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Opposites are those times & experiences when we make a positive decision in our lives for the better, and then “boom”: its opposite appears, or comes in, and we can feel discouraged.

Now, I don’t necessarily believe that this has to happen every time you declare yourself to be something you desire to experience — I don’t believe that its opposite will always show up.  However, if and when it does, ~  knowing ahead of time that this may happen, puts you at a much greater advantage .

So, if you decide you desire more peace in your life, and then all kinds of non-peaceful stuff happens, you can know & realize that this is part of the process of moving forward & advancing in your life.

This is not like Murphy’s laws which states that if something bad can happen, it will (or something like that).  NO,  it simply means that as soon as we decide to become more Peaceful, Abundant, Successful, etc.,  we may see some temporary opposites come into play for awhile.  We won’t have to be alarmed by this ~ instead, we can just be aware that we are actually on the right path.

In fact, in the process, we may also be seeing our past beliefs of different fears, such as “We don’t or can’t have or deserve peace, love abundance, etc.”  When we decide that we do deserve better, these fears come up to the surface as if to say “Here we are, your past fears of non-peace, poverty, non-success-do you really want us to go & leave?”  They ask us in dramatic fashion.  You notice this, and can decide that indeed they are actually transforming from those juvenile delinquent beliefs to new spiritual adult beliefs, known as peace, abundance, success etc.

It’s also like there is a mental psychological spiritual chemical process going on. A chemicalization of old beliefs transforming and integrating into new more beneficial favorable ones.  This is all great news folks!

I had a perfect example of opposites show up as I worked & played putting this website up. Once I really made the decision to go forward with great gusto energy and verve guess what?

Emergencies happened with elderly in laws, the door knob came off as I was rushing out the door.  Car problems, phone calls etc. Opportunities, and new work responsibilities came up to interrupt the time and flow.  This really frustrated me!, so taking some mindful contemplative time & talking with a friend I got this angel message. 

FLASH News report! markoworld.com interruptions & my frustration at not having sufficient continuous time to work & play with it & do so with minimal problems is really another aspect of re-examining, re-adjusting my processing of this & in a sense Life is asking me “How do you want & choose to show up in face of these interruptions?”  This is how I can reach a new level of beingness by raising to the occasion & integrating this opportUNITY.

Now as I’m working & playing with this article, it’s a quiet rainy Saturday as I’m alone with our cat Mojo (see photo of him at the bottom of cool disclaimer page) sleeping next to the computer as I write. :-)

I find that I’m integrating the opposites factor better & also that life’s interruptions are as the musical prophet John Lennon said: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Life’s interruptions I find are there to switch my gears to a life, while working & playing a lot in the Peace Zone,– is still very active & busy.  Hence the BIG desire for peace.

The problem I’m trying to help prevent regarding opposites is, the alarm, doubt, frustration that often comes up when we decide to move forward in our lives, only to see the opposites, interruptions etc., get in the way. Don’t stop because of that or get frustrated this is just a temporary adjustment happening to readjust our lives to a better place of living.

Now we have a new way to understand and look at this and actually see we are on the right track,– and our thoughts, beliefs, lives are merely making natural adjustments to our moving and advancing forward.

The above painting illustration at the top called The Empire of Light by Rene Magritte shows the opposites beautifully.  What at first looks like an ordinary painting of a home, upon closer examination, you see that both day and night, opposites, exist in the same picture.

Opposites may or may not happen when you move forward with a new  idea, belief, project, promotion,  etc.  Yet if it does happen, take heart my friends, it’s all part of the process of life working & playing in your delightful favor.  Except now like the late famous conservative radio personality Paul Harvey use to say. “Now you no the rest of the story!”

The famous Yin & Yang symbols also illustrate opposites with the idea that even within the most light there is still a little bit of darkness & within the most darkness a little bit of light.

For me, current physical life as we know it is too focused on the darkness with only a wee bit of light. This illustrates much  (but certainly not all) of our world at this time.

The half with the light with just a little bit of of darkness represents where we are headed and transitioning, transforming towards.

That is, a world where most of our lives are positive with lot’s of good drama and many variations of good contrasts like good, great, wonderful, fantastic, ecstatic.

We live more in a world of Light & Love, fulfillment, abundance, equality, peace, health etc. Yet we have just enough darkness to contrast the beauty we have, but with out all the negative fall out we often have now.

That’s where I feel we are headed. Join me in creating, manifesting, pulling in that reality.

Isn’t that a fabulous way to look at it?  What do you think?

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