Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

Chronic Well-being & Terminal Joy

…Wow, is that a concept to think about, or what!?

What if we could actually live in a state of chronic health, wealth,  well-beingness & terminal joy?

My guess, is that it’s not even remotely on the radar of possibility for most people.  It’s such a foreign concept to us, it’s not even thought about.

It’s time to think about it.

For a good many, it may even seem inconceivable. It’s easy to understand why.

Look at the world around us and our own personal experiences!

Words like chronic & terminal are most associated with illness, dysfunction, and all things negative, which are very long term.

Chronic means continuing, or occurring again and again, for a long time.

Terminal means causing eventual death.

It’s time to re-language such terms.

Now, I don’t think the collective society, or world at large, is ready to embrace this concept fully yet, but I do believe there are many individuals who’d love to, if they thought it possible.

Guess what? It is!

Now don’t get me wrong, most of us don’t just wake up to chronic well-beingness & terminal joy.  If you did, you wouldn’t complain! :-)

Yet, if the majority collective of people on this planet actually had inner peace & joy, this would be much easier to accomplish, since so many would already be in that space.

Since this is not true at this time, and for many, it seems light years away, perhaps even ludicrous, I understand completely your skepticism.

Yet, let me seduce you into into a new possibility!

While there is no guarantee that we can have or live in chronic, health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy all the time, there is a way to increase it, & eventually, even experience it as a majority of our day-to-day lives.  How, you ask?

First, just considering the idea, and contemplating it’s possibility can be mind-altering.

I mean, we don’t even talk about it, let alone consider it.  Who even thinks or talks this way?  … Have you ever read anyone talking about such a concept?

Probably not; if you have, well, Hallelujah & Amen!

Simply liking, enjoying & loving this idea can start to draw it toward you – maybe not fully, but even a little would be wonderful.

The thing is, this is such a lovely concept to consider!  I mean, how wonderful to live this way, even if not all the time:  more of the time, and perhaps at some point, most of the time!

I’m not being unrealistic here; I know it’s a big leap to consider, but if we can at least consider it, it can become an eventual possibility.

If you like or love this idea, then love it!

That loving & enjoying of the possibility, even if not currently true in your current experience, is a blessed thing to indulge in.

Fantasy, you say?  Well yes, it used to be fantasy for man to consider it possible to fly, and then when the possibility was considered, it eventually happened.

Here’s how I work & play with this idea right now:

When I’m in the shower,  I affirm & love the idea that I can live the rest of my life in chronic health, wealth, well-beingness & terminal joy.

This is part of my shower practice routine. Now I can also do it when I’m resting, meditating, walking, driving the car, or whatever.  It’s not a chore, but a joy to think & feel.  I’m reminding myself where I desire to be.

There is no guarantee it will happen, but the probability goes way uP, just by my indulging, inviting, affirming & drawing it toward me.

The good feelings I get from doing this help build the Law of Attraction energy to enlarge this.

From this growing & expanding state of being, I will also draw inspiration & additional insights on what best will help me move into this even more.  This may be from books, personal insights, programs, articles, songs, art, etc., which will help me get there.

Even if I’m not feeling as good, or am ill, I know it’s temporary & that I’ve simply bought into the collective world myth, that this is not possible.

Yet, I believe it is possible,and hope to lead the way as best I can to live it, even if imperfectly.

Especially imperfectly:  As I have patience & compassion on myself, and realize I’m going into uncharted possibility territory, I’ll give myself slack, even as I joyfully persevere.

Like many things in life, this is an art that takes practice. The Law Of Attraction is both an art & a practice.  Practice makes better, & eventually in time, makes perfect.

What do you think?


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Greet all hurt with Love & Compassion

Everyday, we vote with our inner awareness of life, our continuous self-talk & our overall dominant attitude.  I vote daily for higher consciousness, and I greet all hurt with Love & Compassion.

Painting by Leonardo Nierman

Painting by Leonardo Nierman

It’s simple:  we can practice and train our mind, attitude & inner dialog to look at all life through the lens of Love & Compassion.  We don’t have to do this perfectly, and we won’t.  Yet, that doesn’t have to stop us.

We can, in fact, have Love & Compassion on ourselves, in spite of our seeming imperfections, and that helps us to maintain that Love & Compassion a little longer than before.  This is a practice that can grow & bloom, from winter to spring, in our inner and outer lives.  This, in turn, influences the energy out-put we give to ourselves, others & the world.  How Beautifully Grand!

When we hurt, we can have Love & Compassion on ourselves.  When others cause hurt or harm, we can have Love & Compassion on them, knowing they themselves are also hurt, or they would not do the things they do.  Love & Compassion are ways to begin to bring about the healing, to sustain the healing, and inspire more ideas from that beautiful energy.

We move, as best we can, into this state of beingness, because it feels good, creates good, and influences good.  It’s a practice we can do, because we are learning & remembering to Love ourselves, and to Love Life.

We can do this, in spite of imperfections, flaws, problems & hurts.  Thus the flaws, problems & hurts can be soothed, softened, healed & transformed.  Sometimes instantly, sometimes later.

It’s not always easy, yet it’s necessary, if we desire to see, feel and experience more Love & Compassion for ourselves & our world.  Aren’t we all worth it?  Our course we are, and we & our world deserve nothing less.

Start now, because you know you Love life, and, in turn, it smiles back & Loves you.  Life reflects our individual & collective energies.  When we smile, Life, the Giant mirror, smiles & reflects this back to us.  What do you think?

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The End of Negativity

sunset meditationjpg

The End of Negativity. Thinking outside the triangle.  Making the unthinkable thinkable.

In Conversations with God – Book III, Neale Donald Walsch introduced the concept of highly evolved beings (called HEB’s), that exist on other planets and societies — beings that have transcended the negativity we experience on earth.

In a HEB society, negative thinking and experiencing is eliminated, or no longer needed or necessary.

We still very obviously struggle with this challenge.  So much so, that most can’t even conceive of a world without negativity. It’s darn near impossible simply because we are so primitive in our thinking culture that it doesn’t even register on our radar to live with very little negativity.  Forget all negativity, we can barely conceive that!

We can conceive of much less negativity — Starting first in our own lives, exampling this to others, reaching small groups, and then larger groups, until it dominoes to the global collective.

In order to move closer to those Highly Evolved Beings, we can learn to practice “Never thinking a negative thought again.”

Now, while that may seem and feel unrealistic, far fetched and impractical, well, I would not disagree.

However, I would not let that stop me from practicing and moving into this experience.

I would use it as a guide, goal and inspiration from which to move into this space as a practice.  I would modify that a bit to this practice guideline quote:

“Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

Put that on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator!  It matters not that we do this imperfectly, we will, but simply we decide to practice it as a matter of using the Law of Attraction in our favor, rather than defaulting into unconscious negative habits that seem to be the background software running much of the show more than we realize.

In a highly advanced society, the collective consciousness would have so much peace & serenity that the challenge to think more positively would be very natural & easy because the collective is not struggling to get to that place, it’s already there, and thus, the wind of advanced thinking & being carries us without effort.

We are not there yet & need reminders to move toward that space & place.  That’s what I think this site, this blog is gently reminding us to do & be aware of.

If we don’t even have the reminders, we just automatically go back to the default state of more negative thinking.  Thus, this article pulls you back and says “Hey wait, do you really want those kind of thinking patterns to be your default setting?”  The answer is of course no, but the practice of remembering is the key.

I would not haggle much, argue the merits of how and when, or the impracticality of it.  I’d simply choose to move into this practice, knowing that I’m the main creator of my own individual internal experiences as well as being part of the collective co-creating experience.

I think that we will eventually get to a point where we will be awake enough to realize we can enjoy more positive living as our majority without so many negative consequences.
I’m getting there more often than not.  It’s a practice, & a passion, to live often in that more desired space.

The negative contrasts, that we can use to bring us closer to what we desire, will eventually no longer be necessary, as we awaken and grow out of them.  That is, as we awaken out of the belief of the necessity of negatives in life.  Negative experiences will be a reference only in our memory & history books, but no longer needed in our experience.

This means we won’t need the negatives anymore;  instead, we will have varying contrasts of good, better, great, fantastic, ecstatic, etc.  Our comparative contextual field now becomes varying degrees of good as our new contrasts.

That may seem a long way off, but it isn’t, and won’t be, if we start and practice moving into that experience of more variations of goodness, delight, joy, fun.  It’s a wonderful challenge!

This is thinking outside the conventional box, or thinking outside the triangle, as I like to say.

I’m guessing most people reading this now who would agree with this as a good idea, will after reading this go right back to the old more negative thinking patterns & habits than would like to be admitted or perhaps even be aware of.

That’s simply habit.  Not just individual habits we’ve ingrained in ourselves with, our daily moment to moment Self Talk , but all of society & the collective world at large.   That’s a tremendous magnetic pull that sucks us back into negativity with out our realizing it.  It seems so normal.

We have to practice “Thinking only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  Even if imperfectly, or haphazardly, moving ourselves more & more in this direction can & will benefit ourselves tremendously!

That’s the secret to moving out of it!  Realizing how much of it is in the Self Talk loops that go on daily, moment to moment & the days, months, years, decades that go on & we think it’s normal when it’s simply, a bad habit.

But remember, be warned!  As you leave this page, the habit of daily unchallenged thinking patterns will come back, it’s a habit & that’s what we are doing here is breaking the habits.

So as you leave here, a way to take the spirit & practice of this idea with you & not forget, is simply to put this quote on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, purse, wallet and anywhere else this simple reminder.

It doesn’t have to be done perfectly, rigidly or militantly but as an enjoyable preferred way to start living & thinking the life you desire.  This may or may not automatically create your perfect life, but it moves you much closer to it, draws that like energy to you more. There is no instant guarantee but the probability, the certainty, goes way uP & that’s a great way to start living. That’s using the Law of Attraction in action, for your benefit & the world entire.

“Think only that which I desire or prefer to experience.”  

What do you think?  Add your comments below.

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Whether you walk the path of Buddha, Jesus, or study the Way of the Buffalo, or seek the wisdom of the Gray Turtle, The Flying Nun, Minister of mischief, or the Oracle of the Blueberry Muffin…..

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Sound unfortunately familiar?
“He’s a Minister of Defensiveness. His hobbies include losing his temper, bashing gays & blacks & being a professional victim.”  Have compassion on such individuals & mentalities.  That’s where the healing begins & continues, thanks to you & me!

Hatred, cruelty, ignorance.
We do our part by imagining & visualizing that this in no longer a part of our world. It won’t stop it immediately of course, but it will move the energy of this faster & attach itself to more like energy.  Be a part of that very attractive energy! Want to see  more? Check out our new Skywriting Feature below:

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Love & Bless Every Moment

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won't regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love & bless each moment as best you can. You won’t regret it. Photo credit Lyn Evans

Love and Bless every moment.

That’s a delicious challenge of enlightening proportions & promise.

Loving & blessing what is, as our main spiritual practice.

Even as we do so imperfectly, as we will, we don’t let that stop us from a practice of incredible, monumental, life-affirming transformation enhancement.

What if our spiritual practice was to love & bless every moment no matter what?

What if we practiced loving & blessing all the things, all the moments, especially, all the ones that are un-welcomed, or cause us frustration, displeasure, pain, etc?

What if we decide to love every moment, whatever way it shows uP?

That does not mean that we just blindly accept things we don’t like, approve of or prefer, it simply means we love them anyway, even as we may choose to change those things.

“Everything is perfect about the universe, including y/our desire to change it.”

By loving every moment, by blessing and loving all that shows uP, we are in fact influencing and pouring forth that loving energy on that which we may not like and judge.  Thus, we are allowing it to be influenced, re-shaped and transformed by our energy.

We trust that this process of loving every moment is filled with opportUnities, blessings and gifts.  All are, of course, secondary by-products of our practice.

Primary is the practice of loving what shows up.  Even if after doing so, we don’t see immediate or any change, we trust that our practice and process will lead, guide & direct us eventually to the very essence of the loving energy vibration we put out.

We trust that as we are being & doing our part, the Universe will fill in the time, details, and manner in which our loving, waterfalling energy shows up.

Loving what is, is our part.  How and When is the Universe’s part.

We of course may slip, fall back and not love every moment.  Inevitably, life has many many challenges before us, for this not to happen, from time to time.  Still, loving every moment is a practice.  Like all things, it will improve with practice.  We love, honor and forgive ourselves when we don’t meet our high ideals, or even our lesser ideals.

We pick ourselves uP, dust ourselves off, and start, once again, practicing loving & blessing what is.  As we do so, in the days, weeks, months & years to follow, what do you think will happen to y/our experience and the experience of those around us?

Two simple & profound examples.  Instead of the often heard, angry or frustrated proverb, “God damn it,” etc., we practice “God bless it!” as my grandmother did, or as another friend says “Lord have mercy!” or some close alternative.

I will tell you, in a state of unbridled, cosmic, serious light-heartedness & fun, that the High Council of the Angels has met regarding this practice; they have seen our future and are already celebrating, as you read this.

The Angels also whispered to me that:
“This practice has within it an unrelenting beauty, that pours forth from its simplicity.”

So start practicing Loving and Blessing every moment as best you can, and let that energy be the stronger determinant and influencer of your life.

Was this article helpful? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Turbo-charged, high-definition “loving what is” blessings to all. -M

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Whether you walk the path of Buddha, Jesus, or study the Way of the Buffalo, or seek the wisdom of the Gray Turtle, The Flying Nun, or the Oracle of the Blueberry Muffin, or search for the holy grail, or go the path of looking for the uneaten bag of grammy’s chocolate chip cookies,

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Celebrate, Happy Re-New Year!

Happy Re-New Year

Happy Re-New Year!!! Continue to give yourself permission to have a great life! No matter how it’s showing up at the moment.

Ah, Yes – a new year is uP-on us and it’s the perfect time to re-new what we truly desire in life.  For ourselves, & therefore, others.  Make that a priority.

Let us also celebrate what’s already working & playing in our lives, to allow it to continue, grow & expand, as part of our self-renewing, accelerating joy.

What a great excuse for a booster-shot to our soul:  celebrate the life we prefer to live, & actually move more into that.  Sometimes, we just need a good excuse, and the new year is the perfect time to re-new ourselves.

Here, we can take any of last year’s crestfallen, acid-stained tears, pulled out of the dreams of last year’s pillow, & bring in new peace & joy, on a larger, continuous, sustainable basis.

So consider this as you re-new you:

Please give yourself the permission to be worthy of spiritual, emotional & financial abundance, prosperity & happiness. That you are worthy & deserving of all good things.  That’s what’s meant by being born into Original Blessing. Doesn’t that feel good, just to read it?  Imagine living it!

Way too often, we are programmed, conditioned & educated to only go for financial abundance & prosperity for our happiness.  Instead, first go for spiritual, emotional & psychological abundance.  In doing so, all these other things will fall into place.

You know, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven” & all these other things shall be added unto you.  That’s what creates Emotional Millionaires!

Consider this, as a type of new year’s re-newal resolution:  If you work & play on being, say, an emotional millionaire, you move into the feelings first, which you thought you could only get when the money comes in, the right job, or lover, etc.

In being & doing so, all those other things come as a natural by-product.

Original blessing gives us permission: we are already deserving & worthy of all good things. Old-school theology more often prevents it.

Sometimes, it’s so ingrained in us that we are not deserving & unworthy, that we are unconsciously preventing life’s goodness to flow into our lives.  So, we can start by giving ourselves permission that’s it’s very okay to be deserving & worthy of good things, as our new year expands before us.

Love yourself enough to consider this, as this new year unfolds.  Love yourself enough to know that: God/Life/the Universe, however you choose to define it, is way BIGGER than any of us realize.  God, Life, the Universe has infinite resources & solutions, yet unseen with which to bless all of us.

We wisely don’t abuse these resources, but instead celebrate them in the gratitude & appreciation that awaits us, as we airdrop the burden of unworthiness & undeservingness behind us forever.

Give yourself permission to be worthy & deserving of all good things and super-glue this to your memory.  Because you love yourself enough to do so.

Then, as we allow this, watch the magic happen.

What do you think? I value your thoughts & comments.


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Increase your compassion threshold, it’s the universal fabric softener advanced spiritual travelers use.  Don’t leave home without it!

Synchronicity is the time I like to set my watch to!

Compassion and Appreciation are just dripping & oozing with absolutely super brilliant ultra exponential potential for individual and planetary transformation. Exploit them in glorious abundant gratuitous advantageous celebration!


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The New GIGO For The holidays

Appreciate, Celebrate, Enjoy

Appreciate, Celebrate, Enjoy

Make every day a Thanksgiving holiday, or a holy day of appreciation.  We have a new motto for the holidays, Xmas, the uPcoming new year & beyond.

You’ve heard of GIGO, Garbage in, garbage out?

It is now turned into Gratitude in, Gratitude out.
That is the new GIGO!

Magical holiday blessings.

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“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” -Eckart Tolle

“Life is a waterfall of Love & Creativity waiting to express itself through you.”

Be thankful in advance for all the good you deserve.

Be thankful in advance for all the good you deserve.



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Technology that predicts the future

Image credit

Image credit

I wonder if anyone knows of someone who has committed violence or murder that meditates on a regular basis?
I’m guessing probably not. Markoisms

Okay on with the blog.

Whether it’s Syria or rebels using chemical weapons on its own people, or mass shootings, over- fishing our oceans, to say nothing of our global pollution, continuous wars & violence, crime, economic inequality etc. we long for peace & release of soooo much world turmoil.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was technology to predict the future so we could prevent things from even happening before they occured?

While that technology does not exist on this planet, as far as I know, there is still hope in looking at technology and predicting a very hopeful near future.  How’s that???

Unlike technology, our mental, moral, psychological, spiritual evolvement has not advanced as fast as technology.  Let me give you an example.

The iphone only came out in 2007 & the ipad only 2010! 
That’s only 6 years for the Iphone & only 3 years for the ipad! Whew!

They have totally revolutionized life on this planet. Currently there are over a 1.5 billion smart phones out there. That’s like 1 smart phone for every 5 people on this planet!   This happened in an extremely short period of time.  Read more:

The very good news & hope, is that while our spiritual evolution has not been near as fast, it may, like this technology, also more quickly occur as people continue to wake uP, and new inspiring ideas rapidily take hold & spread forth in large parts of the world.

We so long for more peace, harmony, more financial & social equality that that desire will effervesce forth in a spiritual renaissance that may increase like nothing ever seen on this earth!

This is very possible & many believe in this possibility & thus the probably arises as a result.

sunset in hands

Imagine that this may be what happens in the next 3 to 10/15 years.  Spiritually the world starts to evolve pretty fast. 

 That’s pretty cool huh?   What do you think?

Please comment below.

Magically, -M

It’s about free falling in love with life as the reason you’re here.

You’re UN-invited to the chronic victims, complainers, awfulizers, & miserableizers party.  Aren’t you absolutely delighted!?

The Universe is the Imaginarium Aquarium inside the living room of God’s art gallery. Want more? Click here: Markoisms

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Do Sci Fi Movies Actually Help Create A Grand Future?


Yes, I believe they do!  What appears as low brow, non thinking, summer, mindless popcorn fun is actually setting us up for something very spectacular!

The fight between good & evil, or rather the transformation from undesired, unwanted outcomes, problems, struggles etc., is seen in things like fantasy movies and comic books, as seemingly lightweight & superficial entertainment.

It’s Life’s sneaky tricky unconscious way to show us & prepare us that we will overcome, survive & thrive our greatest challenges, dysfunctions, global problems of pollution, starvation, disease etc.

For example let’s take the movie “2012″. It is a 2009 American science fiction disaster film, directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich.

Rotten Tomates describes it this way:
“Disaster movie maven Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) crafts this apocalyptic sci-fi thriller following the prophecy stated by the ancient Mayan calendar, which says that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.”

“When a global cataclysm thrusts the world into chaos, divorced writer and father Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) joins the race to ensure that humankind is not completely wiped out. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton, and Oliver Platt round out the cast of this end-of-the-world thriller co-scripted by the director and his 10,000 B.C. writer/composer, Harald Kloser. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi”

What looks like a disaster, fear mongering film, playing on the predictions that 2012 would end in world destruction, was really a metaphor for the destruction of an old way of living, verses our own ability to create the future.

So take this as poetic metaphor, that underneath all the hype is our ability to overcome the worse that we fear.

That’s the message of many, certainly not all, but many, of such films. They set up, in the public collective, the conscious, or even unconscious, message that the positive intention can and will overcome disaster, utilizing the guise of a seemingly dumb summer movie.

The intention is to help create unconsciously through entertainment the idea that we will find solutions, overcome & triumph over our world problems.

How we overcome these, the fall out or fall in of our actions, depends on us, of course.  That’s an important point!

Nevertheless, the fascinating thing behind these films, perhaps even beyond the film makers themselves, is a hidden aspect of life that knows we need encouragement and inspiration. A part that knows we can overcome our current overwhelming individual & global problems.

We get this encouragement & guidance in what appears to be superficial mindless movie entertainment.  It goes into the unconscious because we don’t take them seriously.  Here they fester in positive possibility & we don’t even know it!

Old school thinking, institutions, networks are dying or being destroyed just like in a disaster film, and we’re in our own  Godzilla fight to stay alive.

That’s the struggle. That’s the controversy we currently see in many local, world events & politics. Old systems are being destroyed being replaced by newer, better systems. In this sense, many of these Sci Fi movies are intention metaphors of our eventual triumph.

Current summer examples:
Iron Man, Superman, Pacific Rim, etc. are to me are representative, and foretell our victory, using the guise as entertainment.  Of course, there are many more past present & future!

These movies are so wayyyyy over the top that they, again to me, represent the over the topness of our problems of Big Brother Government, our wars, individual & collective dysfunctions, and massive world problems.

These movies can be seen as unconscious metaphors, hiding as proletariat distractions which have truth in them regardless of the manufactured consent of the elite.

The main message I see underneath these movies is our overcoming our problems no matter how overwhelming & challenging.  How we eventually overcome our global issues & problems may play out very differently than these movies, but their inspirational message that we will overcome is very strong & welcomed.

Truth hides in many forms if we look for it. The same for solutions or Soul-utions.  You may never see a Sci Fi or disaster movie in the same light again!

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Magically, -Marko

P. S. See my Movie Meditation idea
Also, It’s summer folks visit Marko World theme park for some more summer fun & adventure!


Also for August 25 a special 3 minute video on peace


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Is World Peace Achievable?

Clean water & clean toilets, like love, are basic human needs.

Before World Peace, World Prosperity, World Harmony, Health, Happiness, etc. & all that other good stuff can be achieved, we will see it first modeled in miniature.

That is, in certain areas, people of  like-minded mentality will start flocking or congregating towards it.

Before the proverbial World Peace, we may first have it in certain areas ~ perhaps first in small islands, villages or towns, or larger cities or countries. Many may start out as intentional communities. Others may be spontaneous.  An example might be when a small city or country models this, and larger cities, countries eventually follow suit.

It may happen spontaneously, or organizationally, or both.

What this does, is to give us a taste, or a contextual field of comparison to experience it in miniature, and this can help us decide what we may prefer to experience as a larger collective.

I’ve not heard of such a place or places yet, but maybe you have?  I do believe there are individuals who do this within their own lives.  This seems more so now, than at any other time in earth’s history/herstory.

Now, if the world truly desired World Peace at this time, we’d put way more education, effort, energy, research & resources toward creating that.  So, on some unconscious, or maybe even conscious level, we simply are not ready or willing for it, and couldn’t even handle it if it did suddenly happen.  Let me give you an example:

Years back, I heard a public radio program where nice,
middle-class couples would take in foster kids, to give them the loving homes they always wanted.  Yet what happened, was that the kids would eventually do things like start fires & create havoc.

I was personally astounded at this!  I thought that kids from a chaotic, dysfunctional environment would love to be in a more financially & emotionally prosperous, peaceful and loving environment.

Yet, what the program reported was that the kids where so used to the negative drama in their lives, that to be moved out of it was kind of a shock, and so they re-created this chaos because that’s what they were used to.  They just weren’t ready or acclimated enough for such a huge change.

I think this can apply to World Peace too.  If we had World Peace tomorrow, we might think it to be absolutely grand; however, we’d be so unfamiliar with it, that we’d go back to creating negative drama again, simply since that’s what we’re used to.

Another example:
Often (not always) people who are too quickly put in certain situations, even desirable ones, are simply not prepared for them. … People who gain fame, wealth, or both, too fast, can have great difficulty adjusting to the suddenness of it all.  People often fair better when it’s more gradual over time.

What do you think?

This is something I think about.  I think about it also in relation to people like many of us, advancing on the spiritual path, who feel our evolution, as a world, is just too slow.

I get that – I feel it too!  The antidote, is to have compassion & love on our unhealed parts or those aspects that are not fully healed.

That does not mean that we can’t be the influencers, instigators, leaders, movers & role models to move this forward.  We can, and this can bring it in more smoothly.

How many people feel deep inner peace?  Or, how many even feel inner peace as a majority of their experience?  If we don’t have our own individual inner peace, how can we expect the rest of the world to?

Many people think there is a point of critical mass, when a certain amount of individuals have inner peace, and it then will spread more quickly, both globally & collectively.

An example of quick, but also gradual movement, is how smart phones spread worldwide. The first iPhones came out June 29, 2007.  That’s only 6 years to this month!  People adapted quickly, at least those who could afford them.  Even many homeless people now have cell phones.

I think that as more of us work & play to have inner peace & harmony, and emotional & financial prosperity, this will attract more of that to us.  This will also influence others to find out how we achieved it, and are able to sustain it.

Is this a viable way to look at World Peace?  Will we ever achieve it?  Do we need to?  Is it inevitable, given our evolution?  What do you think?

More resources:  Peace Clock  Global Prayer Project  World Peace Soulution and Find your Peace

Lastly, if this blog, or other articles on this site, reach or touch you in a special way, let me know by commenting below, or email me by clicking “contact” at the far right at the top of the home page, and thank u4 doing so in advance.

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The Frustrating & Difficult Path of the Spiritual Seeker

Compassion is the key

Compassion is the key

It’s one thing to be a cynical, skeptical person about such spiritual ideas as the Law of Attraction ( LOA), or creating our personal reality & co creating our collective reality, that starts at the end of our finger tips & moves to the outer world.

That I can understand.

What’s much harder for people who are on the spiritual path, the seekers, the readers of spiritual books, who go to seminars, webinars, tele conferences, workshops, talks etc. to understand, is why things are not working the way they thought they should or would be working.

The skeptics & cynics have plenty of evidence to prove their own point of view.

“Just look at the world” they say.  Their points of view are apparently self evident.  So a spiritual seeker, a spiritual light worker, or evolutionary or however you might define them, really have their work cut out for them, BIG time!

Further more, these often gentler, kinder, compassionate people in the making, seem to have much more to prove in a world of tremendous ongoing suffering & violence on a primitive planet so full of pain.

To add further insult to injury, they more often than not, find it difficult to confront more aggressive cynical,  skeptical people. Frankly the skeptics & cynics have it EASY!  Thus, the cynics & skeptics are confronting the more Love & Light spiritual messengers who desire peace & harmony.  This makes it difficult for the more gentle spirit to prove the validity of their spiritual point of view when aggressively confronted.

Being on the path with out seeing some results of what you believe, can be really difficult & hard don’t you think?

Explaining yourself, & your beliefs can also be very difficult.  It’s sometimes very hard to articulate the deep feelings of life we have.

This is all part of the struggle & the dark side of the spiritual seekers, who so long for the end of so much suffering & misery.

The push back they receive is tremendous at times!  So I offer all the millions of people who experience this (and at some point may read this) a tremendous amount of love & compassion for what they are experiencing as they move on in their journey.  It’s hard, difficult & at times very dark.

It’s not just trying to work through our own inner struggles, dysfunctions, family issues & our woundedness.  We have a very skeptical, cynical world that can be very, very critical toward these gentle spiritual people who only wish to see & experience more peace & harmony in the world.

WoW! that’s a lot of push back!!  So give yourselves lots of credit!  You are not alone. Millions feel this struggle.  So give yourselves the Acclamations you deserve.


acclamations:  plural of ac·cla·ma·tion
Loud and enthusiastic approval, typically to welcome or honor someone or something.

Honor yourself on this sometimes very difficult journey.  It’s truly the hero’s journey.  Of course, it’s not all darkness and struggle by any means.  Sometimes it can seem like that & that’s what I’m honoring here.  Yes, we celebrate our victories, too! That’s what we are creating & why we are on this path.

Today we honor you and all those brave people breaking the incredible, monumental ,gargantuan, concrete & steel walls of dysfunction, pessimism, cynicism, skepticism, struggle, & pain of the past & present.

Now you are honored & revered for the bravery of working & playing toward a better world of peace & harmony.  A world so very often tremendously filled with dark condemning, soul eating, pessimistic, critical, vitriolic mentalities & people.

I honor you in this moment & crown you with the blessings, gratitude, affirmations, acclamations for your continued work on the spiritual path.

You give me strength, courage in your struggle & difficulties. Thank you for that! will work & play in your favor, elucidating ways to counteract, soothe, and even heal, as best we can, all the condemnatory energy in the world that can also be aimed at the spiritual seekers.

We are your advocates!

Your work now will not just bless you, but others & future generations!  Thank you from now & future peoples blessed by your being here.

I’m here to tell you, encourage you, that it does get better & better & better. Those who walked the path before me made it easier for me & in turn we hope to make it easier for you. Together we play in the cosmic sandbox of life.

It’s a matter of education, practice & integrating these ideas that we see work & play positively & wonderfully in our life all the time.  Check out the other articles on this site & future blogs for more insights.

But for now, for today, honor yourselves in this moment, (and beyond) for the millions & millions of you who are breaking free of the bonds of yesterday’s limitations into the future of unlimited possibilities & joy that await us all, as a result of y/our journey and continued love.  Life supports you always & I thank you for this as well.  I applaud & salute you all! Take a bow, life appreciates you & your continued efforts.

Applause, for Life's Magic Bullet.

Applause for you & your spiritual path & journey.

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