The Goal

The goal, is individual & collective spiritual integration for all.

The Goal here as I currently see it is:

That we are first here to heal our dysfunctions, frustrations and problems that hold us back from becoming and experiencing our highest potential.  Or, as Neale Donald Walsch says ” Creating the grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.”

We are here to heal ourselves and the world, to meet basic human needs as a part of the expression & demonstration of who we are and who we are becoming.  That is the goal.

There’s more!

What happens say, after we get there, cross the finish line, that is, create inner & outer World Peace, meet basic human needs & where people are no longer dysfunctional, sick, hungry, unhappy etc. — But are now well adjusted, balanced, spiritual whole and integrated people who are very happy, healthy, and actively engaged in and continually pursuing our highest potential?

Is that what we truly desire & dream for?  Can we handle that much joy & goodness?  How much pain & the bad negative drama would we like to retain if any?  A little? None? Some? A certain percentage? etc.

Is that the end & that’s it?, or just a new wonderful exciting beginning? Discuss! What do you think???

That is the question of ‘The Goal” as well. :-P

Please see the article Duh! about meeting basic human needs.






[Use photo of finish line or a race?]

2 Responses to The Goal

  1. Therese Wilson says:

    Hmmm…maybe that’s the point in our evolution we will have the equivalent of “Star Trek’s” hologram (graph?) room, and choose our experiences? The difference between the version we now exist in, and the “Star Trek” version, is in the ST version they always remember it is an illusion! They are aware that they are the only one in the scene who IS aware. Currently, we keep on forgetting, and taking the drama too personally to separate from it!


    • Marko says:

      Hi Therese, it’s called the “holodeck” and I believe that physical life is like a lucid dream that becomes the holodeck not just a room like in Star Trek but the entire universe. I have a whole article on that for later usage.

      The point here is, once we decide that this illusion, this dream, or holodeck Universe or You-niverse is for our enjoyment & play we can dispense with the darker elements and negative drama entirely or in part or not at all.

      I think the world is okay with having some negative drama for interest as long as it’s not so overwhelmingly disastrous & harsh. It makes for good discussion of what we really desire & prefer to experience in this life.

      You said “Currently, we keep on forgetting, and taking the drama too personally to separate from it!” Great point! I agree completely.

      Magical blessings,

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