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This article has two parts.  One is a brief look at animal communication & the 2nd part is called “A beautiful way to die” about the physical death process of our beloved kitty & how it was handled.  This 2nd part is also to help example a way for others to view this natural & sad process in a way that can be beautiful, profound & inspiring.

While we are on the subject of animals I also want to make you aware of another subject on this site  Vegetarian or Omnivore? which may be of interest as well.

Animal Communication is obvious to most people who love & take care of animals domestic or any other.  What’s less well known is that there is a emotional, psychic, telepathic, spiritual feeling communication that exists too. A Universal language of the heart, soul etc.

This is under the radar of mainstream society & even in many spiritual circles you think might be aware of this but are not.

I’ve experienced this more spiritual love language or telepathic communication or what ever definition pleases you.  There are people who have a natural & cultivated communication with animals.

Most often they are called animal communicators & sometimes animal psychics.  For those who may remain skeptical, that is your free will choice.  I would offer it beneficial to at least suspend your judgments & proceed with an open mind.  If that’s not the case, that’s fine, but I doubt you’d even be reading this unless you are opening up to the LARGER possibilities that are out there.  If so, congratulations!, if not, treat all life forms, yourself included with peace, love & compassion.

Animals have emotional lives too! Image credit

I’ve used animal communicators for over 20 years & I’ve found it extremely helpful in gaining a fuller understanding of what’s going on with my animal companion, be it a cat, tropical fish or even trees & plants, insects etc.

I remember our cat Xena liked room temperature wet food & so I was always letting it sit out.  One day as I open the fridge & looked at our cat this came to me from Xena.  “It’s okay if I eat the food cold, I can do both, I like it room temp, but I can eat it cold too!”  This was a spontaneous communication I just happened to pick up & where my mind had no time to go into my manlogic skeptical mode.

At other times when I’m in a deep relaxed mode I’ve picked uP a lot of information in a fraction of a moment.

I remember when Xena early on would wake us in the morning by accidentally walking on the clock radio & turning it on.  Finally I had a talk with the cat, just like I do with humans. Meaning I talked out loud to her.  I made sure the cat was relaxed and in the bedroom where it happened & I spoke softly saying that we would appreciate if she would not walk on the radio as it turned it on & wakes us earlier than we would like.

It stopped immediately. One week later it happened again. I had a second loving gentle reminder talk & after that in never happened again.  If this subject interest you check out This is an excellent source for in depth look at animal communication.

I’ll put more info on my personal experiences later but for now, enjoy part two below.

Precious Xena, petite & beautiful!

“A beautiful way to die — Xena’s transition graduation continuation day”

Our beloved cat Xena made her continuation day today 1.11.10. around 3:00 pm. … She still was bright eyed and fairly normal. But she just couldn’t eat anymore. The tumor was in her mouth. God bless that we had her still for Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year’s, what a bonus!

The vet and technician came to our house to euthanize her. First a tranquilizing cocktail to make her feel good, pain free and sleepy. That was done in her kitchen box by the warm radiator where she loved to be.

Next I took her in the box upstairs to our bedroom amongst candles and flowers all around the room with beautiful music playing. I had a floating heart balloon that said “We love you.” as well.

She got out of her box, flopped over and was relaxing quickly as the cocktail took its effect. We stayed with her to say good bye. A while later the vet and technician came upstairs, and with the cat now on my lap in my chair, my wife next to me, the cat received the final dose to shut her vital organs down.

I closed my eyes, tears waterfalling down my face. I felt her last breath and she was gone.

What a way to die, what a joy to do it in a way that felt so right. How great she died on my lap, me holding her in peace and love along with my wife. That’s the way to do it. That’s honor, love and respect and sacred letting go.

Then, I put her in her box wrapped her in a vintage R. Crumb T-shirt that had the words “Twas ever Thus” on it.

I would, in her final days, put this T-shirt over her to keep her warm as she slept on my lap. Before I wrapped her in it, I sprinkled old rose petals on her to symbolize her physical death and fresh new pink ones to celebrate her new life. For fun I sprinkled a little catnip too and folded the shirt over her.

We even dressed up a bit, and when I put my nice pants on, 3 coins (quarters) fell out. I knew it represented the 3 of us. But when I put them on the dresser next to the candles I noticed they were arranged two with heads, one with tails. How fitting, how sad, how utterly beautiful to give her such a beautiful send off. That’s, a beautiful way to die.

Now her body will be cremated and her memorial ashes will be put in a beautiful glass art vase.

I’m so happy and grateful it happened this way, it feels so good to honor the cat this way, what a blessing, what a gift, what a sadness mixed with the gifts of love. It feels so good, it feels very sad, but how great to have such a send off.

I later went to a movie just to take a needed break for myself from the beautiful but so powerful heart wrenching experience of her transition. (See more on my movie mediation idea click Meditation)

When I came back. I walked back in the bed room and the music still playing, (it was on repeat & was still playing) and the flowers with the flameless candles still on and flickering, I was so moved. It was like walking into a sacred temple. I had before the vet and her assistant came, wrote on a sheet of paper that was still in the room:

“Xena, it was worth every moment.”

She was such a trooper until the end. Be free my friend, be happy, healthy, alive in your new world. You were an angel in physical form with four legs. Now, you are an angel in a more ethereal way. Please, don’t forget to visit us.

A final quote by Anatole France,”Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened.”

♥ P.S. from Cheri: When the vet came to our house, Xena got out of her little box in the kitchen and stretched in front of all of us, showing us she was ready for the next leg of her journey! Such a trusting trooper! ♥



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