Life’s magic bullet revealed!

Free Fall into Gratitude & Appreciation & never fear the consequences.

Free Fall into Gratitude & Appreciation & never fear the consequences.

Life’s magic bullet.

It’s hard to believe that there is such a thing, but I believe there is.  This concept is often seen as a magical way to cure something, solve a mystery or a new wonder drug, it’s often used more like a fantasy. However there is one real magic bullet we can use to increase all levels of life enhancement.

Life’s magic bullet is utterly simple, beautiful, & while known to some or even many, it’s gift is tragically underutilized & greatly marginalized in enhancing life.  What is this magic bullet?

Gratitude, which is worthy to be elevated & capitalized. So important to the healing of the individual & even the entire human race. It’s the most simple, elegant, important life tool we have.  Let’s add to this Appreciation as well. Appreciation & Gratitude can seem to be the same thing & they are for the most part.

It’s not for special events, holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas any more.  It’s for all of the time.

Gratitude is the killer of suffering & unhappiness.  It’s the healthy habit & it’s addictive in a wonderful & beneficial way.

It’s the only Doctor recommended addiction with no negative side effects.

I tend to see Gratitude as the enticing promise that truly delivers & Appreciation as Gratitude sustained long term.  That is why I came up with the term Master Appreciators

Gratitude is so simple & wonderful but, it’s underrated by most. If you are feeling down on any level, starting a Gratitude Journal can immediately bring you uP & keep you upward in your happiness level in a way that is not artificial but always authentic. It’s using the LOA or Law of Attraction in a conscious, purposeful advantageous way. It can be a miracle saver.

I see 3 basic but simple levels of Gratitude.

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Level 1) Starting to practice Gratitude on a regular basis.  Starting with a Gratitude journal with the most simple, small things that make you feel good.  Example: Sunshine, a good meal, wagging tail of your dog, a purring kitty, the smile of a loved one, laughter.  Anything that gives you joy, uPlift, inspiration, and beauty.  The list is endless.  Start with any small thing or things you can, and work your way uP to more!

Level 2) Gratitude becomes the reminder tool when things turn sour, frustrating etc.  Now you are using it, not only as a daily practice, you learn to mindfully & consciously use it to replace (but not suppress) frustrations, disruptions, upsets etc.  We can feel those feelings, for however long we deem appropriate, but we don’t have to stay there! We move into Gratitude. This second stage is where we are integrating it more often, & taking advantage of it. We also begin to see & use Gratitude when things don’t seem to work out, because we start to understand that they are actually gifts.

See also: How negative thoughts can be powerful divine motivators to get what we desire even more quickly, click Negative thoughts

Level 3) We start to move from Gratitude to Appreciation! We have benefited sooo very much from the life enhancing benefits of Gratitude that we are feeling it’s effects a lot more.  An example for me is that I will feel good for no apparent reason. This is where Gratitude moves into longer term sustain-ment or Appreciation. “What you Appreciate, Appreciates!”

Now you move into what I term Master Appreciators
where you live in deep Gratitude & Appreciation for very long periods of time.  We never beat ourselves up or get down on ourselves if we don’t constantly feel it.  Even bad feelings can feel good.  It feels good to be sad when our kitty or dog dies. Our sadness honors our love for them. Our waterfalling tears are streams of love remembered & honored.

Don’t marginalize or forget the healing power of Gratitude & Appreciation.  They, along with Compassion, are just dripping & oozing with absolutely super brilliant, ultra exponential, potential for individual and planetary transformation. Exploit them in glorious abundant gratuitous advantageous celebration!

Even if we do this imperfectly, we have compassion on ourselves & others. Then, we move back into it as best we can.

Certainly in great moments of emotional or physical pain, Gratitude & Appreciation can be & seem very challenging. Let’s be honest here, let’s not sugar coat or pour hot fudge over life’s harsher realities.  Here we simply do the best we can, asking others for help in those trying times.  Our past Gratitudinal energies can come together in the form of people, friends, or events that come to help & care for us, & thus we can start to move back into our Gratitude.

Thus we learn & remember to:

Free fall into Gratitude & Appreciation and never fear the consequences!

Lastly, I felt very angel inspired when I wrote Master Appreciators & you can really feel the depth & love of this concept by reading & clicking here:Master Appreciators

In the mean time, have fun & enjoy the pleasures, beauty & depth of the long term life enhancing, enchanting effects of Gratitude and Appreciation. You won’t regret it, ever.

Has Gratitude & Appreciation helped you in your life?  Do you think Gratitude & Appreciation are Life enhancers or just spiritual fluff with little impact?  Share your thoughts, feed back, & experiences here by commenting below. -M

In the News: The Boston Marathon bombing is a deplorable horrible distortion of the inner pain by those involved.  Let us appreciate that it was not worse & to appreciate the choice we have to pour & waterfall love on those physically harmed & those who were involved in the act.  They need the most healing, they are the most in pain.  The Light & Love we can waterfall on this situation creates the vortex of healing & resolution we seek. -M

Magnify your blessings not your problems.

Good news link! Kindness of a banker saves baby ducks from death. Very short video to warm your heart.

Lastly, if this blog or other articles on this site reach or touch you in a special way, let me know by commenting below or email me by clicking contact at the far right at the top of the home page, and thank u4 doing so in advance.



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7 Responses to Life’s magic bullet revealed!

  1. Sophie Lise says:

    Thanks Marko!
    I feel this is so true :) . When we focus on a problem we make it larger than life. Starting a gratitude journal helps realizing that our days are filled with little moments of happiness, fun and tenderness. It is up to us to see it and build upon it.
    We have so many opportunities to be happy and make others happy :D



  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you Marko.
    I heard a Dj on a morning radio summarize it like this. Many people would be surprised to find that their problems would simply go away if they decided to not take them so seriously.
    That is a fabulous way to show gratitude. Not discounting the problem but understanding that it is perfect. Giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in relation to it.
    Keep up the soul work!

  3. Liz says:

    Thanks Marko – an inspirational reminder once again!



  4. Lisa McCormack says:

    You have captured such a unique and wonderful way of helping people incorporate gratitude into their lives, Marko. Thank you for sharing real-life examples of moments we can all relate to when it seems impossible to feel grateful for much of anything, and then offering a way to practically apply gratitude in even those most dire situations.

    It is easy to feel gratitude for what flows easily and pleasantly into our lives. You offer a very powerful method of using the very same tool to ease ourselves through some of the more bumpy moments. Then ALL of life becomes wondrous and glorious!

    Nicely done, Marko!

    • Marko says:

      SL i.e. Sophie, thank you for your added insight on the gratitude journal.

      Kevin, Great Reminder not to discount our problems, but also not to take them so seriously as your Dj example so eloquently stated.

      Thanks Liz for your lovely spirit. And Lisa,
      for re-emphasizing the power of Gratitude though the thick & thin!

      Magical starstreams,
      -Marko :wub

  5. Lisa McCormack says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that in contrast to the doom and gloom surrounding the Boston Marathon that there were and are an enormous number of people who are showing up in some pretty amazing ways, helping, serving, reaching out, comforting. Now, that is something to feel grateful for, I think. As we work towards a world where violence no longer plagues our communities, I will focus on the wonderful way we are hard-wired to love, even in the midst of chaos and fear.

    • Marko says:

      Thank you Lisa, that is great to hear! Did you by chance happen to notice I added a comment on the Boston Bombings on this blog near the bottom?


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