The end of victim hood

The first quote in my Markoisms & in bold is: For starters turn in your membership card to the “I’m a victim of life” club & take responsibility for your life…..oh–in being & doing so, life, people, events, experiences, outcomes, etc. will conspire in your favor & call you into your new membership into Original Blessing.

When you come to a site like and you’re still playing the victim card,– then your soul has called you here in part to stop playing that card & move into Original Blessing, Gratitude, Appreciation,  personal responsibility & empowering yourself.  That’s part of your lesson of remembering here. Move into gratitude & appreciation and positive drama as your new practice.

You do not have to do this alone and you are not the first or last person to experience being the victim of something either LARGER or small or disastrous & unseemly.  We all need support & desire it. So yes,  we get help, feedback, counsel, love support from others. It connects us and when we get it we flourish more, release burdensome negative energy & eventually go on to help others.

We go from suffering to service. From being a victim to helping free others.  We become participants of our own lives! Remember I said regarding giving up your victim card that “in being & doing so, life, people, events, experiences, outcomes, etc. will conspire in your favor & call you into your new membership into Original Blessing.

The payoff for being a victim of life’s circumstance is not having to take responsibility for our lives, thoughts actions, behaviors etc. We simply blame it on the others & the world on life, on God our parents, bosses etc. etc..  If that makes you happy, then there’s no need to change I guess.

However, it’s probably a good bet you’re reading this because you are desiring, longing for, hungry for & severely dehydrated for more empowerment, happiness, freedom, joy in your life.  Now you begin re-picturing yourself, your life your preferred ways to live on a more regular basis. This sets up the energy & opportunity for it to show up in surprising ways.

You are now starting to stand uP for your higher desires, preferences & longings of who you are choosing to be.

Congratulations! Standing uP can be done with love, compassion, understanding & an openness to life showing you insights answers to the next step in your journey from victim to victor in life.  Again you don’t have to do it alone or with out support.  As you start out watch life help you, conspire in your favor.

Like reading this article, exploring this website, or a internet or magazine story, even an advertisement slogan may send you an important message. Vanity license plates & even bumper stickers can carry divine angel messages.

I saw a bumper sticker it simply said “More wag less bark”  Reminding me in a lighthearted humorous way of the importance to dominate my inner conversations & feelings with positive appreciations, joy & love (i.e. wagging happy tail) as a dominant part of my beingness.  I don’t ignore problems, I instead, embrace them, love them & watch life help & conspire to support me in multifarious ways finding soul-utions or resolutions re-soul-utions.

Sometimes if things temporally seem to get more dramatic as you do this, this is part of the temporary chemicalization process of transformation when sometimes opposites or drama seem to sneak in to challenge your moving out of victimization to victor.  It really means & is a very important signal that you are indeed on the right path & the temporary drama conflict will soon fade.

If this does seem to happen & things flair up don’t be alarmed at all, check out the article on Opposites

This is not a small thing to reclaim your power to enhance, empower, bring more joy, self esteem, self worth, self confidence.  It’s vital to being the wonderful flourishing being you desire to be.

From victim to Victor! That is your new Freedom!





2 Responses to The end of victim hood

  1. Kristin says:

    Thank you so very much! I have really needed these words 4 a few years now, thank you 4 helping me get on a more blessed path.

  2. Marko says:

    You’re very welcome Kristin, thanks for stopping by & come visit again.

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