Clean water & clean toilets, like love, are basic human needs. Image credit TheGlobefromhasselblad.com

Here’s a way to get the LARGER world’s attention in order to create a better/more sustainable world:

First – Take Care of Basic Human Needs.

When I grew uP in the Christian Science Church, there was a quote on display in my local church, written by its founder Mary Baker Eddy, that simply said “Divine Love has met and always will meet every human need.”  She was referring to God as “Divine Love”.

The point here, as I interpret it, is:
It’s the Divine Love of God in us, in our lives, (as expressed humanly–in human divine terms, by our actions) that can, or will eventually, meet human needs.

We cannot reach people & teach them how to use spiritual tools like Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, Creativity, Imagination & Good Deeds,  if their basic human needs are not met.

A hungry, tired or unhealthy body is in too much pain — in survival mode –  to even consider a new way of thinking or living. … Duh, it’s ludicrous to think otherwise, and we know it!

Good Lord! Even Middle-class Westerners who have a rough day at work, or feel tired & hungry, are going to be testy, irritable & angry, simply because their daily bodily needs are diminished.

So:  a good meal, a bit of rest & viola! — we are then revived & renewed.   (How would you feel if you had to try to live without food, clean drinking water or even clean toilets?)

I propose that we, as a world, first focus on two things — clean drinking water & clean toilets for everyone.
… Once we do this, then the Divine Love of God within us will be ignited in a way never fully experienced on earth before!

My logic is this:  When we simply provide clean water & sanitary toilets, we are greatly diminishing human suffering and adding happiness a millionth-fold (to these people)!  We must, I feel, be able to do this simple & very basic thing first, before tackling other problems.  Why give food & clothing, when we can not even give clean drinking water & clean toilets?  First things, first!

When we are successful at this, we will also increase our own happiness IN AN AMAZING WAY amazingly, knowing we helped eliminate a lack of these two basic human needs.  As a result, happiness & self-worth will escalate in the world for all of us!  This is not brain surgery, or rocket science, folks!

Then, secondly, maybe we decide then that we will next meet food needs providing for a simple bowl of rice & vegetables for everyone in the world.

Having already provided fresh water & sanitary toilets, we will feel now, we can also do this NEXT, and so forth.  We will be empowered by our own goodness.

We ENVISION taking care of our brothers & sisters around the world, (simply) because they are our LARGER, extended family.

We DO have the resources, & I believe, the willingness of most people.  What do you think?

Compassion & Appreciation are the diamonds & gold of life.

P.S.One way to look at the overwhelming needs of the world is to see the monumental contrast of what we are not.   The people in deep poverty in the world are giving us the gift & opportUNITY to help them & see the magnificence that we can be & create by helping them.  They in turn get the gift of their basic human needs met & experiencing a luxury deserving of their patience with us & so much more.

P.P.S. To those who feel that once we provide clean water, sanitary toilets, basic food, health, shelter AND education(all needs etc.), people will become greedy & want more, more, more:  Well,

1)  The “future poor” will all have basic human SURVIVAL needs met (to survive).  … that’s just being nice, loving & kind to your own species, and, in turn, the happiness factor goes uP … way uP!)

And, by the way, doesn’t this include education, health care etc. , so everyone has the opportunity to express their fuller potential and contribution to sustaining our new Prime Directive?

This prevents the need to manipulate & con the world to get basic needs met, it’s part of the system, purposely done for all our benefit.  The key will be that we use taxes or what ever we call it in a creative loving wise, positive intelligent non wasteful non illegitimate manner. No one, democrat or republican regrets money well used & spent for great benefit.

2) For those who desire bigger homes, yachts, private jets, well duh, yea: they will have to work more for those things, just as we do now.

We just won’t have the kind of terrible poverty that we’ve had for so long. … We will have to work & play for our BIGGER toys.  Yet basic human needs are always met.  It’s part of our new “Prime Directive”.

Don’t worry about lazy, good-for-nothing “lay-abouts”, they will not exist at near the same levels, once basics are met.  Ah ~~ we are smarter than that, and we know it!  So ~ don’t use/hide under that excuse, letting people starve, be out in the cold, and shunned.

We are better than that ~ we are more Creative, Compassionate, Imaginative, Unlimited thinkers & solution-driven people.  That’s the truth!

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