Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

…Wow, is that a concept to think about, or what!?

What if we could actually live in a state of chronic health, wealth,  well-beingness & terminal joy?

My guess, is that it’s not even remotely on the radar of possibility for most people.  It’s such a foreign concept to us, it’s not even thought about.

It’s time to think about it.

For a good many, it may even seem inconceivable. It’s easy to understand why.

Look at the world around us and our own personal experiences!

Words like chronic & terminal are most associated with illness, dysfunction, and all things negative, which are very long term.

Chronic means continuing, or occurring again and again, for a long time.

Terminal means causing eventual death.

It’s time to re-language such terms.

Now, I don’t think the collective society, or world at large, is ready to embrace this concept fully yet, but I do believe there are many individuals who’d love to, if they thought it possible.

Guess what? It is!

Now don’t get me wrong, most of us don’t just wake up to chronic well-beingness & terminal joy.  If you did, you wouldn’t complain! :-)

Yet, if the majority collective of people on this planet actually had inner peace & joy, this would be much easier to accomplish, since so many would already be in that space.

Since this is not true at this time, and for many, it seems light years away, perhaps even ludicrous, I understand completely your skepticism.

Yet, let me seduce you into into a new possibility!

While there is no guarantee that we can have or live in chronic, health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy all the time, there is a way to increase it, & eventually, even experience it as a majority of our day-to-day lives.  How, you ask?

First, just considering the idea, and contemplating it’s possibility can be mind-altering.

I mean, we don’t even talk about it, let alone consider it.  Who even thinks or talks this way?  … Have you ever read anyone talking about such a concept?

Probably not; if you have, well, Hallelujah & Amen!

Simply liking, enjoying & loving this idea can start to draw it toward you – maybe not fully, but even a little would be wonderful.

The thing is, this is such a lovely concept to consider!  I mean, how wonderful to live this way, even if not all the time:  more of the time, and perhaps at some point, most of the time!

I’m not being unrealistic here; I know it’s a big leap to consider, but if we can at least consider it, it can become an eventual possibility.

If you like or love this idea, then love it!

That loving & enjoying of the possibility, even if not currently true in your current experience, is a blessed thing to indulge in.

Fantasy, you say?  Well yes, it used to be fantasy for man to consider it possible to fly, and then when the possibility was considered, it eventually happened.

Here’s how I work & play with this idea right now:

When I’m in the shower,  I affirm & love the idea that I can live the rest of my life in chronic health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy.

This is part of my shower practice routine. Now I can also do it when I’m resting, meditating, walking, driving the car, or whatever.  It’s not a chore, but a joy to think & feel.  I’m reminding myself where I desire to be.

There is no guarantee it will happen, but the probability goes way uP, just by my indulging, inviting, affirming & drawing it toward me.

The good feelings I get from doing this help build the Law of Attraction energy to enlarge this.

From this growing & expanding state of being, I will also draw inspiration & additional insights on what best will help me move into this even more.  This may be from books, personal insights, programs, articles, songs, art, etc., which will help me get there.

Even if I’m not feeling as good, or am ill, I know it’s temporary & that I’ve simply bought into the collective world myth, that this is not possible.

Yet, I believe it is possible,and hope to lead the way as best I can to live it, even if imperfectly.

Especially imperfectly:  As I have patience & compassion on myself, and realize I’m going into uncharted possibility territory, I’ll give myself slack, even as I joyfully persevere.

Like many things in life, this is an art that takes practice. The Law Of Attraction is both an art & a practice.  Practice makes better, & eventually in time, makes perfect.

What do you think?


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