Sacred Earth Sacred People

Our Sacred Mother Earth

Our Sacred Mother Earth

Earth Day: “Earth is a floating pebble on the cosmic beach of the Universe, a molecule inside the body of God.” Markoism

Today is the day we celebrate & remember that every thing in this world that we have & use are from Mother Earth.

Everything! All of it comes from blessed sacred Mother Earth. Our food, our technology, our clothes, our homes, the computers we read this blog on.  Our cars, our cities, space station.

Here’s the secret.  All life is sacred.  Mother Earth is sacred, you are sacred.  All life is sacred.  So why do we continue to waste, to pollute, to defile our sacred earth?  Simple:

Because we forget that we are sacred, born of Original Blessing.

When we forget we are sacred, that’s when we defile Mother Earth, it’s people and other sacred inhabitants. Earth Day is remembering once again, that we, & all life on this planet are sacred.

We, & all life are sacred & we rarely think or see things this way.   We can become too caught up in our daily lives, things to do, work, errands, chores, schedules to keep and on & on & on.

When we learn/remember that we are a sacred people, even, with all our supposed flaws, we will also remember that we are beautifully & wonderfully made. Perfectly imperfect. Everything is perfect, including our desire to change things.

When we remember that we are truly sacred & live in that state of experience we will also treat Mother Earth as sacred.  It’s what gives us life on this spiritual journey we are on!

So, today & this week & beyond, consider seeing yourself, your friends, family, neighbors, so called enemies, people whom you don’t like, relate to or care for, as also sacred.

When we truly see our selves as sacred, we will see others as sacred, & Mother Earth as sacred & thus, Earth Day becomes a day to celebrate our SACREDNESS, & in doing so we will naturally treat Mother Earth, & all it’s inhabitants, with Love, Light & Compassion which are the DNA of sacredness.

You & all life are sacred. Tattoo that in your heart.

You & all life are sacred. Tattoo this in your heart.

We will not defile Mother Earth because, like us, our planet is far far too sacred & beautiful, to not take care of with utmost care, love & delight.

Mother Earth will thank you in ways you/we cannot behold at this moment & you, seeing yourself as a sacred being, who can live perfectly imperfect in this world, will love being a sacred human being in a sacred beautiful world.

Read more on Mother Earth, as our beautiful blue domed cathedral, by clicking this wONEderful short article with Earth Day in mind here: Mother Earth

Magically, -M

Markoisms “Inside the greatest problems & challenges lie the most glorious solutions gifts & blessings.”

As for Gratitude & Appreciation go ahead,– be Deliciously Overindulgent.” Related:See below or click Life’s magic bullet revealed!

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3 Responses to Sacred Earth Sacred People

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you Marko – an inspiring blog about remembering the sacredness of all life. Very timely – :You rock and awesome photos!

  2. Ross Snow says:

    Truly loving, wonderful message. I would add that I think another reason we pollute and destroy is because we think we are separate from Mother Earth and each other and all life. We tend not to do that when we see someone as part of our close family.

  3. Lisa McCormack says:

    Beautifully written, Marko. And such an important topic to talk about and place our awareness on. Our planet is an amazing source of life. It is intriguing to observe how it provides for its occupants in the most unique and perfect ways, from the tiniest organism all the way up to its largest inhabitants. Check out the quote of the day on TGC today. It is closely related to what you are talking about here in this column.

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, Marko. Your energy and appreciation shine through your words.


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