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Waterfall Light & Love to yourself and all Life. This is a joyous way to enhance the reality we live in.

Waterfall Light & Love to yourself and all Life. This is a joyous way to enhance the reality we live in.

Welcome world~wide surfers of the internet!

Marko World is delighted to begin a new blog, which will be of interest to millions of readers who desire to grow spiritually, to change their lives & the world for the better, while having fun doing so.

We will explore the deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction (LOA), the impact of advancing technology, new discoveries and current events, while creating, improving, and raising the healing energy vibration.  This will usher in our individual and collective desires/dreams as fearlessly & wondrously as we will allow.

Our practice here is to pour, waterfall, and overlay our most loving, creative & compassionate thoughts and feelings, as often as we can. This is directed toward ourselves, others & the world, “to infinity & beyond”.  :-)

From that space of energy & living, we work and play to solve seemingly overwhelming problems, be they individual, local or global. We also amplify & enlarge the good we have, and expand it!

Thus, we get out of the energy of the problem, & into the energy of the solution.

All of our current beliefs of God & Life are not necessarily wrong, but certainly incomplete. There are gaps to close, blanks to fill, ideas to leave behind, that no longer work or play in our favor.

Marko World will work & play hard to be y/our guide: from struggle to Original Blessing.  We can change the world through hard work, disguised as fun!

We will work & play at un-doing the dysfunctions of God & life, and move toward living inside the solution, not the problem.

Life after all is not suppose to be a struggle but a blessing.  That is, Original Blessing which you were truly born into.
Life is overflowing & cascading blessing if we be allow & look for them.

Life is overflowing & cascading multifarious blessings, if we simply look and allow them to appear & be experienced.


P.S. New blog post coming end of March!

If you see this planet & life on earth as one of pain and suffering, I can understand how you can come to that conclusion.  I don’t think it’s a healthy or beneficial conclusion, you just are listening and being influenced by sources rooted more in old school original sin theology and life philosophy rather than “Original Blessing”.

P.S.S. Very cool art video with simple idea.  Have some fun & watch this short 3 minute video:
Man walks backward, video goes forward | The SideshowYahoo

Lastly, if this blog or other articles on this site reach or touch you in a special way, let me know by commenting below or email me by clicking contact at the far right at the top of this page, and thank u4 doing so in advance.

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12 Responses to blog introduction

  1. Therese says:

    Looking forward to seeing where your “World” takes you! and me… :Happy dance

  2. Dawn says:

    Here’s to a wonderful start! :ecstatic

  3. Well I am sure this will be a ride :)

  4. Lisa McCormack says:

    Congratulations on the kickoff of your new site, Marko. You have so many gifts to share with the world. This is a perfect space to do it. I look forward to reading your blogs and sharing in the wonderful energy that seems to follow you wherever you go!

  5. Ross Snow says:

    I find the pictures very inviting. May there be many soulblogs in your future and ours.

  6. Sophie Lise says:

    Marko, this blog and your articles are marvelous.
    I love how you present important truths and offer magnificent soulutions in such a fun way!
    You are a great person with great messages to deliver…and I’m sure many will benefit from it :)


  7. Bruce says:

    What a beautiful playground you have created Marko…I will try to make coming here a part of my daily practice so I can savor all benefits of your world by exploring each of the newest ways to approach a spiritual life of the highest vision.

    You be very cool dude…congratulations on a heartfelt job that is very well organized and pleasing to the soul…keep up the progress!

    You are a power house of love generating from all of the energy flowing over your waterfall of life.

    :joy :ecstatic :You rock

  8. Ken says:


    Well whatcha know, lookie here, its a brand new world, to live loved…good luck and many blessings

    make a little music everyday

    • Marko says:

      Hi Everyone! Thank you so very much for your warm welcoming comments & well wishes for the new blog & website.

      I’m honored by your presence here and look forward to building up a reader ship as we explore ways to truly make a wONEderful difference not only in our own lives but others & the whole planet.

      To explore a wonderful world in the making as we utilize the tools, the LOA (Law of Attraction) and all ideas that move us forward in creating the desires, dreams of our lives & for this world, without the often seen unintended negative consequences.

      Amping uP and increasing our joy & abundance does not have to be at the expense of others or our earth. Nor do we airbrush over the problems we face.

      We instead embrace them as the opportUnities to create, tweak and influence all life for the better. There’s much more to come so
      stay tuned!!! :Awesome!

      -Marko :Group hug

  9. Phyllis says:

    Hello from Cheri (& Phyllis)! We enjoyed seeing the opening comments on your blog! :lol: … mom has a new take on MMM: not 3 cats named Mo, instead it’s now “magnificent mellow marshmallows that we hope will melt into our lives”! :rofl

  10. Karen says:

    Marko, thanks for the lessons on Gratitude. Very important!
    Love your blog. K

  11. Bruce says:

    Hi Marko

    You have beautifully expounded on some of the core topics of our “Spiritual Dilemma” as you further explore the signposts along the highways of our lives.

    I will continue to follow along as you open the doors to these key elements in the ongoing discovery of finding out who we really are in our universe.

    You will no doubt cause a global impact as more and more seekers are drawn to your wisdom, wit and well defined humor regarding what “Spirituality” brings to us all.

    Of course that is no-thing short of every-thing…

    One very important aspect, or secret if you please, is for me is to make sure that I don’t block my own path during my unconscious moments.

    Remember that all “Havior” is “Be-havior” and all “Behavior” is always learned; such that new behavior can be introduced while behavior that does not serve anyone, including ourselves, can be changed once recognized.

    So I recommend to step aside from your thinking when you become conscious of the barriers that you have set up to enjoying your life and then “Let the Good Times Roll!

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