Life Celebrates YOU. YOU Celebrate Life! Win - Win :-)

For Immediate Release!

Begin Transmission …

To:  All Cosmic Intergalactic Media Throughout the Galaxy & Universe
Star~date Time:  NOW
(Memo – from the Front Office/CEO of the Angelic Realm – to Earth)

Attention — This is the single most important memo of ALL ~ made, tailored & customized specifically for YOU!  It’s simple, and supremely sublime, in its divine cosmic intent.

The memo reads: … Drum roll, please …………..

“Thank You For Existing!” End quote


P.S. “You” also means Yessing Our Universe.
The You-niverse that’s You-nified with & because of YOU!
NOW that’s You-phoric!

~ Grand Organizer Department

End transmission.

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One Response to You!

  1. arno says:

    If I take the memo literary … i have to roll a cigarette. Its a add from a tabaco company in the Netherlands called ‘DRUM’… ;-) :rofl

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