Is World Peace Achievable?

Clean water & clean toilets, like love, are basic human needs.

Before World Peace, World Prosperity, World Harmony, Health, Happiness, etc. & all that other good stuff can be achieved, we will see it first modeled in miniature.

That is, in certain areas, people of  like-minded mentality will start flocking or congregating towards it.

Before the proverbial World Peace, we may first have it in certain areas ~ perhaps first in small islands, villages or towns, or larger cities or countries. Many may start out as intentional communities. Others may be spontaneous.  An example might be when a small city or country models this, and larger cities, countries eventually follow suit.

It may happen spontaneously, or organizationally, or both.

What this does, is to give us a taste, or a contextual field of comparison to experience it in miniature, and this can help us decide what we may prefer to experience as a larger collective.

I’ve not heard of such a place or places yet, but maybe you have?  I do believe there are individuals who do this within their own lives.  This seems more so now, than at any other time in earth’s history/herstory.

Now, if the world truly desired World Peace at this time, we’d put way more education, effort, energy, research & resources toward creating that.  So, on some unconscious, or maybe even conscious level, we simply are not ready or willing for it, and couldn’t even handle it if it did suddenly happen.  Let me give you an example:

Years back, I heard a public radio program where nice,
middle-class couples would take in foster kids, to give them the loving homes they always wanted.  Yet what happened, was that the kids would eventually do things like start fires & create havoc.

I was personally astounded at this!  I thought that kids from a chaotic, dysfunctional environment would love to be in a more financially & emotionally prosperous, peaceful and loving environment.

Yet, what the program reported was that the kids where so used to the negative drama in their lives, that to be moved out of it was kind of a shock, and so they re-created this chaos because that’s what they were used to.  They just weren’t ready or acclimated enough for such a huge change.

I think this can apply to World Peace too.  If we had World Peace tomorrow, we might think it to be absolutely grand; however, we’d be so unfamiliar with it, that we’d go back to creating negative drama again, simply since that’s what we’re used to.

Another example:
Often (not always) people who are too quickly put in certain situations, even desirable ones, are simply not prepared for them. … People who gain fame, wealth, or both, too fast, can have great difficulty adjusting to the suddenness of it all.  People often fair better when it’s more gradual over time.

What do you think?

This is something I think about.  I think about it also in relation to people like many of us, advancing on the spiritual path, who feel our evolution, as a world, is just too slow.

I get that – I feel it too!  The antidote, is to have compassion & love on our unhealed parts or those aspects that are not fully healed.

That does not mean that we can’t be the influencers, instigators, leaders, movers & role models to move this forward.  We can, and this can bring it in more smoothly.

How many people feel deep inner peace?  Or, how many even feel inner peace as a majority of their experience?  If we don’t have our own individual inner peace, how can we expect the rest of the world to?

Many people think there is a point of critical mass, when a certain amount of individuals have inner peace, and it then will spread more quickly, both globally & collectively.

An example of quick, but also gradual movement, is how smart phones spread worldwide. The first iPhones came out June 29, 2007.   People adapted quickly, at least those who could afford them.  Even many homeless people now have cell phones.

I think that as more of us work & play to have inner peace & harmony, and emotional & financial prosperity, this will attract more of that to us.  This will also influence others to find out how we achieved it, and are able to sustain it.

Is this a viable way to look at World Peace?  Will we ever achieve it?  Do we need to?  Is it inevitable, given our evolution?  What do you think?

More resources:  Peace Clock  Global Prayer Project  World Peace Soulution and Find your Peace

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3 Responses to Is World Peace Achievable?

  1. Ross says:

    Take a look a Bhutan where their top national commitment is to gross national happiness.

  2. Lisa McCormack says:

    Do we desire world peace? Or do we desire for agreement? Can we experience peace within the space of two differing belief systems or ideologies? These are questions I, too, ponder. As much as I love the idea of a peaceful world, I recognize the impossibility for sameness. I also cannot imagine life without even the gentlest of conflict. No murder, no thievery, no violence? Yes, I desire that. Will it happen? Perhaps. One day. But if life is eternal, the concept of dying is only one for us to experience in our humanness, in order that we might step into a larger vision of who we hold ourselves to be.

    Ah, peace. What is it? My son can work on homework with loud rock music playing in his headphones, as it relaxes him. I work in silence, as it relaxes me. Different experiences of peace. Sometimes my state of peace can be disrupted by agitated thoughts more so than some external happening. I meditated my way through some really rough seas on a ferry boat in Mexico one time and thwarted off a serious case of sea sickness. So is peace out there? Or in here? And how can we ALL get a piece of that?

    Great article, Marko! Keep ‘em coming.


  3. Marko says:

    Ross I love the “gross national happiness” concept & will look into it.
    Thank you! :Thumbs up

    Lisa, thank you for your very thoughtful & thought provoking post & questions, great stuff. Yes peace comes in many forms. If we seek our own inner peace consistently it can’t help but spill onto others & influence them. As always we become the peace we desire to see in the rest of the world.

    Thanks guys for your comments.

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