The Frustrating & Difficult Path of the Spiritual Seeker

Compassion is the key

Compassion is the key

It’s one thing to be a cynical, skeptical person about such spiritual ideas as the Law of Attraction ( LOA), or creating our personal reality & co creating our collective reality, that starts at the end of our finger tips & moves to the outer world.

That I can understand.

What’s much harder for people who are on the spiritual path, the seekers, the readers of spiritual books, who go to seminars, webinars, tele conferences, workshops, talks etc. to understand, is why things are not working the way they thought they should or would be working.

The skeptics & cynics have plenty of evidence to prove their own point of view.

“Just look at the world” they say.  Their points of view are apparently self evident.  So a spiritual seeker, a spiritual light worker, or evolutionary or however you might define them, really have their work cut out for them, BIG time!

Further more, these often gentler, kinder, compassionate people in the making, seem to have much more to prove in a world of tremendous ongoing suffering & violence on a primitive planet so full of pain.

To add further insult to injury, they more often than not, find it difficult to confront more aggressive cynical,  skeptical people. Frankly the skeptics & cynics have it EASY!  Thus, the cynics & skeptics are confronting the more Love & Light spiritual messengers who desire peace & harmony.  This makes it difficult for the more gentle spirit to prove the validity of their spiritual point of view when aggressively confronted.

Being on the path with out seeing some results of what you believe, can be really difficult & hard don’t you think?

Explaining yourself, & your beliefs can also be very difficult.  It’s sometimes very hard to articulate the deep feelings of life we have.

This is all part of the struggle & the dark side of the spiritual seekers, who so long for the end of so much suffering & misery.

The push back they receive is tremendous at times!  So I offer all the millions of people who experience this (and at some point may read this) a tremendous amount of love & compassion for what they are experiencing as they move on in their journey.  It’s hard, difficult & at times very dark.

It’s not just trying to work through our own inner struggles, dysfunctions, family issues & our woundedness.  We have a very skeptical, cynical world that can be very, very critical toward these gentle spiritual people who only wish to see & experience more peace & harmony in the world.

WoW! that’s a lot of push back!!  So give yourselves lots of credit!  You are not alone. Millions feel this struggle.  So give yourselves the Acclamations you deserve.


acclamations:  plural of ac·cla·ma·tion
Loud and enthusiastic approval, typically to welcome or honor someone or something.

Honor yourself on this sometimes very difficult journey.  It’s truly the hero’s journey.  Of course, it’s not all darkness and struggle by any means.  Sometimes it can seem like that & that’s what I’m honoring here.  Yes, we celebrate our victories, too! That’s what we are creating & why we are on this path.

Today we honor you and all those brave people breaking the incredible, monumental ,gargantuan, concrete & steel walls of dysfunction, pessimism, cynicism, skepticism, struggle, & pain of the past & present.

Now you are honored & revered for the bravery of working & playing toward a better world of peace & harmony.  A world so very often tremendously filled with dark condemning, soul eating, pessimistic, critical, vitriolic mentalities & people.

I honor you in this moment & crown you with the blessings, gratitude, affirmations, acclamations for your continued work on the spiritual path.

You give me strength, courage in your struggle & difficulties. Thank you for that! will work & play in your favor, elucidating ways to counteract, soothe, and even heal, as best we can, all the condemnatory energy in the world that can also be aimed at the spiritual seekers.

We are your advocates!

Your work now will not just bless you, but others & future generations!  Thank you from now & future peoples blessed by your being here.

I’m here to tell you, encourage you, that it does get better & better & better. Those who walked the path before me made it easier for me & in turn we hope to make it easier for you. Together we play in the cosmic sandbox of life.

It’s a matter of education, practice & integrating these ideas that we see work & play positively & wonderfully in our life all the time.  Check out the other articles on this site & future blogs for more insights.

But for now, for today, honor yourselves in this moment, (and beyond) for the millions & millions of you who are breaking free of the bonds of yesterday’s limitations into the future of unlimited possibilities & joy that await us all, as a result of y/our journey and continued love.  Life supports you always & I thank you for this as well.  I applaud & salute you all! Take a bow, life appreciates you & your continued efforts.

Applause, for Life's Magic Bullet.

Applause for you & your spiritual path & journey.

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5 Responses to The Frustrating & Difficult Path of the Spiritual Seeker

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you, Marko! A beautiful post – inspiring and encouraging. :You rock

  2. Ross Snow says:

    Two thumbs up!

  3. Lisa McCormack says:

    So many things changed when I decided to walk a more spiritual path. Relationships changed. My interests and hobbies changed. What I enjoyed doing changed, everything from music to books, even the food I eat. Some of the changes were more difficult, like releasing some relationships that didn’t support my truth. And at times, I have to admit that I wondered if it would all be easier if I just embraced that belief system I grew up with: do good = get rewarded. Do bad = get punished. Because for the most part, I qualified as a “Good” person. So I didn’t have much to worry about.

    But, no, I am too excited about the creativity and unconditionalness of the God that exists in my current understanding. I am too excited about the New Spirituality movement. Yes, it is a big world and there is so much I would like to see change. But at the same time, I live in a space of peace and acceptance of loving what is.

    Thank you, Marko! Great topic!


  4. Marko says:

    Great attitude Lisa! Thanks for sharing! :Cool

  5. Sophie Lise says:

    Thank you so much Marko..This is just what I needed to read today :)
    Choosing Spirituality means letting go of this immediate and bonding conversations so many people have everywhere about “all the bad that’s happening nowadays”. It means stepping out of this tricky, but well-known, “comfort zone” where you are scared, but at least everybody’s scared with you!
    It’s about being vigilant to your thoughts and habits, learning when to simply listen and developing qualities of the heart (and let’s face it being humble, patient and kind isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind in some situations).

    But man, does it make life easier, happier and more colorful! When you know how to tune in your soul’s vision, everything becomes beautiful :D…definitely worth the efforts!!!

    Love and appreciation Marko, you are a great and inspiring blogger!

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