World Peace Soul*lution

World Peace starts with our Inner Peace

World Peace is possible.  You know that, I know that.  Even when the rational mind says no, the media says no, the world says no, your heart, your spirit, your soul say yes!

In order to bring in World Peace quicker, is to open y/ourself beyond the minds limits that it can’t be done at this time.

In order to bring in World Peace closer to our NOW experience as well as in the nearer future ,– we can live, move, think & breath it NOW.  That pulls in that like-minded  attraction energy.

So that in our present NOW, we live, think, behave, act as if it is.  As best we can.  We pay less attention to the mind’s arguments of it’s & humanities limits & move more into the Cosmic Mind, The Universal Mind or the Mind of God if you will.

We do this in part by playing & have fun Imagining World Peace NOW without having attachments to having it show up in a certain way or time, as nice as we’d like to predictably do.

We let the love & desire for World Peace to be the guiding energy to bring it in at it’s own time.  We are just deciding that we can help move it along quicker by our added positive optimistical vibrations.

In doing so, this NOW is pulling in the experience we desire called World Peace.

We look for places & experiences where we see World Peace possibilities without ignoring that we have a long way to go.  There is much turmoil in the world yet our focus on World Peace helps affirm, validate this growing World Peace energy & stimulates others perhaps who might tip the other way to tip toward Peace as a better solution.

That is a good attitude of gratitude to have for the World Peace Soul-ution.

We have more peace now in the world than every before & there are 3 books that came out recently to show this. See this inspiring article on how much more peaceful the world is now compared to the past.

Lastly, and very importantly, we seek our own Inner Peace as the best example and influencer to bring in World Peace.

See also: Peace Clock Global Prayer Project and Finding your Peace

Your own growing inner peace helps create & pull in more World Peace. Thank you!

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