The Life that’s seeking you!

Your dreams seek you too!

Remember often:

The life, the lifestyle, the job, the relationships, and the world you seek ~ are also seeking you!

This may not always show uP in the limited preconceived ways you & I think it aught to or should,  or even in the time frame we’d prefer.  If it does, we won’t complain!

Yet if it doesn’t right away, as happens, remember that Life, God, the Universe is infinitely creative, working, playing, and dancing with precisely calculated measurements, often beyond the current peripheral landscapes of our awareness.

Yet we can see them, when we are open & receptive.  Which we won’t see, if we are too caught up in our own rigid “must be this way” mentality.

So don’t let, or expect, life to do all the work for you, but with you in divine, joyful, inspirational & creative collaboration.  That’s how it’s meant to be!

It’s called:  Original Blessing!

So notice it when you see & feel it in any way larger or small & build on that. Allow it, nurture it, encourage it in yourself & others.  Allow life to bring you your heart’s desires, and be a part of this wonderful collaborative process with others.

Start small,
baby steps,
Then, expand it!

The life you desire, cherish & seek, is also seeking you.

See also “I Love” practice.


















Life is a waterfall of love & creativity waiting to express itself through you























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