Future Reality

The Future Reality that we are moving toward, (which I believe we really desire & are already creating), has much more light, along with just enough darkness for interest, balance & contrast.  Let me explain.

The famous Yin & Yang symbol illustrates opposites with the idea that even within the most light there is still a little bit of darkness, and within the most darkness, a little bit of light.

For me, current physical life, as we know it, is too focused on the darkness, & negative drama with only a wee bit of light.  This illustrates much, though certainly not all, of our world at this time.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration … we have a lot of light & goodness in our world, but certainly we can all agree:  there is way too much darkness, pain, and suffering, which we’d like to see eliminated, or greatly reduced!  I think you get my point.

The half with mostly light & a little bit of of darkness, represents where we are headed, and transitioning or transforming towards.

I also believe that pain & suffering can be more meaningful than we realize, but this meaning is often obscured simply because we have rigid judgments about pain & suffering, which are conditioned by religion, culture and society.

Sometimes, the cosmic meaning has a LARGER sense than we currently understand.  That’s part of evolution, too. Even if we understand the reasons for our pain & suffering, that doesn’t necessarily make the pain & suffering easier to endure, though in some cases it may, though it’s not guaranteed.

Having a choice, and deciding not to experience pain & suffering (or at least greatly reducing it) as possibilities, is also part of a LARGER understanding of how life can be experienced.

“Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary”  -Eckhart Tolle

A part of this evolution is growing up into an adult being in the LARGER cosmic Universe, outgrowing most of the pain & suffering as being unnecessary.  That is:  we’ve had enough, and we are deciding, learning and remembering that we can have a choice about how we experience life.  That’s part of the evolutionary process.

That is ~ a world where most of our lives are positive, with lots of good drama & many variations of positive contrasts, such as good, great, wonderful, fantastic, ecstatic.

We will then live more in a world of Light & Love, fulfillment, abundance, equality, peace, health, etc.  Yet, we will also have just enough darkness to contrast to the beauty we have, without all the negative fall-out which we often have now.

That’s where I feel we are headed.  Join me in creating, manifesting and pulling in that reality.

Isn’t that a fabulous way to look at it?  What do you think?

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4 Responses to Future Reality

  1. :Compassion & Love
    nice article, thank you

  2. Tzippi W. says:

    Joy to the world-all boys and girls-
    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
    Joy to YOU and ME!
    We can choose to accentuate and promote the reality we want.
    The axiom that what we focus on, GROWS, is true.
    Suffering and Joy, Darkness and Light,
    Good times and Bad all exist in parallel realities SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    * So many good people and so many blessings around us, so many chances to add delight and transform or alleviate the suffering.*


  3. Marko says:

    Amen Zippy sister!

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