Celebrate, Happy Re-New Year!

Happy Re-New Year

Happy Re-New Year!!! Continue to give yourself permission to have a great life! No matter how it’s showing up at the moment.

Ah, Yes – a new year is uP-on us and it’s the perfect time to re-new what we truly desire in life.  For ourselves, & therefore, others.  Make that a priority.

Let us also celebrate what’s already working & playing in our lives, to allow it to continue, grow & expand, as part of our self-renewing, accelerating joy.

What a great excuse for a booster-shot to our soul:  celebrate the life we prefer to live, & actually move more into that.  Sometimes, we just need a good excuse, and the new year is the perfect time to re-new ourselves.

Here, we can take any of last year’s crestfallen, acid-stained tears, pulled out of the dreams of last year’s pillow, & bring in new peace & joy, on a larger, continuous, sustainable basis.

So consider this as you re-new you:

Please give yourself the permission to be worthy of spiritual, emotional & financial abundance, prosperity & happiness. That you are worthy & deserving of all good things.  That’s what’s meant by being born into Original Blessing. Doesn’t that feel good, just to read it?  Imagine living it!

Way too often, we are programmed, conditioned & educated to only go for financial abundance & prosperity for our happiness.  Instead, first go for spiritual, emotional & psychological abundance.  In doing so, all these other things will fall into place.

You know, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven” & all these other things shall be added unto you.  That’s what creates Emotional Millionaires!

Consider this, as a type of new year’s re-newal resolution:  If you work & play on being, say, an emotional millionaire, you move into the feelings first, which you thought you could only get when the money comes in, the right job, or lover, etc.

In being & doing so, all those other things come as a natural by-product.

Original blessing gives us permission: we are already deserving & worthy of all good things. Old-school theology more often prevents it.

Sometimes, it’s so ingrained in us that we are not deserving & unworthy, that we are unconsciously preventing life’s goodness to flow into our lives.  So, we can start by giving ourselves permission that’s it’s very okay to be deserving & worthy of good things, as our new year expands before us.

Love yourself enough to consider this, as this new year unfolds.  Love yourself enough to know that: God/Life/the Universe, however you choose to define it, is way BIGGER than any of us realize.  God, Life, the Universe has infinite resources & solutions, yet unseen with which to bless all of us.

We wisely don’t abuse these resources, but instead celebrate them in the gratitude & appreciation that awaits us, as we airdrop the burden of unworthiness & undeservingness behind us forever.

Give yourself permission to be worthy & deserving of all good things and super-glue this to your memory.  Because you love yourself enough to do so.

Then, as we allow this, watch the magic happen.

What do you think? I value your thoughts & comments.


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