty minimal

The best truth in conspiracy theories is usually found in the rare but more reliable deathbed confessions.

Allow Wisdom, Love, & creativity to overrule dysfunctions & terminally rigid dogmatic ideology.

Decide now to live move & breath deeply into original blessing and original grace.  You deserve it, & it’s good for your physical, emotional & spiritual health, happiness & well being!–Not to mention the wonderful beneficent influence that feeling spreads to the world.

Live inside the solution not the problem.

Rather than complain, “Be the Change you Love to Be & See!”

The political rants of some people show me that there are hillbilly mentalities cloaked in urban clothes & education.

The body is nothing but the suit of clothes on your soul.

Remember folks, you don’t have to be an architect to enjoy being & living in a beautiful building. Not everyone has to be enlightened to bring about the world we desire, just the sufficient amount to create the critical mass.

Negative thoughts in fact, have a very positive benefit! They are simply pointing out, letting you know something is important enough to create a feeling energy in you to course correct yourself if you choose.

Inside the greatest problems & challenges lie the most glorious solutions gifts & blessings.

Live magically so that others can too!

Love mirrors Love to infinity,– and beyond! 

We also have the ability to tap into the Infinite reserves of the Universe, God, Soul, or what ever you like to call it. This it the cooperation, collaboration & team effort of the divine & human working & playing together in perfect synchronistic harmony. Playing together in the cosmic playground called Life.  (from Soul-utions)

Oh and it feels so wonderful to relax with the creative childlike wonder anticipation of what exciting, delightful ideas will come bubbling forth from the love stream of life. (also from Soul-utions)

Your life lived, is your prayer to the Universe.

The angels tell me “When you enjoy anything, appreciate anything, love anything, say THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! 3 times.

You are a butterfly breaking out of it’s cocoon. The challenge & brief struggle breaking out of the cocoon gives it the strength to dry, spread & flap it’s wings to fly.
The butterfly like you, does not struggle endlessly, it’s temporary & short term.

Let Our Visions Expand!

As for Gratitude & Appreciation go ahead,– be Deliciously Overindulgent.

I wonder if anyone knows of someone who has committed violence or murder that meditates on a regular basis?
I’m guessing probably not.

Have compassion on your self & others who behave in ways you don’t like.  See the love behind the pain that wants to be released.

Continue to give yourself permission to have a great life! No matter how it’s showing up at the moment.

Increase your compassion threshold, it’s the universal fabric softener advanced spiritual travelers use.  Don’t leave home without it!

Use negative thoughts instead of being used by them, thus, you elevate your experience & beingness exponentially.

Appreciate and Luxuriate in the abundance of simple things first, as there is so much of it!

Want more? NEW FEATURE!  free expanded spiritual workshop notes:
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Image credit: Gary Burton & Friends “Depature” Album cover


***What’s the SKU for the Universe?”  :Awesome!
SKU:A stock-keeping unit or SKU (pronounced either as an acronym, /ˈskjuː/, or as an initialism, /ˌɛsˌkeɪˈjuː/) is a number or code used to identify each unique product or item for sale in a store or other business.

See also markoworld @ a glance

What do you think folks? Got a favorite or favorites???

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2 Responses to Markoisms

  1. Bruce says:

    I am recalling the recent Navy yard shooter was a regular meditator….

    • Marko says:

      Bruce it’s a slippery slope mixing meditation with someone or anyone with mental trauma or mental illness. In which case it should be done under professional care. Otherwise they may not be ready or prepared.

      My quote is in reference to normal mental states of consciousness, not mental illness.

      For those wondering this is from a quote of mine above, “I wonder if anyone knows of someone who has committed violence or murder that meditates on a regular basis?
      I’m guessing probably not.”

      I would think this case is also an exception don’t you think?


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