Healing the Dark Side

One of the keys to our peace & harmony in life ishow” we respond, act, behave & deliver our energy regarding the negative experiences we encounter.

That’s how we start to heal the Dark Side.

Healing the dark side includes healing our self worth. Which un healed, damaged etc. is often (not always) behind all dark experiences that people create.

One of the most important lessons of remembering as we evolve in our life here is learning & remembering “how” to deal with, process & handle the dark elements of life from the little frustrations or infractions to life’s more challenging experiences.

How we handle the dark elements in life both small and large are very telling of our level of conscious awareness. Moving from being problem centered to soul-ution oriented.

We have to come to terms with the mixed feelings we have with negative news drama.  On one hand we love it, on another we don’t wish to experience it for ourselves.  That’s why we love the drama in the movies & stories we tell.  It’s the love hate relationship.

One way to deal with this is to move the drama into the conflicts of our inner psychological dramas & allow them to flow freely in our movies & stories & then give solutions on how to handle them.  This is also done now to some small degree, but way to violently and gruesomely that those images can overpower the solution that may be given.

Thus the lessons are weakly absorbed or perhaps not at all.  The overly dramatic images are the ones that stay.

We are not taught very well how to handle the tougher less desirable things in life.  Yet in doing so we are tackling and answering one of life’s biggest dilemmas that come before us.

Whether it’s a minor thing like a car repair or dealing with a minor scuffle with a family, friend or coworker or a natural disaster like a storm or greater like a tsunami, or something that damages a whole town or city or more.   How we respond is the key.

Some are so stubborn in the idea that life is just plain unfair & beyond our control that they may get angry, say or think of such ideas as “Damn you to hell for trying to see life in a more positive light, while you ignore the terrible existential plights of human existence!”

Divinity is hidden in the dark side as gifts unseen.

Well trying, working & playing to see life as good even when it temporally looks & feels bad, or down right terrible does not mean we are ignoring it at all.  But choosing to see a different perspective that may be more advantageous.

In fact, we could turn it around and say the darker pessimistic view points are the ones ignoring the plights of humanity by staying, reinforcing, sustaining, maintaining such pessimistic views you actually keep them in place without offering an alternative view point.

Such views can dampen, hide, curtail the solutions that lay below the surface that are not yet recognized, simply because our anger at the seeming unfairness of life, can literally block good inspirational ideas that can lead to the engineering or Imagineering of a solutions or soul-utions.

Now don’t get me wrong, It’s perfectly okay for people to have their pessimistic dark thoughts.  It’s part of our free will agency.  Ignoring  the harsh realities can also be non beneficial as not addressing them can also sustain & maintain them.

The proper healthy spiritual integration is to acknowledge, feel, own & give voice to our darker feelings with out letting them envelop us so deep we can’t move out of them.  Instead we own, feel them, give them voice & in doing so, they are being heard, not ignored or suppressed & thus are free to transform.

Feeling them, giving them voice and acknowledgement is a healthy way to process these feelings and stay with them for as long as necessary & practical.

Too long and we get to caught up in them & they take over.  Too little and they get ignored and suppressed only to find their way into expression in the form of possible illness, accidents and other troubles that are really our unacknowledged feelings trying to give voice.  If unheard, they have to go into a more dramatic expression we will listen to.

So what to do? Well one thing is to have love & compassion on our unhealed aspects of ourselves & society.  We don’t deliberately set ourselves up to experience life as just a dark, frustrating place of pain, suffering & continuous unending problems.

Often we are facing and looking at society or most often ourselves through the lens of our hurts & woundedness & dysfunctions.  So once we begin to heal our own hurts & woundedness we feel more equipped to help others & the world.

Actually staying in our hurts & wounds can even be a kind of unconscious excuse not to do anything.  It’s all so messed up anyway right?, so I’ll just sit here complain, bitch & moan instead.  That is not very productive is it?

However, if our hurts & frustrations bother us enough to seek alternatives, healing & solutions, that’s good! That is the light of our souls shining in the darkness bringing in the light.  Staying in our hurts only sustains, exasperates it.

So the good news or we could make a play on the word & say, soul the good news is, that the pains & frustrations of the world create a contrasting field of experience to decide & choose with more clarity how we would prefer life to show up.

This is win win in that even the bad, dark elements, when they show up allow us to see that we really desire peace, harmony, love, prosperity etc.  That we don’t get this message is not the fault of the Universe or us.  It’s a product of evolving & deciding that we had enough & we make the individual decision to heal, grow & raise our consciousness, use the dark turns & experiences & open ourselves to seeing good can come out of them, even if temporally unknown at the moment.

This is called evolution, and deciding to heal our dark nights of the soul, our hurts, our woundedness our unfinished business, help create a new energy to live, move and breathe in.  This spills over to others.

Then to groups of people & then to the collective of humanity as a whole & it all starts with you, me & eventually becomes we or all of us.

Healing brings peace, wisdom, joy 2U & all. Image credit leaffrompart-meditation.blogspot.com



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