Self Talk Practice

Image credit M.C. Escher self portrait “Hand with Reflecting Sphere” What are you saying to yourself everyday? Then ask yourself, is that what I want to experience? If not, change your self talk.


Don’t let negativity colonize or clone itself in your inner dialogue.

Visualize and self talk yourself into your dreams.

Why? Because you cannot talk defeat & expect victory.

Give yourself the gift of positive inner dialog & Visualize your dreams into action.

Right under our noses is one aspect of life that helps create a larger potential to live our lives more in alignment with our higher desires, and goes mostly unused and very under utilized.

It’s self talk.

That inner narrator who dialogs within us 24/7.

It’s often mostly done unconsciously.  That’s okay if it’s mostly positive self talk.  Largely it’s not.  So here we have one of the most valuable keys to creation and it’s not even being used properly.

It’s time to take advantage of the power of our inner self dialog!

Take your daydreams a step further, if you will, and incorporate them into the constant  waterfalling inner dialog we all have.  Only do so more consciously, playfully and creatively.  Have fun with it.  Work, play and steer it in your favor.

Visualize and self talk yourself into your dreams. Act as if, as best you can. You may not immediately win a million dollars or the vacation of a life time, but if you did,  I’m sure you would not complain!  In the mean time:

Experiment, have fun with this!

What I’m suggesting here is that we experiment, have fun and play the game we wished we were experiencing in life, and in doing so, we will gain uPliftment in our mood and feelings. That in itself is a gift, and a blessing we are creating and generating!

Yes, we play it in our mind first, and eventually, it fills uP so much space, it spills out, and we play it out in other creative ways.  In our actions and behaviors.  In whatever inspired ways feel right and good for us to do so.

Give yourself the gift of positive inner dialog and never fear the consequences for doing so.

This gift of positive inner dialog is like giving ourselves daily emotional chocolates and emotional massages, that transform and grow and make us feel good.  When we feel good, it spills over unto others as well and lifts their spirits as well.

Emotional millionaires

This is how we can also practice becoming emotional millionaires.

Once we even begin moving in the direction of practicing being emotional millionaires, it will bless us and others. In fact, as we do so, it’s way more likely that we will be moving, acting on, creating behaviors and opportunities that will solidify our thoughts and emotions into our concrete experiences.  We just don’t limit when, where and how that happens.

That’s up to the UniVerse.  The Universe likes to gift, surprise, delight and bless us. After all, it mirrors our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Our practice of positive inner dialog allows the blessings to waterfall and outpour toward us. Thus disintegrating past negative clogging, and allowing more flow.

We place within the vast star-gate of our own mindfulness that which we are now practicing thinking.   We are using what we’d like to experience, as our guide to steer,  and direct (but not rigidly control) our thoughts and emotions.

Powerful fun exercise:

Make it a life goal to change all your “I am” statements to positive ones if that’s what you want to experience in your life.  “I am successful” “I am healthy” “I am a smart & happy person” “I am at peace.” Etc. etc.

Even if you don’t feel this is the dominant truth at the moment, that truth in you exist by the mere fact that you desire it!  So, these “I am” statements will draw that out to you in larger measures & in time, reality will have to conform to your repeated energetic statements.

The enjoyable fun time you can have doing so, is more important than being attached or addicted to having your dreams come at a certain time, in a certain way.  The most important thing is to get into the groove and practice enjoying continuous positive self-talk, and appreciation, and blessing for their own sake!  It’s for our own good!  The positive fall out or fall in, is the pleasant secondary by-product result.

Heck, as time streams on, you may feel really good and peaceful.  Not a bad space to be in huh?

You, we, deserve it.  We know too, even on a superficial level, that positive results can occur immediately.  Like elevating our mood by dialoging things positive, without the need or worry that they have to manifest a certain way.  Instead allow the “feel” and “Essence” of this practice to show up in surprising ways, small, medium, large and beyond.

Let it be a fun game we play as an adult, knowing it can have serious positive repercussions immediately perhaps, and more so as time goes on.

Perfection not required

We don’t have to be perfect in our dialog, just start moving it to a better place, that is a grand place to start.

Now that it’s started, trust the process will eventually bring you toward the experiences you are desiring. Especially its essence.

We have been culturally conditioned into habitual negative self- talk. Yet we can now recreate and have fun creating positive self-talk of experiencing things we prefer, and desire.

We can self talk and visualize what we desire to experience, while accepting and loving what ever shows up.  As we combine loving what is, accepting what shows up, with our practice of positive inner dialog (including our outer dialog), we are moving past and current seemingly negative energy into a new direction, more favorable to our liking.

Loving and accepting something doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t, won’t or can’t change it.  It simply means that  loving and accepting what is, helps break negative resistance and restores and allows change to happen under less preconceived circumstances.

We move into the experience of life more as pure positive energy.  We acknowledge and live in the self-talk world of pure positive energy, which influences, inspires, and re-conditions us to use and practice our inner pure, positive, opti-mystic dialog to help create the future we are NOW stepping into. Thus our last and current perspective creates our next reality.


Embrace & love your dreams

Embrace your dreams as reality in the making.  Showing uP displaying themselves in multifarious, interesting, surprising, fun ways.

When things don’t work out as I like or plan, I often say “I wonder how this will turn out?”  That “wonder”, creates more opti-mystic possibilities to unfold.  It moves the focus and attention away from the negative frustration to wonder, and openness of possibilities.

Of course negativity may not totally disappear, I get that, but how great to move and experience good things more and bad things less? How great to experience good things as the norm and majority, and the bad as a minority?

We practice and learn how to move and re-navigate, re-engage negative energy into a new direction. It’s simple really, a bit of a challenge at times, but with many blessings in its wings and wake.

In the moment/s of negativity, allow wonder to come in a take residence, see where it take you, and your experience.

This can effect how you talk to others too!

Oh yea, don’t forget to change how you talk and even re-language to those you talk to.  When I hear people complain about a problem I often say something like “Visualize it working out.” “Whether it does or not, it has a much greater possibility when you put that good energy out.”

Most every one I encounter appreciates me saying that.  Sometimes it opens a greater discussion on the subject. I like that, & don’t mind discussing the complaints & doubts, and suspicions of such ideas.  I welcome it.

If you don’t want to go there, that’s cool, just reply “Hey it was just a helpful suggestion.” and leave it at that.

Allow for small important changes

Be willing to see the small positive changes as signs. Don’t expect the clouds to open up and the Golden Divine Light of Truth pour upon you like a Biblical epic story playing itself out to you.  If it did, you wouldn’t complain, but understand this, if you can’t even appreciate and bless the small things that come, how can we then appreciate the larger things?

So, even if perhaps faint & small at first, later on, those small experiences can become more consistent and constant and then, they start to grow strong and steady.  We start to create a new habit of positive dialog and create not a vicious cycle, but a delicious cycle! We start to custom create our reality without having the need for it to be perfectly exact to our measurements, but allow the larger part of ourselves and the Universe to have the last say.  We co-create with the Universe. We re-companion, re-create, and re-live anew in conjunction with the Universe and Life.

But what about those negative thoughts & feelings?

Now negative thoughts, frustrations do & will come in, this is not a bad thing at all, it’s part of how we process life, it’s okay to feel our frustrations etc., just don’t stay there. Acknowledge them, thank them if you will, for pointing out that there’s something going on you don’t prefer & thus your negative thoughts, feelings, frustrations are letting you know you desire change.

Unlike many, you don’t have to get caught up or stay so focused on those temporary negative thoughts, feelings, just be aware that they are friends pointing you toward what you do prefer.  That too is part & the benefit of self talk.

Why were we not taught this as kids?  Doesn’t matter really, the real question is, will we start it now and continue it as a favorable beneficial life long practice?

This simple but profound change and “practice” in how we inner dialog with ourselves everyday allows us to pass through into the star gate of the Universe, whether small or grand, and experience the opening of the inner eye of the pyramid of our soul.  It allows our mindfulness to shine within ourselves and others, utilizing the Universal Pure Positive God Energy, thus allowing it to flow, waterfall and do, what it’s really meant to do.

Such is the gift, the blessing of purer positive inner dialog.

Quick Review

*Give yourself the gift of positive inner dialog. You deserve it.

*Let it become a joyous practice.

*It will become not a vicious cycle, but a delicious cycle!

*Become an emotional millionaire in the making.

*Make a life practice of having a positive, opti-mystic inner dialog reflect more what you truly desire to experience.

*Allow the Universe to have the last word as to how things will manifest, and show uP.  We do our part and co-create with the God Energy and let the Universe finish it.

*Love and accept what shows up in your life.  That doesn’t mean you can’t change it. It just means you respond in a more loving fashion thus allowing this loving acceptance to transform itself.

*Embrace your dreams as reality in the making.

*When things don’t work out as I like or plan, I often say “I wonder how this will turn out?”  That “wonder”  creates more opti-mystic possibilities to unfold.

*Be willing to see the small positive changes as signs.

*Don’t expect perfection. That’s not even necessary. Expect, instead, improvement and harmony, which is a type of  perfection, just more fluid and less rigid.

Change how you talk to others too!

Finally: make it a life goal to change all your “I am” statements to positive ones if that’s what you want to experience in your life.  “I am successful” “I am healthy” “I am a smart & happy person” “I am at peace.” Etc. etc.

Even if you don’t feel this is the dominant truth at the moment, that truth in you exist by the mere fact that you desire it!  So, these “I am” statements will draw that out to you in larger measures & in time, reality will have to conform to your repeated energetic statements.

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8 Responses to Self Talk Practice

  1. Therese Wilson says:

    Very nice! Even though long, it still draws your attention logically and visually to keep reading!


  2. Dano says:

    Nice :-)…. I like this, its where I’m heading… I dig the not being perfect skit. I Can be hard on myself when i fail to keep it up in a stressful job managing people caring for others in a deteriorating funding environment.. positive inner dialogue makes all the difference to a hard day and through this practice I am becoming more gentle and kind to myself.. Dano x

  3. pat says:

    Is there a way to make a share button on here? (to send it on my Facebook)
    Thank you :-)

  4. Marko says:

    I need to get my tech guy to put one in. Thanks for the reminder.


  5. Denny v says:

    Thank you. Great article. It sounds stupid but I forgot I have a choice in how/what I think. I woke up a few hours ago and it was just a steady stream of negative thoughts running thru my head like it was on auto play. I’m so glad I discovered your blog this morning. Woo hoo

  6. Marko says:

    Hey Denny, I’m glad it helped remind you that we do have choices on our self talk.

    The trick is to make this a daily practice.

    You may like reading my daily life practice and Negative thoughts article

    Thanks for commenting & visit us again.

  7. Kristal Oz says:

    Excellent article Marko!! I especially like “UniVerse.” This concept is one I am familiar with yet forget so easily, thank you for your inspiring reminder xoxoxo

  8. Marko says:

    Thank you Kristal, come back & visit soon!

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