Love is reflected in Love

Love mirrors Love to infinity

This is a Tandem article to Why the bad

Even child molesters, mass shooters, rapists, murders, animal abusers, pedophiles are blessed by the angels & need our love. Their abuse & pain is a extreme cry for help.

They are highly exaggerated negative reflections, distortions of the divine, that free will allows in our current experience. However, we also, always have the free will choice to love them back to wholeness.

These we learn are extremely wounded hurt people.  They need waterfalls of love, compassion, forgiveness, not it’s opposite, continuous hate, revenge, & condemnation.

Sure if they refuse to reform we can still keep them safely locked up etc. However, make prisons real places of healing & reform so they can come out healed, not the opposite.  That’s the opportUNITY.

Let’s remember that we are also resourceful creative, wise beings with solutions not yet discovered in waiting, if we allow our selves the luxury to go more into that space of anticipatory wonder & delight.

So why not choose to love them back to wholeness even if imperfectly.  Let’s not stop our love based on our sometimes inefficient limiting mind games and past imperfect psychology, religion, science etc. Those imperfections help point us where we desire to go to improve & change our course we are on.

These disciplines grow & change as we grow, expand in our wisdom of what is our highest Imaginable right.

How long & of what benefit is it to forever condemn them?  Is not love, understanding,  along with creative solutions, intuitions, the better way to go, to be, to live & bless all of us?  I think it is.

Truly if Love is reflected in Love, as Mary Baker Eddy claimed, maybe in being and doing so, we heal the most condemned people, thoughts, experiences & ideas back to wholeness.

An excellent demonstration example of this is Puppies Behind Bars program.

We could add to and amplify this to Love is reflected in more Love being expressed, given, received. Today, & all days, be a mirror ball of reflecting Love filled Light, Peace,– never fearing the consequences.

Tandem article Why the bad?


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  1. Tangie says:

    You keep it up now, unrsdetand? Really good to know.

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