The Imaginarium Newsletter

The Imaginarium field of Dreams lives within all of us.

This where it all started: is the digital offspring, the soul sprout, the orchard grown from the seeds of the Imaginarium Newsletter.  The Imaginarium was the birth place from which this site grew from inner child to inner adult.  Circumnavigating the inner & outer world we currently live in.

Imaginarium Newsletter

The last few years I published a newsletter called the Imaginarium. is in fact, the expanded outgrowth or soul sprout reincarnation of the Imaginarium newsletter.

It consisted of articles on spirituality, politics, current events etc., from a more spiritual perspective. It was a creative playground for the Imaginative construction of my opinions, insights, observations, even some comedy. In which I got to exercise my fun side in conjunction to writing and dealing with heavier issues.

It included a humor section I called “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.”

As an example of sprinkled humor around more serious life issue topics, I opened each Imaginarium usually with a humorous lighthearted welcome or greetings from fictitious business I made uP or made uP support groups.

Example: From issue #16  Greetings Retired Snowflake Designers and Architects, Preposterous Visionaries,  Satan’s Helpers Motorcycle Tattoo & Floral shop, University of Bar Napkin Writers, Rascal sages of merry delight, Wasabi indulgers, Alien black box collectors, Jesus did not walk on water he danced and skipped on it society,  Rubber band maintenance people, Teenagers for Random Acts of Senseless Kindness Club, Drive-By Gift Givers.  Etc.

People got a kick out of this and  wondered how I could come uP with so many names & places for each issue etc, but I did.  It’s just using creativity and Imagination along with carrying a little note book to write inspirational ideas down for later usage.  It’s fun, that’s why I did it.

I really liked the idea of exploring deeper spiritual and world issues and countering & adding a lighter touch of comedy or humor to round it out.  It’s also indicative of my personal spirit that loves to dig deep into the spiritual philosophical ontological ideas but likes to have fun & be funny.  It’s kinda what comes out naturally.

I think because of this spirit I’m called to promote, encourage, influence receptive people to a newer different perspective of living in this physical world in a way that is suppose to be fun, enjoyable, exciting, fulfilling, even in the midst of a world full of incredible overwhelming challenges turmoil, danger, confusion.

In fact, it may be such a brazen optimistic perspective that will allow & free us to enjoy our playful God-given solution centered creativity. Doing so graciously, in the midst of such a large scale global collective with chronic rigid negative cynical thinking.  Let them stew in their awfulizing and miserablizing until they’ve had enough.

Attachments not necessary

I’m not invested or attached to everyone getting or even agreeing with me.  Let each man and woman walk their chosen path according to their highest right and understanding. Let us speak our truth, but soothe our words with peace.  I’m here to be a proud outrageous positive, opti-mystical influence and move thought away from the idea that: life here is supposed to be a planet of pain, suffering and constant struggle.

If you see this planet & life on earth as one of pain and suffering, I can understand how you can come to that conclusion.  I don’t think it’s a healthy or beneficial conclusion, you just are listening and being influenced by sources rooted more in old school original sin theology and life philosophy rather than “Original Blessing”.

Anyways, more on that stuff in the blogs. Back to the Imaginarium.

Articles, Links, Videos

I also included links to provocative articles, for those interested.  On occasion I’d include videos too.  It felt great to share all this, to write and I got a lot of positive feedback from people from emails.  Some who never emailed me told me in person how much they enjoyed the Imaginarium & some even saved all the newsletters.  It was truly a wonderful creative way to share information and express my points of view to an appreciative audience, who got and enjoyed what I had to offer.

The Imaginarium newsletter carried one or two main articles I’d write on a spiritual topic, sometimes geared toward current events in the news, politics, life style etc.  That’s what my blog will be about except now people can comment on them, offer more immediate feed back and added insights & questions the blogs & articles might raise.

Imaginarium Inspires Website

So this is why I’m expanding the Imaginarium newsletter ideas into this website of which I call markoworld because the and other related names were all taken.   I felt would just be simple and easy to remember.  So this site is a reincarnated soul growth of my Imaginarium newsletter.  I’ve also contributed (and still do) for many years to Neale Donald Walsch’s Messenger Circle website and a few other sites and so naturally have found that I really like to write about this stuff and so here I am!

Water, colour, light, movement equals Marvelous Beauty

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