Negative thoughts

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The secret divine purpose behind apparent negative thoughts.

Markoism: “Use negative thoughts instead of being used by them, thus you elevate your experience & beingness exponentially.”

So what about those negative thoughts & feelings?

Negative thoughts seem to rule the world, their influence are seen daily in the media & the dysfunction of daily life.  They seem to control our present world, and cast a dark shadow on our present & future.

Negative thoughts, feelings & vibes seem to be in the way of creating the world we desire.  Yet, what if what was in the way, was the way?

That is, if we can re-educate ourselves, with diligent practice, we can see & use negative thoughts & energy to actually move us faster to what we all desire as individuals & the planet! That is their divine purpose. They give us a shortcut to change by the strong emotional energy charge they bring.  We just are not educated to see & use them that way, that can now change.

Negative thoughts and frustrations will & do come in, from time to time, sometimes a lot more if we’ve made them a kind of unconscious habit. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing ~ it’s just a part of how we currently process life. It’s often very temporary and it’s okay to feel these frustrations, etc. We can even break these negative thinking habits by the practice, patience, forgiveness, loving kindness & compassion we show on & toward ourselves & others.

The trouble is, we tend to be culturally conditioned to focus on them too much, and stay in them too long.  This is when they can become unhealthy & less beneficial.

I suggest instead to acknowledge them ~ thank them, if you will, for pointing out that there’s something going on that you don’t prefer.  Thus, your negative thoughts, feelings & frustrations are letting you know you desire change.

Now, you can also practice and remember that you don’t have to get caught up in, or stay so focused on, those temporary negative thoughts & feelings.  Instead, just be more aware that they actually are wise friends, pointing you toward what you do prefer.

Negative thoughts in fact, can have a very positive benefit!  They have an important message.

They are simply pointing out, or letting you know, that something is important enough to create a feeling energy in you to “course-correct” yourself, if you choose.

What would happen if you now saw your negative thoughts & frustrations as your spirit hinting strongly that it’s asking for an adjustment attunement from you to get you to a place of peace & harmony?  WoW! We were never taught that in school or at home! That’s your spirit directing you to course correction.

Frustrations, irritations, annoyances, setbacks, anger, pain, interruptions, BIG or small, can be seen as energy bursts that happen as we desire to better our lives, become more peaceful, balanced, whole & prosperous etc.  These frustrations & so forth come to us in answer to our desires to improve our lives & they can help us get there more quickly by the high energy charge they give us.  We see them as negative, but that is our culturally conditioned judgment we place on them.

If we allow it, we see that this is life calling us in answer to our spiritual life improvements we desire to have.  It doesn’t have to always come in the guise of negative thoughts, frustrations etc.  Yet if & when it does, we can use them for our benefit rather than our determent.  That shows we are ready to move ahead with better improvements with our lives. Which is why they come in the first place.

We are indoctrinated into believing that negative thoughts & feelings are bad, that they create bad energy & experiences.  Whereas, another ~ more beneficial way to look at them, or use them, is – that they are showing us that something is important enough to us to cause such a strong energy, and by the feelings they create, they can powerfully move us to positive, beneficial & welcome change.

They get us there more quickly than when things are going so so.  These are powerful energy movers that are created or called forth for our betterment.  They are here to motivate & show us the way to living the life we so desire.  That is their divine cosmic purpose.

That is their gift, blessing we often overlook, but not anymore!, we have another way to see & perceive negative thoughts & feelings. They are secretly disguised course correctors, the GPS  from our spirit to direct us to more positive lives & experiences.

When we are ready & open enough in our hearts & minds & thus, look more deeply into life we see that it is set up in such a way that it works & plays in our ultimate favor.  The negative is here for contrast & free will choosing.  As we dive & peer deeply into the cosmic microscope, we see that good is actually behind & underneath it all WoW!!! :Thumbs up

The mind can’t usually conceive this, may even argue against it, but the heart, your spirit, your soul, your true self can.  That’s what led you here to begin with, don’t you think?  That is, to place within your current experience an alternative & beautiful way to see life as an expression of Original Blessing & Original Grace.  This article is an answer to your call for understanding.  That’s what the angels tell me anyway.

Using negative thoughts/feelings in this way, eventually can become so habitual, that we will eventually have less need to have thoughts show up negatively, as we gain more wisdom.  Yet using the wisdom, gifts, & blessings behind the seeming negatives works & plays for our benefit, our improved joy in life.  Such is the secret wisdom behind the seeming negative, if we but use look & honor it.

That’s a win-win!  :Happy dance   -M

This article also appeared in a global newspaper site in the guest column feature.


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The master knows that negative thoughts are gifts in disguise.
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  1. Rhonda says:

    Awesome. It’s usual for the right information to come at exactly the right time – yet still so exciting and surprising when it does. Thank you for the continuing dialogue and resources to our spiritual awakening!

    Shine Bright,

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