Markoworld @ a glance

We are Law Of Attraction advocates, which means: Life is for you, is on your side.

25 Thoughts that encompass much of the markoworld philosophy.

We can change the world through hard work, disguised as fun

Life, God, the Universe has infinite ideas, solutions & resources with which to bless you with

Become a Master Appreciator , enjoy, play, have fun, be lighthearted in y/our approach to life as part of the solution

We live in Original Blessing

Greet any & all instances of hurt with love & compassion

Be solution oriented not problem centered

Become joyous Visualizations Imagineers

Feel your negative feelings, acknowledge them, own them, give them a voice to be heard, at least for as long as necessary or practical. Too long & they become unhealthy, dysfunctional. Bless them if you can, let them go, thus they are free to come back transformed. Repeat: As you feel, own, acknowledge your pain & hurt, emotions & feelings, you give them a voice to be heard. Once heard, they are more free to leave or transform & heal

Own your good feelings too, admire them, love them, bless them, appreciate them, luxuriate in them, allow them to grow & come back often, –bringing with them orchards & fields of more good feelings

Do I want to experience myself in the space and process of Creation or Reaction?  Is this about the dance or the drama?  Respond consciously not react unconsciously

We co-create our reality in collaboration with the larger collective, It’s not just us alone

Creating our own personal reality begins with conscious loving self talk, appreciation & blessing

Love your enemies, your self, others,  back to wholeness

We don’t intentionally create pain, suffering, unwanted, undesired or catastrophic experiences.  This is often done unconsciously, unintentionally,  naively by not realizing, understanding more fully, the power of our dominant emotions and thinking patterns & self talk, including the power of the larger collective & the Law of Attr-action also know as the LOA

Have love & compassion on ourselves & everybody for our foibles, we are still a young race of evolving people. Everything is perfect! Including  y/our desire to change it.

You don’t have to stay in darker negative feelings for a long time. Just long enough to get their message, acknowledge them and perhaps receive their blessing.  Which is, to tell you what you don’t desire so you can choose again what you do desire or prefer. That’s part of their purpose & gift we often overlook

In truth negative experiences are y/our friends, telling you by what you don’t like they often are moving you quicker to what you do like as a result.  The trick is, do we listen or repeat?

We are perfectly imperfect. Let us work & play toward continuous peace & harmony, as our definition of attainable perfection. Remember:Everything is perfect, including your desire to change it.

Live in the solution not the problem.
Have a sense of humor, about yourself, others, life, be more lighthearted, allow wonder & anticipation of good to cultivate, saute and marinate your experiences

Give yourself the luxurious deluxe gift box of continuous positive self talk, appreciations, blessing, approval.  Watch what happens!

The big dis-ease of life is the disease of under appreciation. Be it to workers, lovers, friends, bosses, kids, strangers, nature, life itself, and especially,–don’t forget to appreciate yourself

Bless & embrace all situations, move into wonder & anticipation of all things conspiring in your favor whether you realize it or not.

One of the keys to our peace & harmony is “how” we respond back, act, behave & deliver our energy regarding the negative experiences we encounter

Compassion and Appreciation are just dripping & oozing with absolutely brilliant super exponential potential for individual and planetary transformation. Exploit them in abundant gratuitous celebration!

Isn’t it time to go from living life as a struggle to living life as a blessing?

Rinse & repeat the above as needed…
Want more?   Click Markoisms Cool, profound, funny, quotes– like cosmic fortune cookies!

“Accept—then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it…This will miraculously transform your whole life.”
— Eckhart Tolle

P.S. is not a place for people who want to stay in and continuously argue their pain, & hide in their victim hood mentality, or stay & focus on their misery.  This is not about celebrating dysfunctional emotional sadomasochism.

This is about moving into and living life as Original Blessing, being Master Appreciators, Visualizations Imagineers, Emotional Millionaires, following your spirit & loving & enjoying life, including, moving out of problem centeredness to having fun being creative Imaginative solution oriented beings.

Bonus thought: A Response to all the bad news:

How we receive the information we get regarding any bad, horrible,  news is one thing, — how & what kind of energy we create, deliver, send & express as a result of that information once we receive it,–now that, can make a difference in adding to the healing of, or reinforcing the energy that created what we judge as bad news.

Reacting negatively only, and we merely sustain, even reinforce the energy.

However, if after we initially feel our frustration around it, we can then decide to consciously respond,– like, sending waterfalls of healing feeling energies of Light & Love, which will & can influence, create and start a new energy around this, and inspire what action or non action we deem appropriate.

Practice loving life just for the fun of it. Photo credit “Quiet fields”



































4 Responses to Markoworld @ a glance

  1. Arron says:

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    • Marko says:


      When I plug in It comes up right away on Google & other search engines. So as far as I know I show up first on all or most search engines when you type in

      Thanks for your concerns.
      Magical blessings,

  2. C says:

    Hi! I love your site and I enjoy reading everything. I am wondering, is there a way to subscribe to this whole site so I will get updated when you post something new?
    Thank you!!

    • Marko says:

      Dear C, thank you for your kind remarks, if you go to the main page where it says contact. You can email me & I can let you know when I post new blogs etc.

      In the mean time explore & look at past blogs & all the articles that interest you.

      Thanks for stoping by & visit again.

      Magical blessings,

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